International Coordinating Committee Sessions

The Coordinating Committee of the International Teachers/Educators for Peace had three meetings before, during and after the congress, with the main aim to develop the structure of our organisation and its statutes.

Through ten years of intense but informal international cooperation, started during the cold war when planning for the first global congress in Copenhagen 1986, our organisation has rapidly grown and a need has been felt in many countries to have a more formalised structure.

In the 1995 Global Congress in Vermont, USA, the decision was taken to apply for a formal NGO-status with UNESCO. This would, we believe, put more weight into our work and our possibilities to implement an education for peace; this need is especially felt in all the new countries of Europe and in Africa, Asia and Latin-America.

Delegates from Africa, North America. Latin America and Europe took part in the sessions; the Asian delegates had given their views in writing.

Two written proposals for the statutes had been distributed, from Canada and Germany, and in the first session a group of five was elected to make a first draft based on these and on the points made in the first discussion.

The draft was presented and thoroughly discussed in the second session, open to all who were interested (which turned to be more than 80 persons).

In the third, again closed, session was decided to take into the draft many of the amendments proposed in the open session and to invite to a meeting in January in Paris to give the statutes a "final" draft form before they can again be discussed and formally taken by the next World Assembly. Also, the Coordinating Committe was enlarged by a number of members from the countries not before represented.

The meeting in Paris took place January 11-12 1997 and resulted in a final version of the draft of our statutes (a copy is attached to this report), the election of an executive committee with a general secretariate in Paris, both with a mandate period until the next Global Assembly, which was decided to take place in 1998 in connection with the 3rd European Education for Peace Congress. It was decided to accept the Russian proposal, from four cooperating organisations and institutions, to organize this in Moscow. Would this for different reasons not be possible, eastern Germany or Austria was mentioned as an alternative.

At the printing of this report it has turned out to be impossible to arrange it in Moscow this time, and an invitation has come from the Austrian Teachers for Peace to arrange it in Graz. An open preparatory meeting will take place in Graz 1- 2 November 1997.

The 2nd African Education for Peace Congress will take place in Burkina Fasso in 1999.




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