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The Federal Republic of Yugoslavia, Ministry of Information:

Albanian terrorism after Milosevic-Holbrooke accord



Ever since the crisis in Kosova escalated and turned into an armed conflict, the Serb armed forces perpetrated extrajudicial executions and massacres not sparing even the women, children, elderly or the ill.

Such executions took place in

Likoshan (28 February 1998), Qirez (February), Prekaz i Posht‘m (March), Poklek i Ri (May), De¨an, Lybeniq, Rahovec (July), Dobratin (September), G‘r¨ina (October), Abri (September), Galica (September), in the vicinity of the Magura tunnel, Radisheva, Golluboc, Ranca near Shtime, Lugishta near Has, etc.

The mass killings of Albanians began in the villages of Likoshan, district of Gllogoc, and that of Qirez, district of Sk‘nderaj.

On 28 February 1998, an attack was launched in these two villages. The attack lasted 24 hours and a large number of masked Serb policemen, soldiers and paramilitaries were involved in it.

Heavy weaponry and helicopters were used in this attack. The Serbian Ministry of Interior Affairs established an air bridge between Belgrade and their bases in Kosova.

Helicopters opened fire on the Albanian villages. Albanian civilians were killed and mutilated inside the houses. The age of the killed and mutilated is between 16 and 70.

Policemen went into the house of the Ahmetaj family (36 members) and forced them out. Men, women and children were told to lie down. The men were separated from the rest of the group, taken out of the yard, beaten and extrajudicially executed one by one.

The tragedy continued on 5 March 1998.

At about 5.00 a.m., Serb police forces launched an attack on the villages of Prekaz i Posht‘m, Llausha, Polac, Marina, Vojnika and Rakinica, district of Sk‘nderaj. As a consequence of this attack, 46 Albanians were killed and mutilated, of whom 20 from the family of Shaban Jashari. Among the killed, 15 were children aged between 7-16 and 17 were female. There were also elderly up to the age of 74.

The victims were buried by the police on 10 March. They were not buried according to the tradition and the autopsy was not conducted.

During this period, there were incessant attacks in the regions of De¨an and Peja.

On 25 May, police and military forces launched an attack on the villages of this region.

The attack resulted with the extrajudicial execution of 7 members of the Hamza family, 1 member of the Gogaj-Cacaj family and 1 member of the Delimetaj family in the village of Lybeniq near Peja.

On 18 July, Serbian military forces perpetrated a massacre on the border zone with Albania. Women, children and elderly, who were trying to return to their homes, were massacred. This happened at the place called Rrasa e Zogut in the vicinity of the mountain huts in Junik.

It is believed that at least 60 Albanians were killed.

Whereas Serb media, based on the military sources, claimed that over 100 Albanians were killed. The number of the wounded is much higher. The corpses were still not given to their families. Their identities are still unknown.

On 31 May, at about 1.30 p.m., Serbian police and paramilitary forces launched an attack on the village of Poklek i Ri, killing and mutilating 11 persons. Apart from the corpse of Ardian Haxhi Deliu (18), who was buried, the corpses of the others were loaded in a police lorry.

Ever since, there are no information on their whereabouts. It is assumed that the corpses were buried in a mass grave or were destroyed in order to tamper evidence.

CDHRF believes that the skeletons presented by the Serb media in the village of Kle¨ka can be those of the victims killed in Poklek.

Killed on July 19; Fadil Avni Silimusa (1978), a mentally disturbed person, Qelibije Haz‘r Alirifa (1944), a housewife, and Lutvije Durguti (72), a housewife - killed on July 20; Gjilferije Shaban Hasanmeraj (1920), a housewife, killed on July 21; Mizair Jetullah Isma (1963), an electrician, and Bekim Shaban Isma (26), a farmer, killed on July 22; as well as Asllan Kapllan Kle¨ka (1947), an auto mechanic, killed on September 3; Sejdi Miftar Zyberi, a farmer, and Esherafedin Rexhep Kastrati (18) - both from the village of Drenoc near Rahovec, GLLOGOC:

On 19 July, as an aftermath of a premeditated attack of the Serbian forces many Albanians were killed and wounded in Rahovec. Many women, children and elderly, who had taken shelter in Sheh Muhedini's masjid were massacred in the most barbaric way.

The bodies of two professors and 6 other bodies burned beyond recognition were found at the place called "Tuba".

CDHRF has registered the names of 150 killed people. Eye-witnesses claim that Serbian police, military and paramilitary forces perpetrated extrajudicial executions.

Many Albanians were reported missing, taken hostage and arrested, whose whereabouts are still unknown.

On 22 July, the Serbian authorities in Prizren opened two mass graves in which they buried the corpses of many Albanians killed during the offensive in Rahovec.

On August 5, Kastriot Krasniqi (1975) from the village of T‘rpeza was arrested in Lipjan. He was sent to 2 months of pre-trial detention, physically tortured, insulted on a national basis and threatened. Later on, he was released in a very bad health condition.

On 26 August, while fleeing in a tractor, 11 members of the Asllani family from the village of Ranca were killed by a Serbian tank. Among the killed, 8 were children and 3 were women. 3 men were wounded.

16 September, on returning to their houses in the village of Dragobil, Osman Met‘ Pa¨arizi (60) and Fehmi Miftar Pa¨arizi (45) were caught by the Serb forces, taken to Malisheva and executed.

On 25 September, Serb forces went into the village of Galica, district of Vushtrri, and executed 14 men, mainly youngsters, and a woman.

On 26 September, in the vicinity of the Magura tunnel, district of Klina, Serb forces separated several Albanians from the crowd of the displacement people and executed Smajl Millaku (72) and his son Sefer (49) from Ujmir.

The very same day, 8 Albanian youngsters were executed by the Serb forces in Golluboc.

On 27 September, in the Deliaj quarter in Abria e Ep‘rme, district of Gllogovc, the corpses of 22 members of the Deliaj family, including women, children and elderly, were found a kilometer away from their house. Diturie Deliaj, a 3-month-old baby, was found alive under her mother's body.Due to the difficult living conditions, she died a month later.

On 4 October, the mutilated corpses of Antigona (14) and Mihane Hysen Deliu (16) were found. Prior to being executed, the two were raped. Similar massacres are perpetrated by the Serb forces in most of the attacked regions.


RAHOVEC: On December 11, goods estimated to DM 4786 were seized from Halit K‘rndali, even though his documentation was in perfect order and he had paid all the required taxes. RAHOVEC:

On December 13, Hidajet Iska (1976), a farmer, was physically ill-treated by the police in the outskirts of the town.

VUSHTRRI: On December 15, Driton Shaqiri (25) from Pantina was brutally beaten by the police in the outskirts of Vushtrria. Due to the injuries suffered Driton had to seek for medical help.

KLINA: On December 15, the guards of the Serb prisons in Peja and Dubrava near Istog prevented family members from visiting Gani Ahmetgjekaj from Rudica and Kadri and Beqir Kuqaj from Gremnik.

HANI I ELEZIT: On December 16, police arrested Sabedin Hasallari (1970).


MALISHEVA: In the vicinity of Mle¨an, police wounded Eshref Bafti Mu¨aj (50) from Prizren and a co-passenger of his. Zejnullah Sopi (1949) from Prizren, Asllan Dana (41) and brothers Fitim and Fatos Sahiti (19) from Krusha e Madhe near Rahovec were arrested. They were travelling to the village of Polac near Sk‘nderaj to attend the funeral of the Albanians killed on the border with Albania on December 14.

At the place called "Pishat e Llazic‘s", Muharrem Rr. Kastrati (36) and Haxhi L. Kastrati from Domanek were severely ill-treated by the police.

In Gjergjica near Gllogoc, police forced out of the bus and arrested three Albanian students from Drenoc.

PEJA: Large police forces blocked the "Haxhi Zeka" quarter in Peja, raided, demolished and looted many houses, beat and arrested several Albanians. The houses of the following were raided: Zenel Muriqi, Ramiz Nik¨i, Gani, Ismet and Izet Goga, Mahir Muhaxheri, Shaban Krasniqi, Shk‘lzen Syl¨a, Vesel Luta, Ramiz Zeka, Myftar Idrizi, Brahim Rugova, Sali Dashi, Ruzhdi Syl¨a, prof. Ali Syl¨a, Arif Gjikolli, Halil Dervishaj, Ramiz Muriqi and Sadik Muriqi.

The following were beaten: Shaban Krasniqi, Vesel Luta, Gazmend Ramiz Zeka (23), Hasime Fetahaj (48) and his son Jeton (23). The following were arrested: Ismet Goga, Eroll Mahir Muhaxheri (23), Nazmi H. Shala (22) and Gazmend Ramiz Zeka (23).

Police searched for the following: Visar Zenel Muriqi (20) and Valon Vesel Luta (22).

Two armed Serbian speaking persons entered the house of Musa Zekaj, "Sh. Spahia" st., looted DM 1.300 and the jewels belonging to his daughter-in-law estimated to several thousands of DM.

GJAKOVA: Yesterday, police arrested Vesel Myrtaj (65), his son Hilmi (34) and Valon Myrt‘ Myrtaj (16) - the three from Osek-Hyla. Vesel was released in a deteriorated health condition due to the police beating. Hilmi and Valon were sent to the prison in Peja.

MITROVICA: In the evening, the Serb forces stationed at the water reservoir in Shipol opened machine gun fire.

VUSHTRRI: Serb policemen in 3 APCs and a Landrover went to the villages of Sllatina and Tarbulluq. There was panic among the villagers.

SHTIME: Abdullah Shaqiri (40) was arrested by the police. He was immediately sent to the police station in Ferizaj. On December 21, the Serb Media Center in Prishtina quoted police sources saying that Miliq Joviq (51), a worker with the Serbian Ministry of Interior Affairs, was killed and that Miliana Pantiq, an employee with the very same, was wounded.

On December 21, we received the list of the Albanians killed in the district of Rahovec in the course of 1998. The names of the following were added to the list: Avdullah Hoxha (70), a pensioner, Besnik Xhafer Ademi (15) from the village of Bradash near Podujeva died. A day before, he was wounded by Serb snipers in the village of Obran%a.

- On December 21, the Serbian Run District Court in Prizren convicted Hamidin Kapetan Berisha (1960) and Shaqir Miftar Poniku (1967) - both from Prizren. The two were sentenced to 3 years of imprisonment each and were sent to serve their prison terms in Vranje (Serbia).

On December 21, the Serb Media Center in Prishtina quoted police sources saying that Miliq Joviq (51), a worker with the Serbian Ministry of Interior Affairs, was killed and that Miliana Pantiq, an employee with the very same, was wounded.

On December 21, we received the list of the Albanians killed in the district of Rahovec in the course of 1998. The names of the following were added to the list: Avdullah Hoxha (70), a pensioner, Besnik Xhafer Ademi (15) from the village of Bradash near Podujeva died.A day before, he was wounded by Serb snipers in the village of Obran%a.

- On December 21, the Serbian Run District Court in Prizren convicted Hamidin Kapetan Berisha (1960) and Shaqir Miftar Poniku (1967) - both from Prizren. The two were sentenced to 3 years of imprisonment each and were sent to serve their prison terms in Vranje (Serbia).


PODUJEVA: At 9 a.m., a military convoy of 15 tanks from the military base in Batllava paraded through the road between Lluzhan and Podujeva. They provoked passers-by and headed towards K‘rpimeh.

6 tanks were stationed in the Lepaja quarter in Dobratin. 9 tanks were stationed between the villages of Baj¨ina and Dob‘rdol. For more than 2 hours the Serb forces opened fire towards the positions of the KLA. As the KLA forces responded, the Serb forces withdrew to the base.

At noon, Serbian police and paramilitary forces were stationed on all the cross-roads in Podujeva. Serb snipers were stationed on top of the high buildings. Adem Ajeti (60) from Podujeva and Hyzri Mu¨iqi (28) from Llapashtica e Ep‘rme were arrested by the police. On being physically ill-treated, they were released. Many Albanians were ill-treated.

Later on, Serb forces with over 10 APCs blocked the part of the town in which a police inspector was killed and a Serb woman was wounded. Xhemajl Arifi was arrested. His house was raided and a considerable amount of medicine was seized from him. Policemen and paramilitaries opened automatic fire and damaged the houses of Sylejman Deda, Arif Hyseni, Avdullah Murati, Avdyl Fejzullahu and Latif P‘rvetica in Llapashtica e Ep‘rme.

Brothers Xhemjal, Arif and Blerim Arifi were arrested, severely ill-treated and released. Their bakery was demolished.

FUSHč-KOSOVA: Last night, Serb policemen opened automatic fire and damaged the houses of Gani and Sali Jashanica, Aziz Hasolli and Ramadan Qyqalla in Bardh i Madh.

Last night, after midnight, Serb civilians demolished the private house in which the "Mihal Grameno" Primary School is located. The school inventory was looted. 70 policemen were stationed at the coal open-pit mine in Bardh i Madh.

SUHAREKA: Serbian police forces are still stationed in the villages of Reshtan, Mohlan and Grej¨ec. Military units were stationed in Qafa e Duhl‘s and Bajrak, as well as in the Bira¨i mountains. Last night, there was shooting in Suhareka and Mushtisht. In the outskirts of Suhareka, police are stopping and ill-treating passers-by.

MITROVICA: There are large movements of the Serbian police forces in the streets of Mitrovica.

In Shipol, police are stopping and ill-treating passers-by. 6 lorries, 3 landrovers and 2 APCs full of policemen left Mitrovica and headed towards Sk‘nderaj. Eset Muj‘ Ujkani (38), an engineer from Vinarc i Ep‘rm was summoned to the police station in Mitrovica and sent to 30 days of pre-trial detention.

Dejan Saviq, a Serb policeman from Gojbula near Vushtrri, chased several Albanian youngsters, cigarette vendors, through the streets of the "Tavnik" quarter. He looted 20 boxes of cigarettes from Behxhet Xhevat Voca (40) and threatened him.

In the vicinity of the Ibri bridge, two policemen arrested the following pupils of the Medical Secondary School: Samedin Jusuf Kameri (16) from Pantina near Vushtrri and G‘zim Nasuf Ismajli (16) from "Ura e Gjakut" quarter in Mitrovica. They were taken to the police station, interrogated on the KLA, provoked and ill-treated them. Later on, they were released.

