"To twin as many schools as possible in all parts of the former Yugoslavia with

a friendship school in another part of Europe"


Schools in former Yugoslavia are eager to find partner-schools in other European countries! Your school can participate in this historic solidarity project!

Contacts with schools, pupils and teachers in other countries can be of vital importance for their recovery. Such contacts are equally important to all participating schools to promote "international understanding, solidarity and cooperation", (Unesco) in the schools of other countries that take part.

For further information and analysis, see "School twinning, Intercultural Education and Common Security" by Hans Levander - in this report).

During the congress

38 schools in different parts of Europe (and 1 in the USA) signed up to take part in the project. By now (August -97) half of the 36 Gymnasiums and 46 Primary Schools in the Sarajevo region are formally twinned.

After the congress

13-21 October 1996 a School-twinning Action week took place in Saraievo, involving 45 schools: groups of pupils, teachers and headmasters. The program included visits to secondary schools in Mostar, Ilidza, Zenica and other schools in the region, a one-day conflict resolution workshop held by Christina McMahon, CRN, Australia, a one-day conference on schooltwinning and project management, and a press-conference.

Two students and a grown-up visited the Ministry of Education in Zagreb, where Ms Vlasta Sabljak will take an advisory coordinating role. Here was also discussed the Blue Danube project - schools will be encouraged to take part in it.


There are problems in finding schools in the other new republics, as well as in finding more schools in other parts of Europe who want to take part. At present we need coordinators in Albania, Croatia, France, Greece, Rep. of Makedonia, Yugoslavia.

The project has only started. It goes on till the next congress, and we want to see more action! We need YOU AND YOUR SCHOOL!

Those interested to take part - please contact

Uppsala Science Park
S-751 83 UPPSALA
Tel + 46 - 18 50 43 44
Fax + 46 - 18 50 85 03




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