Laka Foundation
May 1999

In the course of the preparations for the Hague Appeal for Peace '99 conference, Laka decided to make a brochure about the use of depleted uranium in conventional weaponry and its consequences. The idea was born because of the short time reserved during the session for the presentation of all details about depleted uranium (DU). Although the word "depleted uranium" may suggest no harmful impact from radiation, this brochure will clarify the real radiotoxic (and chemotoxic) properties of DU.

Laka asked several "insiders" to take part in the completion of the brochure. Thanks to their efforts, we have been able to present well-documented articles for activists, scientists, scholars and students to share with them valuable information about the hazardous impact of DU contamination and its consequences on human health and the environment. Taking notice of the growing military use of DU, we must consider not only the increased threats of radioactive battlefields but also the whole dirty cycle in the uranium industry connected with the DU technology and its impact on health and the environment in the surroundings of test areas and in the uranium industry itself.

This brochure was completed thanks to Felicity Arbuthnot, Rosalie Bertell, Ray Bristow, Peter Diehl, Dan Fahey, Daniel Robicheau, Campaign against DU (CADU) and the Military Toxics Project. The contents of all the contributions are under the responsibility of the authors.

Laka Foundation Amsterdam, The Netherlands May 1999


Depleted Uranium: a by-procluct of the Nuclear Chain

Depleted Uranium: a by-product of the nuclear chain

Depleted Uranium weapons: Lessons from the 1991 Gulf War

Gulf War Veterans and Depleted Uranium

The next testing site for Depleted Uranium weaponry

Thoughts of the first British Gulf War Veteran found poisoned with Depleted Uranium

The health of the Iraqi People

Uranium pollution from the Amsterdam 1992 plane crash

Organisations involved in campaigns against Depleted Uranium


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