VUSHTRRI: Serbs from Graca and Prilluzha opened fire during the night and early in the morning. Police searched for Adnan Klinaku from Stanoc i Posht‘m. At about 7.00 p.m., in front of the District assembly in Vushtrri, fire shots were heard and then, large police forces were stationed in different parts of the town.

PRIZREN: Serb military forces were stationed again in Planeja and along the border with Albania. They mined the border zone.

PEJA: Large police forces stationed in the outskirts of the town beat tens of Albanian citizens. Ardit Adem Nik¨i (20), Izet Sejfijaj (35) and Ylfet Sadri Hajrizaj are in detention since the day before yesterday, when police arrested them.

GJAKOVA: Serbian police arrested Ibrahim Pepshi (38), Luz Luli (62) and Rrahman Jonuzi (45) from Dujaka, as well as Kadri Jasiqi (45) from Here¨. Later on, Luz and Kadri were released.

OBILIQ: Several Serb policemen and soldiers in an APC were stationed on the road between Raskova, Baksh and Besia. They are stopping and checking the identities of the Albanian passers-by. Police forces were stationed in the vicinity of Sulltan Murat's turbeh in Mazgit and ill-treated several Albanian pupils and citizens.

At noon, Serb hooligans physically ill-treated Premtim, Hazbije and Shqipe Mehmeti, as well as several pupils of the "Pandeli Sotiri" Primary School in Plemetin.

PRISHTINA: In the "Ulpiana" quarter, 15 Serb hooligans severely ill-treated Baton Masurica (1982) from "Bregu i Diellit" quarter, a pupil with the "Xhevdet Doda" Gymnasium. He suffered severe body injuries.

KLINA: Serb police arrested Musli Hoti (25) from Jashanica. He was brutally beaten and accused of being a member of the KLA. He was ordered to report again in two days. A Serb policeman named Izgareviq from Jagoda physically ill-treated M‘hill, Jak and Vilson Marniku from Zllakuqan.

SKčNDERAJ: Members of Serb military and paramilitary forces wearing black uniforms arrived in Sk‘nderaj. At midnight, fire shots were heard from the police station and the Ammunition Plant. A Serb policeman was wounded in the vicinity of the police station. In hospital, he stated that he was wounded due to his careless handling of weapons.

Serb police stopped the bus travelling from Mitrovica to Prishtina and interrogated Halide Durmishi (1979), a student from Sk‘nderaj, on the whereabouts of her brother Shaban, who is currently living in Germany.

GJILAN: 4 policemen raided the house of and searched for Sabri Kamberi (1966) from P‘rlepnica. They left him an order to report to the police station in Gjilan.


December 22, 1998 - January 5, 1999


Tension remains high throughout Kosovo since major fighting broke out in northeastern Kosovo on Christmas Eve.

The spasm of heavy violence, characterized by use of Serbian armored and motorized forces against a Kosovo Liberation Army (KLA) stronghold in Gornja Lapastica and villages of Obranca and Velika Reka around the strategic highway chokepoint of Podujevo, diminished after several days of fighting.

"This was the tensest period since the Holbrooke-Milosevic agreement was signed," said William Walker, Kosovo Verification Mission (KVM) head.

The KLA asserted that it did not initiate the fighting, contradicting Serbia's accounts.

Belgrade and the Kosovo Albanians accused each other of violating the OSCE-mediated ceasefire.

The Serbian forces claimed they were on training maneuvers in the Podujevo region prior to the flareup, but provided no notification of their departure from base, a lapse regarded by NATO as a violation of the agreement.

Fighting was also reported around the nearby city of Mitrovica. The total number of deaths is unknown.

UNHCR estimated as of Wednesday that about 5,500 people fled their homes in the Podujevo area last week due to the fighting.

The local KLA commander, known as Remi, claims to be well equipped and manned; Serbian forces reported being on the receiving end of shells from 120mm mortars-far heavier ordnance than the KLA possessed in last summer's fighting.

Numerous deaths have been reported despite the restoration of the ceasefire.

Serbian provincial governor Veljko Odalovic was adamant that the Serbs would continue to "energetically respond to every attack, every provocation, and I think the international community will accept this."

Kosovo Albanian parliamentary leader Idriz Ajeti said his colleagues had sent "a document urging NATO to immediately intervene in Kosovo to stop the bloodshed and the spreading of the conflict to the whole region" and called for the "immediate demilitarization of Kosovo and the placing of its people under international protection."

KVM. With the outbreak over the holidays of the fiercest combat since the October 13 Holbrooke-Milosevic deal, the OSCE verification mission is showing signs of the strain, with OSCE chair Bronislaw Geremek, the Polish Foreign Minister, saying on December 27 "If thebloodshed and violence escalate, the OSCE will have to reconsider the forms of its activity in Kosovo."

The mission, slated to have 2,000 verifiers, has about 700 people in Kosovo at present, a great proportion not yet active.

On Saturday, French Defense Minister Alain Richard asserted that "the KLA, not the Serbs" was the "main destabilizing factor today" in Kosovo, and that a full pullout of the KVM would require the Macedonia-based extraction force to number roughly 5,000 troops, rather than the current projected strength of around 1,800.

Richard also speculated on responses to continued fighting: "We would have to station tens of thousands of soldiers on the spot if we wanted to prevent the KLA from establishing territorial control, and the allies are opposed to this...So we have to adopt other solutions such as cutting off KLA financing abroad and going back...to threats of air attacks." France now chairs the six-member Contact Group.

The KLA has just announced its intent to begin radio broadcasts in Kosovo.


FERIZAJ: On December 22 and 25, Fatmir Xhafaj, chairman of the Solidarity Commission in Mirash, was taken for informative talks to the police station and ordered to report again. On December 25, police stopped, arrested and severely ill-treated Zejn‘ Osmani (38), as well as Ismet (41) and Nazmi Jashari (33) from Jezerc, who were returning from llovenia.

The very same day, police inspectors searched for Zymer Ibrahimi, living in "Kozara" st. in Ferizaj. On December 26, 4 policemen and 2 police inspectors confiscated 1800 kg of flour, 50 kg of beans and 50 kg of potatoes from the Solidarity Commission in the village of Mirash.

PEJA: At about 6.00 a.m., more than 100 policemen in 25 vehicles surrounded the "Kabashi" quarter in Zahaq near Peja. They raided the houses of Sali, Avdi and Arif Kabashi. Jah‘ Sali Kabashi (30) was taken out of the house and executed in the presence of his family members. They were ordered not to touch the corpse, until the policemen return.

During the raid, policemen brutally beat many inhabitants of this quarter and demolished house furniture. After the raid, Avdi (44), Shefqet (24), Naim (23), Valdet (24) and Bashkim Kabashi (23) were arrested.

In the "Fidanishte" quarter, Serb hooligans severely ill-treated Besnik Batusha, a pupil with the "Bedri Pejani" Secondary School.

PODUJEVA: A military convoy of over 20 armoured vehicles headed towards Batllava and were stationed in the military base in the vicinity of the airport in Dumosh. In this village, Serb forces opened trenches with an excavator. Policemen and paramilitaries are patrolling through the streets of Podujeva and are surveying the terrain.

At noon, under the pretext of searching for weapons, a squad of more than 30 Serb policemen in 5 APCs raided and demolished the houses of the following: Sefedin, Bejtush and Imer Bllaca; Ali and Avdi Bajoku; Feti and Enver Jahiri; Halit and Musa Bajrami; Adem Ajeti and Kadri Ka¨iu.

During the raid, policemen physically ill-treated pupils Saxhid Zeka, Valon Musliu, Selatin Ka¨iu and Fatmir Ajeti, as well as Sejdi Bajrami from Podujeva, Isuf Abdullahu from Dumnica e Ep‘rme and Faton Hasani from Dumnica e Poshtme.

The roof of the house of Ramush Abdullahu in Podujeva was burned. Serb policemen were stationed in this house.

RAHOVEC: A group of Serb soldiers in 2 armoured cars were stationed in Celina and started to shell the place between the hill of Celina and that of Krusha e Madhe. When the International Verifiers arrived, soldiers withdrew, but returned in the afternoon in a higher number and in 2 armoured cars, 2 APCs and a tank. They were accompanied by two teams of OSCE verifiers.

Serb soldiers are preventing all movement to and from Celina.

MITROVICA: Groups of policemen were stationed at the bus station in Mitrovica and Shupkoc, where they stopped and checked the passers-by and cars. Two lorries and a jeep full of policemen headed towards Sk‘nderaj.

In the vicinity of the green market, 4 policemen arrested Samir Asllan Begu (18) from the "Bair" quarter, looted cigarettes estimated to DM 100 from him and severely ill-treated him.

In the vicinity of the "Adriatiku" hotel, unidentified persons wounded Lulzim Mehmet Ademi from Broboniq and Naser Qazim Haziri (23) from "Ura e Gjakut" quarter in Mitrovica. The latter was immediately taken to the Surgery Ward of the Prishtina Hospital.

After this, large police forces blocked all cross-roads of the town and severely ill-treated a number of passers-by, among whom Hajriz Hamit Istrefi (49), "Ibri" quarter, his wife Sabije (44) and his daughter Besarta (10).

At about 10.00 p.m., over 15 policemen intervened in the "Bedro" tea shop in "Ibri" quarter and arrested Nazmi Ku¨i (23) and Faruk Mehmet Rrahmani (25). Both were subjected to interrogation. Later on, they were released.

VUSHTRRI: Last night, at about 11.00 p.m., there was shooting in Pestova. Today, the part in front of the District Assembly is blocked by the police. All day long, police practiced a strict control in Vushtrri. A police squad went to Svara¨ak i Posht‘m in order to provoke the Albanian citizens.

In Vushtrri, police arrested the following cigarette vendors: Rrustem and Berat Mehmeti, Aziz Kolla and two others named Enver and Hysni.

KLINA: All day long, Serb police and military forces in cooperation with the locals, looted timber from the woods belonging to the Albanians and transported them in lorries.

PRIZREN: Two armoured cars with 50-60 soldiers were stationed in the vicinity of the Landovica bridge.

LIPJAN: The lessons have not yet begun in the primary school in Magura, where Serb police forces have been stationed for months. They looted and demolished the school inventory estimated to DM 80.000.

SHTIME: A military convoy left Shtime and headed towards Suhareka. Police forces in armoured cars opened fire towards Belinca. There are no information about any casualties, but excessive material losses were caused. The villagers began fleeing their houses due to fear.


On December 23, Naser Qazim Haziri (23) from Mitrovica died in the Prishtina Hospital. On December 22, he was wounded by unidentified persons. On December 23, Hak‘ Sadri Osaj (23) was killed in Klina e Ep‘rme near Sk‘nderaj. Qerime Lahu-Osaj (60), Agim Sadri Osaj (41), his wife Fatime (27) and their children Arbenita (5) and Donika (1), as well as Zoj‘ (32) and Shukrije Sadri Osaj and their neighbour Lendita Brahim Azizi (23) were wounded.

PODUJEVA: Police forces stationed at the "Besiana" motel, Qershit‘ e Llapashtic‘s and near the Tile Factory, are checking the identities of the passers-by. Serb snipers were stationed in several houses and are opening fire towards the inhabitants of the near-by houses.

PRIZREN: The village of Romaja near Has was surrounded by Serb police and military forces. These forces in 9 lorries and 4 armoured cars were stationed near the village cemetery. The Serb compulsory forces cut off the electricity to the villages of Romaja, Lugishta and Kushnin. One third of the population has fled due to the fear from the repression of Serb forces.

PRISHTINA: Police forces in 6 buses, 4 lorries, 2 APCs, 2 jeeps and 2 other vehicles arrived from Serbia to Kosova.

MITROVICA: Large police forces were concentrated in different parts of the town and are checking cars and passers-by. About 20 Serb policemen, for the second time during the day, searched for weapons at the house of Shemsi Fejzullah Balinca (33) and arrested Daut Mehmet Rrahmani (24). Dragan Djuriq, a policeman, beat and threatened Shemsi's wife Halise (29) and left an order for her husband to report to the police station. In "Bair" quarter, the same policemen raided the house of Muhamet Nezir Tahiri (33) from Stant‘rg and arrested him. Over 40 policemen and security inspectors raided the house of Ismet Deliqi in "Bair" quarter and searched for his son Fadil (34). They raided the house of Sali ‚ubreli and arrested brothers Fejzullah (29), Ardian (26) and Destan Haxhi Rreci (19) from Llausha near Sk‘nderaj, who were sheltered. In the evening, 10 Serb policemen stopped and severely ill-treated Besnik Ismet Sejdiu (19), "Qendra" quarter.

SKčNDERAJ: Large police, military and paramilitary forces wearing black uniforms were stationed at the Ammunition Plant.

GLLOGOC: In Gjergjica, police physically ill-treated Dan Abaz Gashi and Sinan Istref Gashi - both from Llapushnik. DM 1250 were looted from them.

SUHAREKA: After 8.00 a.m., a military convoy of 9 lorries, 8 jeeps and 3 armoured cars passed through the center of the town and headed towards Prizren.

SHTIME: The situation is very tense. Serb forces have arrested Dr. Bedri Sadriu, a physician with the "Mother Theresa" Humanitarian & Charitable Association, Xhemshir Reshiti, a teacher, and Nazmi Shahini, an activist of the LDK. Many were arrested in Re¨ak, too.

GJAKOVA: In the village of Madanaj, police searched for weapons at the house of Tom‘ Gjoklaj, an activist with the "Mother Theresa" Humanitarian & Charitable Association. He was arrested and severely ill-treated.


PRISHTINA: In the night between December 23-24, Rushit Berisha (1949), a taxi driver from the district of Kamenica, living in "Bledi" st.67/A in Prishtina, was severely ill-treated by Serbian police. His watch and the radio of his car were looted. He was insulted on a national and moral basis. Due to injuries suffered, he had to seek for medical assistance.

PODUJEVA: On December 24, Serb snipers wounded Bunjamin Ferat Murati (1994) from Llapashtica e Poshtme, while he and his family were fleeing their home due to the attack of the Serbian police and military forces on the villages of Podujeva.

GJILAN: On December 24, Haki Bajraliu (1945), a teacher and chairman of the LBD Sub-branch in Gjilan, was taken for informative talks to the police station. Police inspectors interrogated him on his reasons for leaving the LDK and joining the LBD.

GJAKOVA: On December 24, Nik‘ Markaj (75) and Zoj‘ Markaj (46) from Osek-Pasha were arrested and severely ill-treated under the pretext that they had brought SFr 170.000 for the KLA. Both were released today.

Police seized Zoja's passport with a C visa and ordered her to report again on January 5. PRISHTINA: There was shooting in the "Aktash II" quarter.

Today, at about 4 a.m., unidentified persons opened fire towards the house of Miftar B‘rbatovci. Material damage was caused.

KLINA: During the last 2 days, Serbian forces shelled the Myrtaj quarter in Jashanica. Sniper fire was opened in Sverka, Gllareva and Dollova.

GLLOGOC: During the last 2 weeks several villages in the district of Gllogoc were left without electric power. Pensioners did not receive their pensions. On December 28, the Serbian Run District Court in Prizren convicted the following persons to 2 years of imprisonment each for "hostile activity" and "terrorism": Kujtim Nexhmedin ‚arkaxhiu (1959) from Prizren and Hazir Abaz Kicaj (1974) from Grejkoc near Suhareka. Both were sent to serve their sentences.

On December 24, the following were killed during the attack of the Serbian police and military forces on the villages of Podujeva:

Behxhet Ramiz Ma¨ani (30) from Podujeva (killed by a Serb sniper in the village of Sekira¨a); Albana Safet Hajdari (6) (killed by a Serb sniper in her house yard); Shefkije Salihu (40) from Podujeva, a mother of 5 (her corpse was found in the fields near the Tile Factory); Isa Havolli (55) from Llapashtica-a soldier of the KLA; Hetem Zeqir Selmani (49), Salih Zeqir Selmani (47), Avni Nezir Selmani (24), Fatmir Dalip Selmani (22) and Mirsad Hakif Abdullahu (17)-all from the village of Gllamnik (killed in their house yards) and Ajvaz Potera (45) from Llapashtica. It is assumed that 3 Albanians were killed in Obran¨a. Yet, the number of the killed in the villages attacked by the Serbian police and military forces is supposed to be higher

According to the Serb Media Center in Prishtina, on December 26, Milovan Radojeviq (65) was killed in the village of Obran¨a near Podujeva.

On December 24, it was confirmed that the 5-month-old baby of Ali Hoti from the village of Jashanica near Klina died due to the lack of medical assistance.

Kidnappings and disappearances...

There are no information on the whereabouts of the following:

Nimon Musa Demaj (1978) from Vrella - Istog (since June); Bedri Sadedin Bugari (1971), Remzi Sadri Ukshini (24) and G‘zim Sali Hamza (1963) - the three from Rahovec and Mark Palush Gashi (40) from Dobidol - Rahovec (since July); Blerim Bajram Ukshini (20), Arben Avdyl Ukshini (23), Nezir Halim Elezi and Sylejman Taf‘ Avdyli - all from Morina near Gjakova (since July 9); Sk‘nder Aliu (42) from Stroc - Vushtrri (since September 23); Bajram Ramadan Fazlija (1969) from Keqekolla - Prishtina (since November 26); Reshat Murat Ejupi (1969) from Bla¨ - Dragash and his wife Drahomira Trajakova, Czech citizen (since December 19); Hava Havolli (44) from Llapashtica - Podujeva and Latif Salihu from Podujeva (since December 24).


PODUJEVA: Serb forces have not withdrawn from their positions. These forces are still stationed at the place called Tabet e Llapashtices. Sporadic shooting can be heard. The town itself is blocked by the Serb forces. Snipers are still located on top of the high buildings. There is no movement through the streets of the town.

Serb forces have machine gunned the houses along the road between Lluzhan and Podujeva. The family members of Bahtir Kastrati (57), living in the Duriqi quarter in Obran¨a, who had been kidnapped by Serb paramilitaries, were released and sheltered at their relatives in Podujeva. Bahtir was severely ill-treated.

MITROVICA: In the vicinity of the "Kaltrina" Policlinic, 5 policemen stopped and checked the identities of: Ismail Bajram Smakiqi, secretary of the Sub-CDHRF in Mitrovica, Ramadan Hasan Kelmendi (44), Bajram Bejt‘ Mustafa (40) and Bahri Osmani, activists of the LDK.

In the "Ura e Gjakut" quarter, some 20 Serb policemen surrounded, raided and demolished the house of Nexhat Halil ‚ubreli (30). In the "Tavnik" quarter, some 20 Serb policemen, who were led by Dejan Saviq, raided and demolished the houses of the following: Nebih Kadri Zeqiri (47), Safet Bektesh Selmani (35) and Hysen Ramadan Doberlluka (65). Nebih Kadri Zeqiri (47) and Hazir Bektesh Selmani (35) were arrested. Police searched for ‚ak‘ Bektesh Selmani (24) and Shefqet Hysen Doberlluka (40). Gazmend Sadri Barani (19) from Klina e Ep‘rme near Sk‘nderaj, sheltered in Mitrovica, was severely ill-treated. Ragip Ali Pllana (18) and Nazmi Daut Pllana (43) from Frash‘r i Madh were beaten by the police.

FUSHč-KOSOVA: Ahmet Berisha (67) from the village of Graboc i Ep‘rm was threatened to leave his house. The house had previously been looted and demolished by the very same forces.

PRISHTINA: At midnight, Serb forces opened fire towards the house of Hajrush Sylejman Abdullahu. The offices of an LDK branch are located in this house.

On December 25, it was confirmed that Besnik Liman Begunca (1972) from Ka¨anik was killed by the Serbian police on August 10.

On December 25, the Serbian Run District Court in Prishtina convicted the following for "hostile activity" and "terrorism": Berat Luzha (a journalist) to 10 years of imprisonment, Hajrush Kurtaj to 9, Naser Kuka, Reshat Salihaj, Behxhet Imishi, Remzi Elezi and Naim Rekaj - to 8, Qamil Iljazi and Xhevat Haziri to 7, Abdylgafurr Luma to 6, Danush Kurtaj, Hasan Dalloshi and Fatmir Kurtaj to 5 and Mehdi Dalloshi and mr. Tefik Raka - to 3 years of imprisonment - all from the districts of Ka¨anik and Vitia.

- On December 25, the Serbian Run District Court in Prishtina, convicted the following: Zahrije Podrim¨aku, an activist of the Sub-CDHRF in Gllogoc, to 4 years of imprisonment, Agron Ramadani from Prishtina to 3 years and Shabije Lokaj to 2 years. All three were accused of "hostile activity" and "terrorism".

- On December 25, the Serbian Run District Court in Prishtina convicted the following: Emin Shabani to 6 years of imprisonment, Rexhep Shabani to 5 years and Frash‘r Shabani to 3 years of imprisonment - the three from Ferizaj. They were charged for "terrorism".


GLLOGOC: On December 26, in the vicinity of the poultry farm in Krivova, Ilir Berisha (24), a student from Komoran, was stopped and severely ill-treated by the police. Ilir suffered severe body injuries.

KLINA: On December 26, Ram& Zogaj from the village of K&rrnica was taken for informative talks and interrogated on the KLA.

PODUJEVA: Large police forces were stationed in different parts of the town and are ill-treating passers-by. Military forces equipped with heavy weaponry were stationed in the premises of the Tile Factory. A convoy consisting of many armoured cars headed towards the village of Obran¨a. The moment they entered the village they started shooting in different directions.

The villagers of Obran¨a and many inhabitants of Podujeva have fled their houses. The pupils of the "Dituria" Primary School in Llapashtica e Ep‘rme were sheltered in Zhegrova and Majac.

4 policemen in a "Toyota" car PR-676-79 distributed weapons to Serb civilians in Podujeva.

PRISHTINA: A vehicle of a Norwegian Humanitarian Organization was damaged in a blast in the "Aktash" quarter. The blast was very strong, yet no casualties were reported. The perpetrators and the pretext are unknown.

Large police forces surrounded the E/31 building in "Ulpiana". Several flats were raided and 4 students from Podujeva were arrested.

PRIZREN: A military unit with 2 armoured cars was stationed at the gas station in the vicinity of Piran. The building was demolished. The investigative judge with the Serbian run District Court in Prizren sent Sami Nuhi Berisha (1967) from the village of Lez near Prizren to 30 days of pre-trial detention. While being investigated Sami was severely tortured in the premises of the State Security.

PEJA: Under the pretext of searching for weapons, a police squad surrounded the Elezaj and Gjuraj quarters in Peja. Mehmet Gjuraj (60) and Besim Gjuraj (43), a teacher, were physically ill-treated. Sk‘nder Demaj, chairman of the LDK branch in Peja, and Fadil Gjuraj, an activist of the LDK, were arrested. Large Serb forces blocked the center of the town. Many passers-by were ill-treated.

Market inspectors looted goods estimated to DM 50.000 from Albanian merchants.

MITROVICA: In the "Ura e Gjakut" quarter, police raided the house of Sk‘nder Feriz Meha (37). In the "Tavnik" quarter, police raided the houses of the following: Sk‘nder Rifat Hasani (50) (police searched for his sons Bashkim (24) and Sami (19)), and Rizah Rrahim Meha (68) (his daughter Vjollca (30), a teacher, was arrested). In the "Qendra" quarter, police raided the house of Zen‘ Qazim Mengjolli (42) and that of Osman Kadri Mecini (52) from Klina e Ep‘rme near Sk‘nderaj. Police stopped, provoked and threatened Halit Barani (47), chairman of the Sub-CDHRF in Mitrovica.

The following policemen participated in the action: Ratko Antonijeviq from "Tavnik", Nenad Paviqeviq from "Qendra" and Dejan Saviq from Gojbula near Vushtrria.

GLLOGOC: On December 26, police stopped the bus travelling between Gllogoc and Prishtina. All the passengers from the villages of Gllobar, T‘rstenik, Polluzha, Bainca, Domanek and Krajkova were taken to the poultry farm in Krajkova and severely ill-treated. An Albanian youngster from Domanek was detained.

Policemen physically ill-treated Bedri Shala (25) and Nuhi Demiri (35), both from Nekoc. The latter had to seek for medical assistance.

GLLOGOC: On December 26, in the vicinity of the poultry farm in Krivova, Ilir Berisha (24), a student from Komoran, was stopped and severely ill-treated by the police. Ilir suffered severe body injuries.

KLINA: On December 26, Rama Zogaj from the village of Karrnica was taken for informative talks and interrogated on the KLA. On December 28, 3 policemen stopped the bus travelling between Klina and Peja. Bashkim Dragaj, the driver, was physically ill-treated. Bore Abazaj, who tried to protect him, was insulted on a national and moral basis.

DECEMBER 27:On December 27, during the attack of the Serbian police and military forces on the village of Obran¨a, Jetullah Kastrati (22) was killed and Remzi Demolli (33), a teacher with the "Ali Hadri" Primary School in Obran¨a, was severely wounded. Remzi died the next day. At the place called "Tabet e Llapashtic‘s" Serb forces killed an unidentified Albanian taxi driver.

In the meantime, it was confirmed that on December 24, during the attack of the Serbian forces on the villages of Podujeva the following were killed: Sk‘nder Zejnullahu (23) from Dumnica, Lulzim Jashari (22) from Batllava, Bajrush Murati (63) from Llapashtica, Ismet D‘rguti (27) from Braina, living in Podujeva and Miftar Zejnullahu (24) from P‘rpellac.

On December 27, the following Romany were killed in the "2 Korriku" quarter in Mitrovica: Gani (53), Ilmi and Basri Gushani.

PODUJEVA: During the last days, about 15.000 inhabitants of the attacked villages left their homes due to the attacks of the Serbian forces. They had taken shelter in the neighbouring villages. They are in a very difficult condition and need food and medicines urgently.

Serbian forces opened fire towards the houses in the vicinity of "Besiana" Motel and wounded Sabit Rrahimi (44) and his son Avni Rrahimi (16).

They shelled the houses of Hashim Haziri, Ahmet Mu¨olli, Sabit Rrahimi and Ahmet Hoxha.

PEJA: Serbian police raided the house of Shyqri Bajram Go¨i (44), seized his passport and those of his wife and his son. Police also raided the house of Xhavit Tahir Begolli and searched for his son Fatmir, who is currently living abroad.

In B‘rzheniku st.14, the houses of the following were raided: Agush, Ilaz and Xhafer Pantina. Ilaz, Fitim and Agush Pantina were ill-treated. Xhafer and Eduard Pantina were arrested. Naim and Valdet Kabashi, who had been beaten and arrested the day their brother was killed by Serb forces, were sent for hospitalization to Prishtina.

DE‚AN: In the village of Jasiq, police searched for weapons at the house of Ramiz Isufaj (25). He was arrested.

PODUJEVA: Serbian police and military forces accompanied by tanks, armoured cars and APCs attacked the villages of Obran¨a and Llapashtica. The shelling and the machine gun fire continued for more than 2 hours. Serb military forces were reinforced by a military convoy from Prishtina.

There was heavy shelling from Tabet e Llapashtices, the Serb positions near the "Besiana" Motel and the Tile Factory. OSCE verifiers are supervising the situation.

The Serb forces stationed at the "Besiana" Motel opened machine gun fire towards the houses of Isak, Ram‘ and Adem Bu¨aj; Osman, Shefki and Ram‘ Visoka, as well as several houses in the Bu¨aj and Visokaj quarters in Podujeva. The Albanians from the attacked villages of Obran¨a, Llapashtica, Gllamnik, Sekira¨a, Burica, Konushec, Katunishta and 2 quarters in Podujeva are fleeing their houses. The situation of the displaced villagers is very grave due to the cold weather.

Many Serb civilians are leaving the region too. They are escorted by the police forces towards the "Besiana" Motel.

Remzi Demolli, a teacher, was severely wounded in the village of Obran¨a. His life is in danger due to the lack of medical assistance.

During the last 2 days of the Serbian offensive the following were wounded: Abetare (6) and Besime Bejtush Avdullahu (13) and Fatime Avdullahu (35) from Gremnik, Fadil Hakiqi (37) from Llapashtica and Ahmet Ahmeti (35) from Podujeva. The number of the killed and wounded can be higher.

MITROVICA: In the "Tavnik" quarter, police searched for weapons at the houses of the following: Dibran Halil Shala (60) (his son Kadri (17) was arrested), Ismet Kamer Qerimi (50) (Fazli Topalli (27) from Vitak near Sk‘nderaj was arrested), that of Osman Haxha (43) and that of Muharrem Dibran Avdiu (45). At the bus station, police arrested Ram‘ Haxha (38), an employee with the very same.


MITROVICA: After the killing of 3 Roma people, there was shooting in the "Ibri", "Bair" and "7 Shtatori" quarters. Groups of Serb policemen were stationed in different parts of the town and are ill-treating passers-by.

At the gas station in the vicinity of the motel, 3 Albanians were arrested. Two Albanian youngsters were beaten until they passed away by 5 Serb policemen.

In the vicinity of the post-office, policemen stopped and beat teachers Luan Mehmeti (27) and Mustaf‘ Nezir Haziri (31). In the "Tavnik" quarters, policemen and armed Serb civilians searched for weapons at the house of Osman Muharrem Veseli (72). His son Ahmet (33), who had returned from Hungary a day before, was arrested. Ahmet was detained for 6 hours and his passport was seized. He was told that he would receive his passport back if he collaborated with the police.

Police went to the house of Sejdi Bislim Jashari (50) and provoked his nephew Naim Jusuf Jashari (30).

Police searched for weapons at the house of Muhamet Ramiz Shabani (45), Xhem‘ Fazli Avdyli (60), Fazli Xh. Avdyli (43), Miran Imer Zuka (45), Hajrullah Zuk‘ Zuka (41), Ramadan Preteni (63), Bilall Rifat Neziri (54), Sk‘nder Osman Igrishta (45), Vesel Muhamet Musa (28) and Kadri Avdiu. They arrested Miran Imer Zuka (45).

In the "Tavnik" quarter, police raided the house of and searched for Bajram Fek‘ Jahaj (37).

PODUJEVA: Fire shots were heard from midnight until 3 a.m. Armoured cars moved through Obran¨a. In the vicinity of the Health Care Centre in Podujeva, Serb policemen severely ill-treated Adem Zhegrova, a teacher, and looted DM 80 and some dinars from him.

VUSHTRRI: Since the early hours of the morning, there were large movements of the Serb police and military forces. Police patrols are checking cars and passers-by. A police squad in an armoured car headed towards Pestova.

PRIZREN: In the vicinity of Rashka, a police patrol stopped, checked and took for informative talks the following members of the Party for Democratic Action in Prizren: Azra Zuli, Xhezair Murati and Qerim Bajrami.

NOTICE: The houses of the following were looted, burned and destroyed: Avdi, Kadri, Xhelil, Xhemajl, Sefer, Adem, Muharrem and Veli Gashi and Qazim, Rrahim, Ali, Ilmi, Salih, Hajriz and Sheq‘ Dobra - all from V‘rboc - Gllogoc (on September 22-23).

On December 28, 3 policemen stopped the bus travelling between Klina and Peja. Bashkim Dragaj, the driver, was physically ill-treated. Bore Abazaj, who tried to protect him, was insulted on a national and moral basis.

* On December 28, the Sub-CDHRF in Vushtrri confirmed that Nuhi Haliti from Gllavotin was killed on September 25, whereas Xaj‘ Jashari (45) from Strovc on November 6.

Kidnappings and disappearances...

During the last week, we were informed that the whereabouts of Ilir Humolli and Rexhep Idriz Demiri (36) from Obran¨a near Podujeva are unknown since December 24.


On December 29, the corpse of Nimon Idrizaj (1956) from Strellc i Ep‘rm near De¨an was found in the village of Raushiq near Peja. A day before, Nimon had left for De¨an to get his personal documents.

On December 29, after midnight, unidentified persons killed Hysen Zymer Byty¨i (1949), a former policeman, and Mehmet Ali Krasniqi (1968). Hysen, a night watchman, was killed at his working place at the "Landovica Commerce" carpentry in Dushanova near Prizren, owned by Rifat Kalimashi. Three days before, Hysen was taken to the police station in the "Tabhane" quarter in Prizren and detained for more than 2 hours.

On December 29, the corpses of Shemsi Fejzullah Balinca (33) and Nuhi Mehmet Rrahmani (27), living in the "Ibri" quarter in Mitrovica, were found in the vicinity of the village of Shupkoc near Mitrovica.

On December 29, at about 11 p.m., unidentified persons in a black car opened fire and killed Ibrahim Beqir Shabani (37) from Vojnoc near Shtime. Ibrahim was killed in the vicinity of Dremjak while carrying flour with his tractor.

PODUJEVA: Between 9 p.m. and the early hours of the morning, Serbian police and military forces opened machine gun fire towards the villages of Podujeva. Three detonations were heard.

Apart from the "Besiana" Motel and the cross-roads in Podujeva, police and military forces were stationed in the house of a Serb villager from Obran¨a and at the place called "Tabet e Llapashtic‘s".

Police and military vehicles were seen carrying goods looted from the Albanian houses in Gllamnik and Obran¨a. In the village of Obran¨a, Serb forces looted goods from the house of dr. Selman Hoxha.

MITROVICA: Last night and in the early hours of the morning there was shooting in the "Kroi i Vitakut", "7 Shtatori" and "Ibri" quarters. Groups of Serb policemen were stationed in many cross-roads of the town and in the "2 Korriku" quarter. They are checking cars and passers-by. Many were physically ill-treated.

Serb policemen searched for weapons and demolished the houses of the following: in the "Bair" quarter that of Hajzer Hysen Tahiri (80), his son Muhamet (34) and his nephew Bashkim Rexhep Tahiri (24); in the "Tavnik" quarter that of Sinan (60) and Shaban Bajram Tahiri (57).

The very same policemen went to the houses of Sejdi Bislim Jashari (50), Isuf Zeqir Jashari (58) and Haradin Qazim Gashi (50) and arrested: Bashkim (24), Muhamet (34), Hamdi (22) and Rexhep Tahiri (34).

PRIZREN: A military convoy comprised of trucks, armoured cars and a bus full of policemen headed towards Gjakova.

MALISHEVA: There was shooting from the Serb positions at "Pishat e Volljak‘s". In Prishtina, the following were stopped and ill-treated by the police: Nuhi Bajram Rudi (33), Hysni Berisha, Istref Rudi and another Albanian from the village of Banja near Malisheva. DM 3900 were looted from them.

KLINA: Misin M. Zenunaj from Gremnik was arrested and physically ill-treated by the police. Misin is temporarily employed in Italy. PEJA: In the "Dardania II" quarter, police raided the house of Sulejman Kajolli. His two sons Fehmi (32) and Fadil (26) were arrested and on being beaten released.

Police raided, demolished and looted the house of Myzafere Lleshi. While waiting for humanitarian aid at the warehouse of the "Mother Theresa" Humanitarian & Charitable Association, Haxhi Rexh‘ Sadikaj (67) from the village of Dashinoc near De¨an, was taken to the police station in Peja. On the intervention of the OSCE verifiers he was released but ordered to report again.

On December 29, the Sub-CDHRF in Obiliq confirmed that Azize Prokshi (83) from the village of Siboc near Obiliq was killed on September 23 in Gradica near Vushtrri.


PRISHTINA: Zoran Janiqijeviq, chief of the Security Service of the "Panorama" Enterprise (under Serb administration), prevented the printing of the "Bujku" daily. He threatened the workers and the director of the printing house not to publish the newspaper.

MITROVICA: There was shooting in the "Kroi i Vitakut" and "Ibri" quarters. In Shipol, police and armed Serb civilians raided the shops of Smail Qerim Shabani (28) and Smajl Halit Durmishi (33). Goods estimated to DM 7000 were looted. Police searched for weapons at the houses of Imer Sali Salihu (55) and Fazli Sadik Sherifi (66). Their sons Sabedin Salihu (28) and Imer Sherifi (48) were arrested.

At the bus station in Mitrovica, police ill-treated the following: Ilir Ali Brahimi (23) and Blerim Ahmet Brahimi (35) from the "Bair" quarter, Smail Qerim Shabani (28) from Shipol and Muj‘ Musli Hasani (35), chairman of the "Mother Theresa" Humanitarian & Charitable Association in the village of ‚ab‘r near Zubin Potok.

PODUJEVA: Serb forces are still stationed at the place called "Tabet e Llapashtic‘s", at the "Besiana" Motel and along the road between Podujeva and Prishtina. There are large movements of the Serbian forces. Policemen continue to stop and check the identities of passers-by. At the bus station in the village of Vranidoll, police arrested Amurllah G‘rvalla (1978) from Lup¨ i Posht‘m.

PEJA: Serb policemen continue to check the identities of passers-by. Many are ill-treated, beaten and arrested. Police forces blocked the market and looted different goods from Albanian merchants.

VITI: In the village of Buzovik, 4 km from the border with Macedonia, Serb soldiers opened fire towards Hamdi F. Rama, who was riding to the woods to get timber. As Hamdi ran away, soldiers took his horse.

VUSHTRRI: Large police forces were stationed in the vicinity of the "Vicianum" Motel and are surveying the nearby quarters. Fire shots were heard. The houses of Bislim, Parduz, Miftar, Hajriz and Daut Imeri, as well as that of Nexhip Uka were hit. Police blocked the quarter in the vicinity of the "Vicianum" Motel. A police squad went to the village of T‘rllabuq.

GLLOGOC: An armoured jeep and 3 APCs full of Serb policemen paraded through Gllogoc singing Chetnik songs and were stationed in the "Ferronikeli" Plant.

SKčNDERAJ: Police arrested Kadri Gashi (59) from Kryshec. He was taken to the police station in Mitrovica. FERIZAJ: Police raided the house of Rasim Salihu in "2 Korriku" st. in Ferizaj. Liman, Hyzri and Sabit Maloku from Jezerc, who were sheltered in the very same house, were arrested.

HANI I ELEZIT: Police searched for Avni Shiti and severely ill-treated his father Muhabi and his brother Nysret. Muhabi was ordered to report to the police station.

GJILAN: Selami Latifi (1956), an engineer and an activist of the LBD, was taken for informative talks to the police station.

ISTOG: Zymber Vuthaj, Ramadan Dreshaj and Rexh‘ Blakaj were summoned for informative talks to the police station.


PODUJEVA: Since the early hours of the morning, large police forces can be noticed in the town itself. Policemen are provoking passers-by. 4 tanks and 2 military vehicles were stationed in the vicinity of the place called "Tabet e Llapashtic‘s". A jeep and a landrover full of policemen went to the village of P‘rpellac.

KLINA: Serb forces stationed in Volljaka, Guri i Zi, Dollova, at the cherry plantation, at the bauxite mine in Volljaka and ‚uka e Gllarev‘s opened fire towards the villages of Sverka, Dush, Volljaka, Gllareva, Rixheva and Zab‘rgja. In the village of Rixheva, Serb policemen opened machine gun fire towards a group of 20 Albanian civilians. Fortunately, there were no casualties.

PRISHTINA: In the New Year's Eve, a bullet hit the flat of Fadil ‚itaku in "Bregu i Diellit" quarter III/4.

FERIZAJ: Nazlime Be¨aj (20) from Petrova and Ilaz Ukzmajli (47) from Jezerc were arrested and physically ill-treated by the police. Later on, they were released.

VUSHTRRI: A police squad arrested and physically ill-treated brothers Hashim (33) and Muharrem N. Halili (24).

GJAKOVA: In the village of Skivjan, police forces accompanied by Muharrem Jakupi, a member of the so-called "local police" arrested Hasan Gjiholli (40) from Skivjan and Sefedin Nuza (37) from Smolica.

On December 31, the corpse of Miftar Murtez Reshani, father of 5, a technical worker with the Agricultural Secondary School in Ferizaj, was found in the outskirts of Ferizaj. It is assumed that he was killed on December 29, at about 8.30 p.m.

Prishtina, December 31, 1998



MITROVICA: In the village of Babimoc (Obiliq) armed Serb civilians stopped the car driven by Shaqir Halil Gjosha (41) from the village of Vaganica e Ep&rme near Mitrovica. He and his children Teuta (16) and Muhamet (15) were taken out of the car and insulted on a national basis. DM 1500 and DIN 220 were looted from them.

VUSHTRRI: In the center of the town police stopped and physically ill-treated Bekim Maloku from Vushtrria and other passers-by.

On January 2, at about 10 p.m., Enver Tefik Gashi (1960) from Shtime was killed in the vicinity of his house. He was killed by unidentified persons who spoke Serbian. On January 2, the corpse of Veton Zymer Kelmendi (27) from the village of Pavlan near Peja was found in the village of Gllavi%ica. He was killed under unknown circumstances.

On January 2, the corpses of Gojko Jeftiq from Suhodoll and Dragi Kova%eviq from Mitrovica were found in the vicinity of the Romany neighbourhood in Mitrovica. The two were killed by fire arms under unknown circumstances.

Prishtina, 4 January 1999

Reported Mass Grave of 11 Women and Children Near Ferizaj to Be Investigated Says spokesman for the OSCE monitors in Kosova

"U.S. KDOM and OSCE human rights representatives spoke with a KLA (Kosova Liberation Army, known as UCK in Albanian) representative about a reported mass grave of 11 women and children near Urosevac ('Ferizaj')", KDOM Daily Report, December 30, 1998 said.

"Pictures of the grave and its approximate location were provided, but adverse road conditions prevented U.S. KDOM from entering the area. U.S. KDOM asked the OSCE representative to follow up on this report," U.S. KDOM (Kosova Diplomatic observer Mission) Daily Report added.

The OSCE human rights department within the Kosova Verification Mission (KVM) will investigate the whole matter in the coming days, according to a spokesman for the OSCE KVM.

PRISHTINA, Jan 4 (KIC) - Five Albanians and two Serbs were killed in Kosova in six separate, still unsolved incidents, around the New Year.

Ibrahim Shabani (37), resident of Vojnovc village of Shtime, was killed Tuesday, 29 December, around 23:00 hrs on the road leading to the village of Dremnjak, the LDK chapter in Shtime reported.

LDK sources said the killed Albanian was driving a tractor transporting wheat flour. Ibrahim was shot dead by unknown assailants in a black car without license plates.

On Thursday morning, Miftar Murtez Reshani, father of five, a janitor in the Middle Agricultural School in Ferizaj, was found dead near a warehouse of second-hand tyres, at the entrance to the town of Ferizaj ('Urosevac') from the Shtime direction, local LDK sources said.

Automatic weapons fire had been reported heard the previous day, at 20:30 hrs, in the area where Miftar was found lying dead.

The bodies of two killed persons were found lying near a Roma neighborhood in the town of Mitrovica on Saturday, 2 January.

They were later identified as Serbs - Gojko Jevtic, resident of Suhodoll village, and Dragi Koacevic, resident of Mitrovica. A few days earlier, three men of Roma community were found killed in the neighborhood.

On Saturday evening, around 22.00 hrs, unknown assailants killed Enver Gashi (1960) from Shtime in front of his family house, the local chapter of the Council for the Defense of Human Rights and Freedoms (CDHRF) reported

Eye-witnesses were quoted as saying two unidentified persons got out of a black Golf car and shot Enver down, while a third person was waiting in the car. The killers run away in the direction of Prishtina, CDHRF sources said.

Veton Kelmendi (27), father of one, was found killed Sunday in the village of Gllavicica, near the Peja-Prishtina highway. The LDK chapter in Peja said Veton, resident of Pavlan village, was killed with a bullet some 5 km away from his home.

A local UCK (Kosova Liberation Army) officer, Xhavit Jusufi (45), was killed Sunday evening, at around 23:00 hrs, ambushed at "Te varret e Smrekonics" (the Smrekonica cemetery) in Vushtrri municapality, the LDK chapter in Mitrovica said.

There has been no immediate claim of responsibility for the killing of these people from Tuesday through Sunday evening.

Extremely Volatile Situation amidst Heavy Serb Police Presence in Mitrovica

Arms fire reported in two neighborhoods, many Albanian households raided by Serb forces on Sunday and Monday

PRISHTINA, Jan 4 (KIC) - Shooting from arms fire was reported in two neighborhoods of the town of Mitrovica ( ("Shtatori" and "Kroi i Vitakut") from 17:00 through 24:00 on Sunday.

Shooting in Mitrovica - a source of continuous panic for the local Albanian population - has become an almost daily occurrence, the LDK chapter in town said.

Earlier in the day on Sunday, from 10:00 through 15:00 hrs, some 40 Serb policemen were involved in raiding a number of Albanian households in the "2 Korriku" neighborhood in Mitrovica.

Members of the Albanian families were taken to police, the LDK chapter in Mitrovica said, naming the raided house by family heads.

Serb police smashed up property and held some 20 Albanians in Serb police custody for five hours. Meanwhile, LDK sources said heavy Serb police forces were deployed in crossroads and a number of neighborhoods in Mitrovica at 10 o'clock in the morning today (Monday).

At around 13:00 hrs today, four carloads of Serb policemen and people in plain clothes went to the house of Agim Hajrizi (37), chairman of the Assembly of the Kosova Trade Unions (BSPK), the LDK chapter in Mitrovica said.

The same Serb police and civilians raided then the home of Sahit H. Parduzi (44) in "Tavnik" neighborhood, as well as the home of Sherif A. Hajzeri (70). In the latter, police smashed up home furniture and robbed the family of DM 1.000. The same Serb police expedition was involved today in the raids of the houses of Brahim Tmava and Avdyl Tmova in the "Shipol" neighborhood.

Serbs smashed up everything in their way during the raids, the LDK said. Tens of Serb policemen on board 2 APCs and 8 other cars left for the Zhabar i Ul&t village today. Police later raided the homes of brothers Ilmi, Bedri and Afrim Ferati.

After the raid, police took Ilmi Ferati with them. The police were also after Mursel Ahmeti, local leader of the LDK in the village of Zhabar i Ulat, who happened not to be home at the time.

A number of Serb vehicles full of police arrived in Mitrovica from Vushtrri at 10 a.m. today. They stopped at Suhadoll village, and raided a number of Albanian houses, the LDK chapter said.

Tensions run high in the villages of Zhabar i Poshtam and Suhadoll, as well as the "Tavnik" neighborhood in Mitrovica, LDK sources said.


- A local UCK (Kosova Liberation Army) officer, Xhavit Jusufi (45), was killed Sunday evening, at around 23:00 hrs, in an ambush at "Te varret e Smrekonicas" (the Smrekonica cemetery) in Vushtrri municipality, the LDK chapter in Mitrovica said.

Along with Mr. Jusufi, a resident of the vilCage of Vidishiq, was also another local UCK office, whose name has not been disclosed, who was reported lightly wounded. The killed UCK officer will be buried Tuesday at 12:30 hrs.


- The General Staff of the Ushtria Clirimtare e Kosovas (UCK, Kosova Liberation Army) said Sunday in a statement it had decided to establish KOSOVA PRESS, a news agency, and a radio broadcasting station named KOSOVA E LIRA (Free Kosova), which should provide the Albanian and world public with "timely, comprehensive and objective information".


- A one-month infant of Milaim Kastrati, resident of Turjak& village, has died today in the village for lack of medical care, Mr. Cen Desku, member of the LDK chapter leadership in Malisheva said.

Residents of Malisheva area, in central Kosova, do not dare leave their villages amidst permanent Serbian police threats and intimidation, Mr. Desku said.

Ms Valentina Maloku, a wounded resident of Pllocica village of Malisheva, was beaten up some time ago by Serb police in hospital, where she was being treated, the LDK chapter said, failing to say where it happened.


- Some 30 Serb soldiers backed up by atank at the ready surrounded Susuri (1948) in the village of Zhur, Prizren municipality, allegedly in connection with arms shooting that had originated from the place earlier in the morning.

A number of Serb soldiers took Refki to the basement of a house and beat him up brutally. Later, they raided his house as well as the house of his brothers Hamza, Avni, Reshit and Nafi Susuri, who were then arrested, the LDK chapter in Zhur said. Refki sustained grave body injuries, including in the head and his kidneys, and a number of broken teeth, the LDK said.

During the joint raid, Serb soldiers and police threatened family members, alleging they had weapons and knew where the UCK was. House furniture was smashed up by Serbs during their rampage.

The entire new part of the village of Zhur, with some 1.000 >inhabitants, fled their homes during the Serb crackdown on Sunday. Meanwhile, today (Monday) morning, at 9:30 hrs, in another part of the village, some 10 Serb soldiers made entry into the courtyard of the family house of Rizan Ademaj.

They held the women and children at gun-point while yelling at them, the LDK sources said.

Kosova Information Center


Prishtina, 9 January 1999

Serbian Military Launches New Offensive against

Podujeva Villages

- Serbian military and paramilitary police troops, backed up by scores of tanks and other heavy weaponry, launched early afternoon today (Saturday) an attack against the villages of Bradash, Peran, Obranca, Llapashtica, Gllamnik and the outlying areas in the municipality of Podujeva, around 30 km north of capital Prishtina.

Serbian forces have been engaged in heavy shelling, local sources said. There has been no immediate word on the consequences of the unfolding Serb offensive operation. Still unconfirmed sources speak of killed and wounded in the village of Peran.

Around 15:00 hrs, automatic weapons fire was reported in the town of Podujeva itself, which saw a buildup of Serbian forces earlier in the day. Around 16:00 hrs, the KIC learned that some Serb tanks had been moved from the Podujeva - Karpimeh roadway to 'Tabet e Llapashticas', a couple of km south-west of Podujeva. This may indicate Serb forces will concentrate on attacking Llapashtic& village, where UCK (Kosova Liberation Army) has positions, too.

Yet, heavy Serb forces continue being stationed along the Podujeva Karpimeh roadway, and they were still attacking at 16:00 hrs today, the KIC learned.

Heavy Serbian military and police forces, backed up by scores of tanks and other artillery pieces, built up today morning in northern Kosova, along the Prishtina-Podujeva road, between the villages of Lluzhan and Llapashtic&, some 12 km long, and Podujeva-Karpimeh, some 10 more km northwards, local sources said.

Meanwhile, yesterday and today, heavy Serb military troops have been building up in the roads leading to Shala e Bajgoras - a region straddling Mitrovica, Vushtrri, and Podujeva - where UCK (Kosova Liberation Army) units yesterday took prisoner eight Serb (Yugoslav) soldiers, who had been shooting in the direction of the local Albanian population.

The release of the Serb soldiers has been cited as a reason for the Serbian offensive, but the fact is the Serbs had been taken prisoner in Mitrovica area, not in the Podujeva, Llapi region, area.

More than 40 Albanians, most of them non-combatants, were killed in two Serb military offensives in the Podujeva area in September and December of 1998, respectively.

The OSCE verifiers in Podujeva area were ordered by the KVM headquarters in Prishtina to withdraw from the ground as it seemed a Serb offensive operation was imminent around midday.

The Serb side was said to have issued an ultimatum for Serb soldiers, took prisoner by the UCK, to be released by 16:00 hrs today. The Serb shelling of the Llapi region's villages started three hours earlier, though.

The local LDK officials in Podujeva called for international action to secure the withdrawal of Serbian forces from the area. They said there was a huge Albanian refugee population in the villages, in the aftermath of the last Serb offensive launched two weeks ago today, on Christmas Eve.

The Prishtina-Podujeva road has been blocked today. Meanwhile, reports from Malisheva, central Kosova, said the U.S. KDOM head, Shaun Burns, was talking with the UCK leadership in a bid to secure the release of the Serbian soldiers.

The meeting was held in Dragobil village, and by 15:00 o'clock the outcome of the talks was not known. The UCK was pressured upon to release the Serbs. The UCK itself demanded that its own soldiers, took prisoner by the Serb army at the Kosova-Albania border, be released in return, local sources told the KIC.

OSCE mission blames "irresponsible acts by KLA"

"KVM (Kosova Verification Mission) wishes to state that irresponsible actions by the KLA (UCK) since yesterday morning are the main reasons for a considerable increase of tension in Kosovo", the OSCE KVM said in a press release today (Saturday).

The UCK refused to release the eight Yugoslav soldiers taken prisoner by it yesterday, "although an undertaking to release them was given late on January 8th, 1999", the KVM said in the press release.

"KVM wishes to make it clear that it finds the reaction by Yugoslav authorities to these KLA provocations has been up to this point very restrained.

The representatives of the Yugoslavian authorities have shown a willingness to co-operate in this present situation.", the OSCE KVM press release concluded.

The KIC obtained this press release by fax at 13:59 hrs. The Serbian shelling in the Podujeva area had started an hour earlier, according to local Albanian sources. Serbian Troops Have Retaken Last Summer's Combat Positions in Kosova

PRISHTINA, Jan 9 (KIC) Huge Serbian forces have reclaimed all their main combat positions of the last summer, such as the Kryqi i Belincit (in Shtime area), Podi i G&shtenjave (in Decan area), and Gryka e Carralevas, local sources indicate.

The Milosevic-Holbrooke agreement in mid-October had resulted in some Serb forces being withdrawn to Serbia and others to their permanent bases in Kosova.

In the past several weeks, however, fresh Serbian troops have been returned to Kosova, and others in Kosova itself posted in the fields, such as Podujeva, for instance.

Heavy convoys of Serbian military and police forces, in full armor, travel Kosova roads on a daily basis.

Prishtina, the Kosova capital, was under a heavy Serb military and police grip Friday night, with between 300 and 500 soldiers and policemen keeping Kodra e Diellit and a number of other neighborhoods under siege for several hours. They were concentrated in the area near the students dormitories and on the Dragodan neighborhood main road.

Meanwhile, armed Serb civilians, sometimes in open collusion with the Serbian police, have been barricading roads in Kosova and ill-treating Albanians.

The German Ambassador to Belgrade, Wilfried Gruber, was held hostage by armed Serb civilians near Gradjanica yesterday, Serb daily Blic reported.

The British ambassador to Belgrade, Brian Donnelly, was likewise barred by armed Serb civilians from travelling to Prishtina yesterday.

Three Albanians Killed, Four Wounded in Serb Attack in Suhareka on Friday. Fifty shells landed in the village of Sllapuzhan,

PRISHTINA, Jan 9 (KIC) - Three Albanians were killed and four wounded as a result of attacks by Serbian forces against Suhareka villages yesterday (Friday).

The LDK chapter in Suhareka said a six-year-old girl, Kujtesa >Butydji (6), died as a result of wounds sustained from ricochet in her native village of Sllapuzhan yesterday, whereas Feim Garip Badallaj, resident of Sallagrazhda, was found killed in his native village.

Of wounds received in his native village of Sllapuzhan, Osman Nezir Byty^i (65) died today. Four Albanians were wounded in yesterday's Serb onslaught: Isak Fetah Hoxha (42), resident of Bllaca, as well as Bajram Zeqir >Bytydji (18), Fatime Qamil Elshani (f, 60) and Zade Gashi-Bytydi (f, 55), all of them residents of Sllapuzhan village.

LDK sources said 50 shells landed in the village of Sllapuzhan yesterday. The population fled again this village, which had been >shattered in the Serb summer offensives.

The Serbian shelling of Albanian villages was apparently in retribution for the killing of three Serb policemen near Suhareka earlier in the day on Friday.

A grave situation has been reported in the town of Suhareka today (Saturday). Heavy detonations were heard at 9:40 a.m. today. No details have been made available. Only Serb forces and armed civilians have been roaming the town streets. The majority Albanian population has chosen to stay indoors in this explosive situation.

Young Albanian Killed in Unsolved Circumstances in Istog Area

PRISHTINA, Jan 9 (KIC) - Rifat Blakaj (20), resident of Trubuhovc village of Istog, in northwest Kosova, has been killed in yet unsolved circumstances. The young Albanian's family said Rifat left his home on Tuesday, 7 January, and went to the town of Istog for a bicycle repair. His bicycle has been found on the Prekalla upland, on the Gjurakovc-Peja road.

The family had launched a search operation of its own, before actually being told by the Serb police that Rifat Blakaj was found killed in the village of Drenoc, municipality of Klina, and that his body had been taken to the Peja town morgue.

The Albanian had two gunshot wounds, in his left chest and under the jaw, and his two eyes damaged and lesions in his face and hands, local sources said.

At least ten Albanians have been shot dead in unsolved circumstances in different parts of Kosova in the last ten days.

Kosova Information Center


Prishtina, 10 January 1999

Heavy Buildup of Serb Armor along

Prishtina-Podujeva Roadway

Four tank shells fired against Llapashtica village today

Huge Serbian military and police forces backed up by heavy armor have been concentrated today (Sunday) in the Llapi river valley in north Kosova, along the Prishtina - Podujeva highway and Podujeva - Karpimeh roadway, in the area from Vranidoll village to Peran, some 25 km in length.

Heavy Serbian military and police troops backed up by tank and mortar fire attacked yesterday the villages of Bradash, Katunishta ('Velika Reka'), Peran, Obranja, Llapashtica and Gllamnik, municipality of Podujeva. Most of the Albanian residents fled their homes to relatively safer areas in the municipality.

In the compounds of the Serb ('Yugoslav') army at Vranidoll (a dozen km north of the capital Prishtina) and outside it some twenty Serb army tanks are stationed.

Two km northwards, at Kulina, in the compounds of the "Castori" restaurant by the roadside, are some 8 to 10 tanks, with the barrels aimed at the villages of Lup and Majac, nestled on the mountains on the right side of the Llapi river.

Three km further north, in the Serb police station in Lluzhan, are a dozen Serb military tanks with their barrels aimed at Godishnjakqa and Sollobaja villages.

Ten km further north, a couple of km south of the town of Podujeva, at the 'Qershita e Llapashticas', a Serb police armored vehicle has been posted, whereas at 'Tabet e Llapashticas' many Serb tanks have been reported stationed.

Some 7 km away from Llapashtica, at Peran village, on the Podujeva-K&rpimeh road, three Serb tanks have been deployed. This heavy Serb military and police buildup and armor indicates the Serb forces are at the ready to resume yesterday's attack.

At 10:00 o'clock in the morning today, Serb fired four tank shells against the village of Llapashtica village, west of Podujeva. The fire died down later, local sources said.

The OSCE KVM personnel in Podujeva have been out on the ground in the area today. Meanwhile, sources from Mitrovica spoke of heavy Serb military reinforcement in Statarg and Kutllovc, in the area where the UCK took prisoner eight 'Yugoslav' soldiers on Friday.

The KVM has been in permanent contact with the UCK leadership in efforts to secure the release of the Serb soldiers.

Consequences of Serbian Offensive in Podujeva Area by and Large Unknown

At least one wounded in yesterday's attack, more are feared


PRISHTINA, Jan 10 (KIC) - Local LDK activists in Podujeva have not yet been able to obtain a full picture on yesterday's Serb attack's consequences in the area. Heavy Serbian military and police troops backed up by tank and mortar fire attacked yesterday the villages of Bradash, Katunishta ('Velika Reka'), Peran, Obrana, Llapashtica and Gllamnik, municipality of Podujeva.

Most of the Albanian residents fled their homes to relatively safer areas in the municipality. Sources said Besim Ademi (15), resident of Bradash village, was wounded yesterday in the fields adjacent to the Llapi river while fleeing his village. The man who saw Besim wounded has no further knowledge about his fate.

The young Albanian boy's family has launched a search operation of its own today, the LDK chapter in Podujeva said. In the town of Podujeva, Serb police forces stationed in the Besiana motel machine-gunned yesterday five Albanian houses in the vicinity, LDK sources said, naming them.

Sources said the Potera family compound in Llapashtica village suffered most damages in yesterday's Serb attack. It has been impossible to obtain first-hand information about it, as the area is sealed off.

LDK leaders in Podujeva expressed their concern about the fate of a number Albanian families holed up in Peran village.

PRISHTINA, Jan 10 (KIC) - Eight Albanian families remain holed up in their homes at Peran village since yesterday (Saturday), when Serb forces launched an attack against this and a number of other villages in the municipality of Peran.

The LDK chapter in Podujeva said the families of Xhafer Emini (mother and 16-year-old daughter), Ajet Emini (7 members), Ismet Beqiri (22 members), Nazmi Ismajli (4 members), Nazmi's uncle's family, the family of Rifat Beqiri (4 members), Rasim Beqiri's (10 members) as well as the family of Behram Hoxha (3 members), have remained behind, as they could not get out in the midst of the Serb attack. Their fate remains unknown.

Serb forces have been stationed in the area, some of them in the house of Ilmi Hoxha, others in the family house courtyard of Ruzhdi Kastrati, as well as in the compounds of the former village cooperative.

Serbian forces have been stationed also near the houses of Serbs living in Peran village. Amidst this Serb forces' presence, the Podujeva-Karpimeh roadway remains blocked, LDK sources said.

Meanwhile, the Serb regime Media Center said two Serb policemen were lightly ounded yesterday in clashes with Albanian 'terrorists' in Peran.

LDK Chapter Denounces Serb Attack in Podujeva Area, Criticizes OSCE

KVM's Statement

"The Serbian attacks had nothing to do with the detention or efforts to secure the release of the Yugoslav soldiers taken prisoner in another part of Kosova", namely in the Mitrovica area, the LDK chapter in Podujeva says

PRISHTINA, Jan 10 (KIC) - The presidency of the LDK chapter in Podujeva denounced today yesterday's Serbian attack against the Llapi region's villages and the UCK in the area. The Serbian military attack, in which tanks and other heavy weaponry were used, as well as Serbian regime threats "were not provoked in any way by the local population or the UCK", the Podujeva LDK chapter said.

Yesterday's Serb attacks were concentrated against a considerable number of villages, forcing the Albanian population to flee Dobratin, Bajcina, Bradash, Peran, Obranca, Katunisht&, Llapashtica e Eparme, Llapashtica e Poshtme, some neighborhoods of the town of Podujeva, as well as the villages of Gllamnik, Konushec, Burica, Sibofc, and Lluzhan, the LDK chapter said.

It is not the first time that these villages are confronted with the Serb state terror, and forced from their homes, it added. The LDK chapter in Podujeva dismisses as "unacceptable" the assessment of the OSCE KVM contained in its press release of yesterday (9 January) regarding the responsibility for the increase in tensions in Kosova.

At least, as far as Podujeva is concerned, it was not acts/actions by the UCK, but rather the actions of the Serbian forces that were the main reason for the increase of tensions, the LDK added. "The Serbian attacks had nothing to do with the detention or efforts to secure the release of the Yugoslav soldiers taken prisoner in another part of Kosova", namely in the Mitrovica area, the LDK chapter in Podujeva said.

No sooner had the OSCE KVM released its statement praising the "restraint" of the Yugoslav authorities to the UCK "provocations" than the 'Yugoslav' army and Serb paramilitary police started pounding the Podujeva villages early afternoon yesterday (Saturday).

Three Albanians Killed in Decan Village Saturday

PRISHTINA, Jan 10 (KIC) - The Serb regime Media Center in Prishtina said three Albanians were killed by Serb police forces near Dashinovc village of the municipality of Decan, in western Kosova, Saturday afternoon. The three, wearing UCK uniforms, had attacked a police patrol, the Serb center said, adding that the police returned fire and killed them.

One Albanian Killed, Another Wounded in Bibaj Village of Ferizaj Saturday Evening

PRISHTINA, Jan 10 (KIC) - One Albanian was shot dead, a second wounded on Saturday evening, around 21:15 hrs, at Bibaj village of Ferizaj ('Urosevac') municipality, local LDK sources said.

Unknown assailants opened automatic fire from a 'Zastava 101' car on Faruk Murseli and Sedat Selimi, both around 20 years of age, residents of Tarpeza village of Viti, and a third young Albanian from Pozhoran village who was with them. Faruk died, whereas Sedat was wounded in this criminal attack. Sedat Selimi was taken to the Prishtina hospital, after having been given the first aid and questioned by the Serb police, local >sources said.

Hand Grenade Hurled of Albanian Cafe in Prishtina at Midnight

PRISHTINA, Jan 10 (KIC) - Just after midnight last night, a hand grenade was hurled in the house of the Thaci family, in which 'Te Cima' cafe is located, in the "Qyteza Pejton" neighborhood in downtown Prishtina.

A heavy blast was caused by the grenade. There was material damage, but no injuries. When the grenade was tossed the 'Te Cima' cafe was full of guests. It appears that the cafe itself was targeted, but the grenade did not hit its front part, the entrance and its windows.

The Serb police authorities showed up on the scene half an hour later, a member of the Thaci family said. Based on the evidence they found, they said it was a hand grenade.

An eye-witness said he saw a man running away alongside the road past the nearby kindergarten in the direction of Radio Prishtina.

Prishtina, 11 January 1999 KIC Head, Enver Maloku, Assassinated in Prishtina Monday Afternoon

PRISHTINA, Jan 10 (KIC) 18:00 CET - Enver Maloku, head of the Kosova Information Center (KIC) was shot and fatally wounded near his home in capital Prishtina today afternoon, around 16:00 hrs. He died in less than an hour in hospital, sources said.

Mr. Maloku, in his mid-forties, father of three, was getting out of his car, when he was shot by unknown assailants, three or four people on a black car, according to eye-witness accounts which could not be immediately confirmed.

He was taken to the Prishtina hospital in a critical condition, with gunshot wounds in his neck and perhaps on the chest. Enver Maloku narrowly escaped an assassination attempt in early July 1998, when an unknown person shot in his direction at the entrance of his apartment in a block of flats in Kodra e Diellit neighborhood in Prishtina. The authorities had not investigated the assassination attempt.

Enver Maloku was a prominent journalist with the cultural programme of the Radio and Television of Prishtina (RTP) broadcasting in Albanian till it was closed by the Serbian regime in July 1990.

Maloku has worked with the KIC since its foundation in 1991, and been head of this singular Kosovar news agency since 1993.

Since last year, Maloku was a member of the top executive, the 55- member General Council of the Democratic League of Kosova (LDK), the major political force in Kosova.

Throughout the 1990s, Mr. Maloku has been one of the leading political journalists in Kosova. He was a committed journalist, articulating in a powerful way the independence bid of the Albanian people of Kosova on an institutional and democratic platform. The Kosova Information Center will sorely miss Enver Maloku - a man of integrity.


Prishtina, 13 January 1999

Today, a Day of National Mourning in Kosova

PRISHTINA, Jan 13 (KIC) - In honor to, and on the occasion of the assassinated Enver Maloku, head of the Kosova Information Center (KIC), the President of the Republic of Kosova Dr. Ibrahim Rugova declared Wednesday, 13 January, a day of national mourning in Kosova, Rugova's Office said on Tuesday.

Enver Maloku (1954), a leading Albanian journalist in the 1980s and 1990s, director of the KIC since 1993, was assassinated in downtown Prishtina on Monday afternoon. This was the second, now fatal, attempt on his life in six months.

Assassination of Enver Maloku Condemned, Rugova, KIC and Family Condoled

PRISHTINA, Jan 13 (KIC) - All Kosovar institutions, the major Albanian political and cultural organizations in and outside Kosova, as well as foreign colleagues have sent President Rugova, the KIC as well as Maloku family messages of sympathy on the tragic death of Maloku, together with words of strong condemnation for the criminal act of his assassination

Monday afternoon. Albania's Foreign Ministry's spokesman, Sokol Gjoka, said the assassination of Enver Maloku is an "expression of the official Belgrade policy of concealing the truth of the tragedy in Kosova, violating the right to freedom of information, as well as depriving an entire people of its right to live in freedom and equality".

The deputy spokesman for the French Foreign Minister condemned in the strongest term the assassination of Enver Maloku, "the chief of the Albanian information service (KIC)", who was also a "close aide to Mr. Ibrahim Rugova".

The Austrian Ambassador to Belgrade, Wolfgang Petritsch, said "We will remember Mr. Maloku, whose work was most appreciated, as a compassionate human being whose impressive commitment to his task has earned him the respect of the whole diplomatic community. He will be greatly missed."

The Czech People in Need Foundation, in a letter to the KIC said, "The killing of any journalist is a reprehensible act, but Mr. Maloku's was all the more so given his moderate views and his articulately expressed desire for a peaceful and democratic Kosovo".

The People in Need Foundation accorded last year its annual Homo Homini human rights prize to President Ibrahim Rugova of Kosova. The People in Need showed its solidarity with us in the KIC in our moment of loss, and made an offer of material support "that will enable you to continue and strengthen your work".

Enver Maloku's "name stands for clear information and courage. The Milosevic regime could no longer bear his clear voice. One of Kosova's best men was murdered, and the entire nation of Kosova was hit as well", Tilman Zuelch, President of the Society for Threatened Peoples International, said in a letter of condolences to the KIC.

A political science student, John Mullaney, from Texas, U.S., expressed his sadness about Mr. Maloku, and praised the KIC's "excellent journalism". "You are being heard. Keep trying. Never give up until you shed the shackles of tyranny and violence", the American student said, referring to "Milosevic's madness" and his terror that has plagued Kosova and the Balkan region.

Confident that we will be unable to do justice to all who have commiserated with us on the great loss of ours, we in the KIC herewith thank from the bottom of our heart all those who have sent us messages of sympathy in whatever manner - by letter, phone or E- Mail.

President Rugova Receives USAID Officials

- The President of the Republic of Kosova Ibrahim Rugova received Tuesday evening a delegation of the United States Agency for International Development (USAID), consisting of Frank Pavich, director of the Prishtina Office, and Chuck Howell, Bruce Adams, and Scotty Johnson, officials with the USAID.

Rugova and the USAID delegation - which is on an fact-finding mission here - discussed about the most recent developments in Kosova and ways to de-escalate the situation and speed up the political process in pursuit of a settlement.

The USAID representatives shared an interest in aspects of the organization of the Kosovar society and the ways this organization may help in the appropriate fields, as well as in the process of democratization as a whole.

President Rugova appreciated as very significant the USAID's support for Kosova. UCK to Release 'Yugoslav' Soldiers Later in the Day?

PRISHTINA, Jan 13 (KIC) - The eight Serbian ('Yugoslav') soldiers, taken prisoner by the UCK last week, will be released later in the day today (Wednesday), sources said. The agreement on their release was concluded today in the village of Likoc, in central Kosova, during a meeting of the UCK General Staff members and representatives of the international community, American and European envoys, ambassadors Chris Hill, Wolfgang Petritsch, and William Walkeram Walker,

Mr. Murat Musliu, a local human rights activist in Skenderaj ('Srbica') said. OSCE chairman Knut Vollebaeck said in Prishtina Tuesday evening an agreement on an early release of the Serbian soldiers had been reached.

The UCK had initially demanded that the 'Yugoslav' soldiers be swamped with UCK prisoners in Serb hands. The modalities of the release of Yugoslav prisoners have not been made available as of yet.

One Albanian Killed in Mitrovica, Another in Ferizaj, Third Body Found in Gllogovc

PRISHTINA, Jan 13 (KIC) - Two Albanians were killed in the last 24 hours in Kosova, and the body of a third person, still unidentified, was found today. Early in the morning today (Wednesday), unidentified assailants shot dead in front of his house Nexhmedin Sadiku (43), resident of Bair neighborhood in the town of Mitrovica, LDK sources in Mitrovica said.

Meanwhile, unknown persons shot and fatally wounded with two bullets Sejdi Sahiti (50) in the town of Ferizaj ('Urosevac') on Tuesday evening, around 18:50 hrs, the LDK chapter in Ferizaj reported.

He was taken to the Prishtina hospital, where he died today of wounds he sustained yesterday. Sejdiu was shot and wounded while on his way to work, in a construction material depot in Ferizaj. Six spent bullets were found in the scene of the incident, sources said.

The Prishtina-based Council for the Defense of Human Rights and Freedoms (CDHRF) said the body of a killed person was spotted early in the morning today near the Chicken Farm at Krivova village of Gllogovc. The CDHRF said it could not get further informationregarding the identity and the circumstances in which the person had been killed.

Gunfire and Fighting Reported Monday and Tuesday in Border Area Villages

PRISHTINA, Jan 13 (KIC) - Heavy arms shooting was heard coming Monday night and Tuesday morning in the villages of Zulfaj, Qafa e Prushit and Deva, situated in the Kosova-Albania border area, LDK sources in Gjakova said.

Fighting was reported Tuesday between the UCK (Kosova Liberation Army) and the Serbian military and police in the villages of Shaptej, Gllogjan, Ratish, Dashinoc and Maznika of the municipality of Decan, the Prishtina-based Council for the Defense of Human Rights and Freedoms (CDHRF). There was no information on the casualty toll.

The body of an UCK fighter, Hysen Rama, from Skenderaj ('Srbica'), was taken Tuesday afternoon to the town morgue in Gjakova. It is not known where he was killed.

Serbian Military and Police Buildup in Podujeva Continues

PRISHTINA, Jan 13 (KIC) - Heavy Serbian military and police troops, backed up by tanks and other heavy weaponry, continue being deployed along the Prishtina-Podujeva roadway, the 'Tabet e Llapashticas', on the Podujeva-K&rpimeh roadway, which is being kept sealed off, and in several key communication sites in Podujeva, 30 km north of Prishtina.

The fate of Nazmi Ismajli and Ismet Beqiri (42), residents of Peran village, who were arrested Saturday by the Serb military, is still unknown.

Eight Albanians are said to be still holed up in the village of Peran, five km north of Podujeva. LDK sources have their names, adding that Albanian farmsteads are being looted by the Serb forces.

Two dozen Albanian houses were shelled by Serb forces last week in Llapashtica e Eparme and Llapashtica e Poshtme, and in the outskirts of the town of Podujeva, LDK sources said, listing the names of family heads.


President Rugova's Press Conference


- This past week saw "dangerous and tragic developments", adding to the already grave and volatile situation in Kosova, the President of the Republic of Kosova, Dr. Ibrahim Rugova, told a press conference in Prishtina today (Friday).

The President called the assassination of Enver Maloku, director of the Kosova Information Center (KIC), earlier this week as a direct attack on "the independent institutions" of Kosova.

"The murder of Mr. Maloku, the prominent and courageous journalist, intellectual and political activist for the freedom and >independence of Kosova is a great loss for Kosova", President Ibrahim Rugova said. He added that a "new climate of Serbian violence and unsolved killings" on a daily basis is being created, and demanded that all this be brought to an end.

Kosova saw another dramatic development last week, when the Serbian army took to the streets of capital Prishtina, coupled also with the blockage of the city by armed Serb groups, he said.

President Ibrahim Rugova of Kosova hailed the intervention of the OSCE Chairman-in-Office Knut Vollebaek and OSCE KVM head William Walker to calm the situation, adding that he saw within this context also the latest agreement between the parties brokered by the KVM. (Eight 'Yugoslav' soldiers, held as prisoners of war by the UCK, were released Wednesday afternoon with the mediation of the OSCE).

"The deployment of NATO ground troops in Kosova would promote security for all the citizens here, as well as this part of Europe" as a whole, the Kosova leader said. He reiterated that independence for Kosova, with all guarantees for the local Serb community, is the best solution.

President Ibrahim Rugova confirmed that Albanian political forces and "the Kosova institutions" have been preparing for a meeting, which the OSCE Chairman-in-Office said yesterday would be held in Vienna, Austria.

"I have received an invitation from Tirana these past few days, and I will visit Albania in the first convenient moment", President Ibrahim Rugova said, adding that contacts between Kosova and Albanian have been "regular and normal" so far.

Asked to say what has been done to ensure that Serbian troops and hardware massed in the Podujeva last week be pulled back, President Rugova said the Kosova Verification Mission has been working in this direction, and Kosova Albanian institutions have been trying to take care of the thousands of displaced Albanians until Serb forces withdraw and they can return back to their homes.

Asked to comment on the formation of the defense forces of the Balkan States, Rugova said the South Balkans initiative had been within the NATO framework, because many of the countries are members of NATO or NATO's Partnership for Peace. The President said he hoped to see one day "the Kosova forces join that formation".

Serbian Forces Launch Attack on Shtime and Ferizaj Villages Today

Unconfirmed Albanian reports speak of 6 to 7 killed Albanians, the Serb regime sources put at 15 the death toll amongst the Albanians

PRISHTINA, Jan 15 (KIC) - Heavy Serbian paramilitary police troops shelled today four villages of the Shtime municipality, some 35 km south of Prishtina.The LDK sources said Serbs had started early in the morning an attack against the village of Recak, Mollopolc, Petrov& and later >Rrenaja. Serb forces were shelling from their military position at Kryqi i Belincit (the Belinc cross), they said.

Serbian forces advanced into the villages after a long and heavy shelling, LDK sources said early afternoon. The villages were in flames and smoke, which could be seen from the town of Shtime, they added.

At least an Albanian has been reported killed by Serb forces today. Mustafa Asllani (33), was killed in the suburbs of the small town of Shtime leading to Recak village, the local LDK chapter said, quoting Asllani's mother.

The LDK chapter in Ferizaj said it had word, still unconfirmed, that 6 Albanians were killed in Petrova village alone today. The population of the Shtime villages - which were attacked by Serb forces last year, too - have been forced to flee their homes again.

Meanwhile, LDK sources from Ferizaj said the village of Jezerc and its outlying area was being shelled today, too. The sound of heavy shelling could be heard in Ferizaj. The Serb police has blocked the Ferizaj-Shtime-Prizren roadway, as well as all entrances to the town of Shtime, local sources said.

OSCE verifiers could reach the scene of Serb attack today. Meanwhile, the Prishtina-based Media Center, a mouthpiece for the Serbian military and police in Kosova, said at least 15 members of the Kosova Liberation Army (UCK), referred to as 'terrorist' by the occupation Serb authorities, were killed today "in clashes with the Serb police" near Recan and Petrovë villages and hamlets.

The Serbian military and police launched attacks against Podujeva villages, north of Kosova, late last year and early this year. Today's attack comes in the wake of the release by the UCK of eight Serb soldiers, taken prisoner last week, which was seen as a goodwill gesture hoped to be responded to by the Serb side in the same fashion.

Aggression against Albanian villages in south Kosova was the Serb answer today.

By Melissa Eddy, Associated Press Writer, Saturday:

January 16, 1999

RACAK, Yugoslavia (AP)

The bodies of dozens of men, many of them mutilated, were found lying on a hillside in southern Kosovo today, a day after Serb forces launched a fierce assault on ethnic Albanian villages. Kosovo Albanians said 46 were killed.

Reporters and international verifiers, who were prevented from reaching the besieged area around the village of Racak on Friday, saw the massacred bodies today, lying scattered on a hillside and in ravines. Some had their eyes gouged out or their heads smashed in, and one man lay decapitated in a courtyard. The body of another man had a bullet wound in the neck. Many of the victims were older men.

International monitors initially counted at least 28 bodies lying heaped together near the crest of a hill, and ethnic Albanians told of many others lying nearby. The news agency launched by Kosovo Liberation Army rebels, Kosovo Press, reported 46 dead, eight of them KLA fighters.

The Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe, which runs the Kosovo Verification Mission, declined to discuss the massacre until the mission chief, U.S. diplomat William Walker, reached the scene himself. "``What we're trying to get now are the precise facts, which is why the ambassador is going down there,'' said OSCE spokesman Sandy Blyth. " ``We're in the business of gathering the precise facts of how many people died and how they died.''

Women in the village of Racak, which was evacuated under fierce shelling and tank fire on Friday, wailed as they learned of the fate of the men. It was the worst killing spree since an October truce largely halted more than seven months of combat in the separatist province, and perhaps the most savage of the nearly yearlong conflict.

The informal cease-fire, which international officials have insisted is still largely intact, is now in serious danger of collapsing into a resumption of the province-wide fighting that devastated Kosovo in 1998.

Villagers said Serb police had separated men from their families and led them toward the local police station. They later turned and herded them up the hill, where they killed them, the residents said. Bodies apparently lay where they were slain, along cow paths and in deep, hilly ravines.

The Serb Media Center had reported Friday that at least 15 KLA fighters were killed in the attack on three villages, including Racak, about 15 miles south of Kosovo's capital, Pristina. It said the crackdown was in response to KLA attacks on police.

Yugoslav tanks and troops were part of the attack, pounding the area before fighting abated Friday afternoon. Verifiers and journalists heard villagers tell of a grisly massacre. An ethnic Albanian man who gave his name only as Raim said he was told Serb police had barged into his family compound and attacked his grandfather, 60-year-old Banush Azemigo, whom he identified as the decapitated man.

``Yesterday early in the morning, police came with very heavy machine guns together with the army,'' he said. ``They entered the village with infantry. Half of the people they arrested and beat up. The rest you can see here,'' he said pointing to the heap of bodies. ``We don't know what we are going to do,'' he said, sitting on a stump with his head in his hands, holding on his knees a rifle with ``UCK'' -- the Albanian-language acronym for the KLA -- burned into the wooden butt.

He said he was in the hills at the time of the attack and only learned of it today. The death toll is the highest since the Oct. 12 agreement brokered by U.S. envoy Richard Holbrooke.

Last month, army border guards killed 36 KLA fighters as they tried to smuggle weapons in from neighboring Albania.

More than 1,000 people, mostly ethnic Albanians, have been killed since Yugoslav President Slobodan Milosevic launched an offensive last February to try to crush separatist militants and reinforce government control over the Albanian-majority province in Serbia, the larger republic in Yugoslavia.

Earlier, the United States, Britain and France had strongly condemned the shooting of an international monitor and a translator from the Kosovo Verification Mission. The two were not seriously wounded.

State Department spokesman James P. Rubin called the shootings "``unacceptable." The British monitor was shot in the shoulder and the translator was shot and slightly wounded when unidentified gunmen fired on their three-vehicle convoy Friday near the western town of Decani. The two were taken to a hospital in Pristina. The translator was later released and the Briton was taken to Macedonia for further treatment.

About 800 monitors are now in Kosovo, including 110 Britons. An 1,800-strong NATO force is stationed just over the border in Macedonia to rescue them if needed.

U.N. Security Council Statement on Kosova


- Following is the text of the U.N. Security Council statement on the massacre of 45 Albanian civilians Kosova. It was read by Council President Celso Amorim of Brazil at a formal meeting late on Tuesday after agreement by all 15 members, Reuters reported.

"The Security Council strongly condemns the massacres of Kosovo Albanians in the village of Racak in southern Kosovo, Federal Republic of Yugoslavia, on 15 January 1999, as reported by the Organisation for Security and cooperation is Europe (OSCE) Kosovo Verification Mission (KVM).

"It notes with deep concern that the report of the KVM states that the victims were civilians, including women and at least one child. The Council also takes note of the statement by the head of the KVM that the responsibility for the massacre lay with Federal Republic of Yugoslavia security forces, and that uniformed members of both the Federal Republic of Yugoslavia armed forces and Serbian special police had been involved.

"The council emphasises the need for an urgent and full investigation of the facts and urgently calls upon the Federal Republic of Yugoslavia to work with the International Tribunal for the former Yugoslavia and KVM to ensure that those responsible are brought to justice," the statement said.

"The Security Council deplores the decision by the Federal Republic of Yugoslavia to refuse access to the prosecutor of the International Tribunal and calls upon the Federal Republic of Yugoslavia to cooperate fully with the International Tribunal in carrying out an investigation in Kosovo, in line with the call for cooperation with the International tribunal in its resolutions 1160 (1998) of March 31, 1998, 1199 (1998) of September 23, 1998 and 1203 (1998) and October 24, 1998.

"The Security Council notes that, against clear KVM advice, Serb forces returned to Racak on 17 January 1999 and that fighting broke out.

"The Security Council considers that the events in Racak constitute the latest in a series of threats to the efforts to settle this conflict through negotiation and peaceful means.

"The Security Council condemns the shooting of personnel of the KVM on January 15, 1999 and all actions endangering KVM and international personnel. It reaffirms its full commitment to the safety and security of the KVM personnel. It reiterates its demands that the Federal Republic of Yugoslavia and the Kosovo Albanians cooperate fully with the KVM.

"The Security Council calls upon the parties to cease immediately all acts of violence and to engage in talks on a lasting settlement.

"The Security Council also strongly warns the 'Kosovo Liberation Army' against actions which are contributing to tensions.

"The Security Council considers all of these events to be violations of its resolutions and of relevant agreements and commitments calling for restraint. "It calls upon all parties to respect fully their commitments under the relevant resolutions and affirms once again its full support for international efforts to facilitate a peaceful settlement on the basis of equality for all citizens and ethnic communities in Kosovo.

The council reaffirms its commitment to the sovereignty and territorial integrity of the Federal Republic of Yugoslavia.

"The Security Council takes note with concern of the report of the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees that five and a half thousand civilians fled the Racak area following the massacre, showing how rapidly a humanitarian crisis could again develop if steps are not taken by the parties to reduce tensions.

"The Security Council will remain actively seized of the matter."


An Open Letter to President Clinton Physicians for Human Rights August 7, 1998

Milosevic and The West Atrocities reminiscent of the war in Bosnia are now occurring in Kosovo. President Milosevic has unleashed his military, police, and paramilitary forces against ethnic Albanians in Kosovo and will not desist until confronted with NATO's concerted military strength.

Physicians for Human Rights (PHR) strongly urges you to uphold your 1993 pledge to intervene in Kosovo should President Milosevic ever besiege this province and use whatever means necessary to stop further bloodshed in Kosovo.

Meanwhile, the suffering of hundreds of thousands of civilians continues, and increasing reports of human rights atrocities emanate from the field. This week allegations of mass graves in Kosovo surfaced in the press. Without conclusive forensic evidence of such atrocities, many disbelieve the possibility that hundreds of civilians from Orahovac were slaughtered and bulldozed into mass graves. Yesterday, however, PHR received credible reports from a local health and human rights organization that had just conducted interviews with displaced families from Orahovac.

They report witnessing 12 trucks filled with cadavers being hauled out of their town immediately following the July 21st Serb offensive. They further testify that Serb forces killed more than 500 civilians during this fighting, who are now believed to be buried in mass graves.

February 25, 1999


Ministry of Information

Albanian terrorism after Milosevic-Holbrooke accord

Upon the talks of Yugoslav President Slobodan Milosevic with special American envoy Richard Holbrooke, in October 1998, and upon the agreement to resolve the problems in Kosovo and Metohia in peaceful way and by political means, the Serbian government adopted on October 13, Principles for Political Solution of Problems in Kosovo and Metohia.

In spite of such determination of Yugoslavia and Serbia and the international community, Albanian terrorists have fiercely continued attacking civilians, police, army, private property and public facilities. From that time, the Serbian Ministry of Interior have registered the following terrorist attacks:

1. Policemen Vladan Radovanovic and Sasa Todorovic seriously wounded and Zoran Damjanovic slightly, in the attack on police, on the road Ostrozub - Dragobilje, Orahovac municipality, on October 14 at 6.45 p.m.

2. Policeman Branko Rajic slightly wounded in the attack on police in the village of Likovac, Srbica municipality, on October 15 at 10.00 a.m.

3. Policeman Nenad Stankovic (1970) killed in a terrorist attack on police in the
village of Dragobilje, Orahovac municipality, on October 15.

4. Policeman Miroslav Stanisic seriously wounded in a terrorist attack on police in the village of Mirena, Lipljan municipality, on October 16.

5. Policemen Goran Markovic (1971), Zivorad Kostic (1961) and Dejan Jakovljevic (1968) killed and Milivoje Markovic and Goran Sofronijevic seriously wounded in a terrorist attack in the village of Orlate, Glogovac municipality, on October 17.

6. Policeman Predrag Velickovski slightly wounded in a terrorist attack onpolice in the village of Kraljane, Djakovica municipality, on October 17, at 6.30 a.m.

7. Policeman Milivoje Peica seriously wounded and Ljubica Peric slightly wounded in a terrorist attack in the region of Lipovacke sume, Lipljan municipality, on October 17, at 5.55 p.m.

8. Policeman Slobodan Stanojevic (1974) seriously wounded from an infantry weapon in the terrorist attack on police in the village of Sicevo, Klina municipality, on October 20, at 8.00 a.m.

9. Policeman Radosav Stojanovic (1966) seriously wounded from an infantry weapon in the terrorist attack on police in the village of Zociste, Orahovac municipality, on October 20, at 6.30 p.m.

10. Policemen Dejan Lukovic (1972) and Goran Petrovic (1970) slightly wounded from in the terrorist attack on police in the village of Dragobilje, Orahovac municipality, on October 23, at about 10.00 a.m.

11. Bujar Bitici (1976) from Orlate village, Glogovac municipality, seriously wounded having stepped on an unknown explosive device planted by Albanian terrorists upon retreat, on October 28.

12. Aluri Nazmi (1973), member of the Serbian police reserve, killed in a terrorist attack in the village of Petrovic, Stimlje municipality, on October 29.

13. Four Albanian terrorists entered the yard of Dren Zef's (1932) house in the village of Firza, Djakovica municipality, on October 29, at about 00.15 a.m., killing him with automatic rifle and slightly wounding his son Peter (1963) with rifle butts.

14. Policeman Drasko Stosic, slightly wounded in a terrorist attack on police in the village of Glodjane, Pec municipality, on November 1, at about 1.30 p.m.

15. Sop Fehmi (1954) seriously wounded from automatic rifle, at his house yard in the village of Malo Gracko, Lipljan municipality, on November 2, at about 8.00 p.m. by two Albanian terrorists.

16. Desimir Prodanovic seriously wounded, and Dragisa Stjepanovic (1969) and Slavoljub Tanaskovic (1957) slightly wounded in a terrorist attack in the village of Doni Grabovac, Kosovo Polje municipality, on November 3, at about 6.00 p.m. Albanian terrorists attacked two land cruisers with the workers of the Belacevac coal-pit.

17. Zlonoga Sefedin (1961) from Orahovac, seriously wounded in the village of Ploce, Orahovac municipality, on November 3, at about 5.00 p.m. While driving his tractor to his land, he was stopped by Albanian terrorists and beaten up.

18. An Albanian terrorist opened fire on policemen in the car in the village of
Pogradje, Klina municipality, on November 5, at about 10.00 a.m. Policemen responded to fire and shot him down.

19. A terrorist attack from passenger cars carried out on policemen, on theroad between Suva Reka and Orahovac, near the village of Opterusa, Orahovac municipality. Policemen fired back and shot five terrorists.

20. Two policemen in reserve Ilija Vujosevic (1950) and Dejan Djaltov (1975) abducted in a police ca r, near the village of Dubrava, Orahovac municipality, on November 6, at about 11.00 a.m. Their bodies were found on November 9 in the village of Malisevo.

21. In the village of Negrovac, Glogovac municipality, on November 10, at about 11.20 a.m., Albanian terrorist Bujupi Abedin from Orlate village, got out of the car with Prizren plate numbers and opened fire on policemen in a car from automatic rifle. Policeman Sreten Cvetanovic slightly wounded.

22. Albanian terrorists attacked police in a building in Glogovac and "Feronikal" facility, with infantry weapons and hand launchers, on November 10, between 7.00 and 7.55 p.m. Policemen Sasa Stefanovic, Slavko Amidzic (1972) and Zeljko Mertic (1966) seriously wounded.

23. On November 13, about 6.00 p.m., in a terrorist attack in the village of Prekoluka, Decani municipality, Albanian terrorists armed with automatic and sports rifles broke into a house of Murat Hadjosaj (1942) and took him and his son Rasim (1964). At the outskirts of the village, they killed Murat and seriously wounded Rasim.

24. A terrorist attack with hand launchers and automatic rifles carried out on police on the regional road Prizren - Djakovica, on November 14, about 6.00 p.m. Neven Gloginja (1979) seriously wounded and policeman in reserve Boban Radenovic (1972) slightly wounded.

25. A terrorist attack carried out on police in a building in Orahovac town, on November 16, at about 6.30 a.m. The attack was carried out with a sniper rifle. One bullet penetrated policeman Zoran Dabizljevic's car and ricochetted into a Miroslav Lukic's boot, a member of the reserve police.

26. Police in four cars who were regularly patrolling on Malisevo - Suva Reka road, attacked with hand launchers and automatic rifles on November 16, at about 11.00 a.m. Two police cars were damaged with shell splinters.

27. Police car "Landrover" shot with four bullets and another one damaged in a terrorist attack in the village of Gornja Lapastica, Podujevo municipality, on November 16, at about 11.30 a.m. The attack was carried out with hand launchers and automatic rifles.

28. Policemen Dejan Krstic (1971) seriously wounded and two police cars heavily damaged in a terrorist attack in the village of Trstenik, Glogovac municipality, on November 17, at about 11.20 a.m. The attack was carried out with automatic rifles.

29. Four Albanian terrorists made an attempt to stop a passenger car driven by policeman Bozidar Stefanovic from Klina. Olivera Simic (1969) seriously wounded. The attack was carried out with rifles on November 17, at about 4.30 p.m.

30. Policeman Goran Zbiljic (1968) from Podujevo, left police station and disappeared on November 17, at about 8.00 p.m.

31. Policemen Slobodan Ramic seriously wounded and Veselin Jozovic and Drago Pisaric slightly wounded in a terrorist attack on the Djakovica - Pec road, in the village of Dujak, Djakovica municipality. The terrorist attack was carried out with automatic weapons and hand launchers on the police in their cars.

32. On November 18, at about 9.10 p.m., Albanian terrorists entered the house of Zejnulahu in Pec and killed with automatic rifle Nuradin Zejnulahu (1949), a doctor and slightly wounded his daughter Aida (1971).

33. Policemen Zoran Vrbaski (1973) and Janos Cizmadia (1953) killed and Aleksandar Stojanovic (1971), Goran Borovnica (1965) seriously wounded, while Pakai Caba (1975) slightly wounded, in a terrorist attack in the village of Prilep, Decani municipality, on November 20, at about 6.40 a.m. The attack was carried out with hand launchers and automatic rifles on the police land cruiser.

34. Albanian terrorists shelled the houses of Salja Ganija and Salja Hadzija from hand launchers, damaging houses' roofs, in the village of Rasic, Pec municipality, on November 24, at about 7.00 p.m. Then they entered the village and fired some more shells on the houses and shops of the said owners.

35. Albanian terrorists made a tree dam on the local road Rakovina - Kraljane, in the village of Rakovina, Djakovica municipality, on November 25, at about 12.00 p.m. When the police came to remove the tree, the terrorists opened fire from automatic weapons. Police responded to fire and shot terrorist Oluri Isuf.

36. Albanian terrorists stopped the passenger car with Tahiri Baskim and Bejtus Izet from Vucitrn, in the outskirts of Kosovska Mitrovica, at the place called Vaganica, on November 28, at 2.30 p.m. They took them into a yard and beat them up.

37. Albanian terrorists beat Sabani Rizah (1931) from Donja Klina, Srbica municipality, on November 30, at 4.30 p.m.

38. Codriver Nedzemedin Bedra (1948) from Djakovica killed when the terrorists opened fire from automatic weapons on the passenger vehicle of the Prizren plate numbers, near the village of Lozica, Klina municipality, on December 2, at about 5.15 p.m.

39. Driver Branislav Jokic (1955) from Pec seriously wounded when three Albanian terrorists fired several shots with from automatic rifles into a passenger car of the Pec plate numbers, in the village of Kijevo, Klina municipality, on December 3, at about 7.30 a.m.

40. Terrorist attack on policeman in reserve Mitar Stanisic who was securing General Hospital in Pec, on December 4, at 11.20 a.m. Two terrorists, a man and a woman, entered the building hall. Stanisic tried to check up their identify cards. The woman took out the gun and shot at Stanisic. The man took his rifle and fired a few bursts. Stanisic managed to fire a couple of shots from his gun and kill the woman. He was slightly wounded, whereas six other citizens were wounded: Milun Sedlarevic from Istok, Jeton Muljaj, Brahimaj Saban, Cori Semsije and Cori Dzevad from Pec and Raina Nikic from Istok.

41. Terrorist attack with automatic weapons on police in a car, carried out in the village of Kasica, Istok municipality, on December 5, at 10.15 a.m. Police car damaged.

42. Albanian terrorists opened fire from automatic weapons at the house of Vladimir Mihajlovic in the village of Svinjare, Kosovska Mitrovica municipality, on December 8, from 1.10 to 1.30 p.m. In front of the house, there were two members of the Mihajlovic family, four villagers, members of the Finish TV team, reporter Vesa Toyonnen from Finland, camera-men Bozidar Knezevic and Nebojsa Milacic from Podgorica and correspondent of the Media Center from Pristina Snezana Savic. In this attack, three shots hit Bozidar Knezevic's car.

43. Policeman Milos Stevanovic (1975) seriously wounded and Slobodan Pantic (1965) slightly wounded in a terrorist attack from automatic weapons on police car, in the village of Grabanica, Klina municipality, on December 9, at around 1.30 p.m.

44. Albanian terrorist stopped a passenger car threatening with automatic weapons, in the village of Donja Lapastica, Podujevo municipality, on December 9, at around 8.00 a.m. There were three persons in the car: Cedomir Blagojevic (1948) and Svetovid Cukuranovic (1938) from this village and Radoljub Nesic (1955) from Kursumlija. The terrorists immediately beat up Nesic, and put a mask on Blagojevic's head and then took him away at an unknown house where they interrogated him.

45. Policeman Dzafer Cori (1947) from Glogovac police station and "Elektrokosovo" workers Nazif Muljaj (1956) and Brahim Misliju (1953) killed by the Albanian terrorists. They fired at them with automatic weapons and killed them in the transformer station building near the railway crossing, in Glogovac, on December 11, at 2.30 p.m.

46. Policeman Golub Stasic slightly wounded in a police car when two Albanian
terrorists opened fire from automatic weapons on a police car with four policemen from Klina police station, in the village of Balince, Klina municipality, on December 12, at 3.20 p.m.

47. Milan Stamenkovic, the security worker of the Podujevo municipal building, beaten up when the Albanian terrorists broke in his house in the village of Perane, Podujevo municipality, on December 11, at around 11.00 a.m.

48. Policeman Bozo Mijic (1971) from Djakovica police station, slightly wounded when the terrorists attacked the police car with a hand launcher, in the village of Dujak, Djakovica municipality, on December, at 9.15 p.m.

49. Two armed Albanian terrorists opened fire at the guests of the coffee shop "Panda" on December 14, at 8.10 p.m. They killed Ivan Radevic (1972), Ivan Obradovic (1973), Dragan Trifovic (1980) and Vuleta Gvozdenovic (1980), whereas another two Svetislav Ristic (1981) and Zoran Stanojevic (1981) died in the hospital. Vladan Loncarevic (1981) and Mirsad Sabovic (1962) were seriously wounded and Nikola Rajovic (1980) slightly wounded in this terrorist attack.

50. Two Albanian terrorists opened fire at the passenger car in which was Radan Pesic (1968), a police officer from Pec, in the village of Rasic, Pec municipality, on December 16, at around 11.00 a.m. Pesic responded to the fire and killed one of the terrorists.

51. Police officers attacked in a primary school building with automatic weapons and hand launchers, in the village of Rznic, Decani municipality, on December 11.20 and 11.45 p.m. In the attack, all window glasses on the building broke due to detonation.

52. Policemen Nenad Smigic and Ivica Savic slightly wounded in a terrorist attack from mortars, hand launchers and automatic weapons on police, in the village of Glodjane, Decani municipality, on December 17, around 4.00 p.m.

53. An Albanian terrorist threw a hand grenade in the yard of Milan Perisic's (1970) house, state security worker from Prizren, in the Durmis Aslani street in Prizren, on December 17, at 7.50 p.m.

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