Shkup/ Tetova/ Gostivar, May 14, 1999



A propaganda war is going in the international media about the reasonability of the NATO bombing against Serbia's military machine. The Serbian propaganda and a part of the western media are trying to present Serbia as the victim of aggression and NATO as the aggressor. They put forth the idea that the bombing has nothing to do with the protection of the expelled Albanians from Kosova, but is part of the geostrategic aims of the imperialist western Alliance.

In an even more cynical way, the humiliations against the Kosovar Albanians are attributed to NATO aggression, and not to the genocidal bellifercious aims of the Serbian State. This flagrant change of the subject is tied to the demand that the bombing stop and political negotiations leads to a dangerous situation.

It is forgotten that the bombing began because the Serbian State was not in favor of serious negotiations and a political solution, but was planning a war of annihilation of every single Albanian in Kosova.

It is forgotten that the Albanian delegation to the peace conference in France signed an accord for a political compromise solution and the Serbian side used the talks to make obstructions without offering any serious alternative solution.

It is also forgotten that before the start of NATO bombardments the Serbian military forces have realized a 'scorched earth' policy including the systematic destruction of towns, plundering, expulsion of hundred thousands of Albanians.

Also forgotten are the killings, pogroms, massacres, wrappings, mass deportations, destruction of documents and all signs of cultural and religious identity of Albanians.

We, the deported Albanian intellectuals would , once again, want to protest against these propagandistic manipulations, which in essence provide an alibi to Serbia's genocidal policies. We want to tell world democratic opinion that we are, without any doubt, in favor of punishing Serbia.

The Serbian military machine, which has caused all the wars in former Yugoslavia, should be broken and annihilated by all means.

We hope that the imminent defeat of the Serbian military forces will make possible the return of the deported people to Kosova, the normalization of the life, and the creation of a milieu for development of a democratic system.

Academician Rexhep Ismajli, linguist

Academician Ali Podrimja, writer

Academician Ali Aliu, writer

Academician Hivzi Islami,

demographer Ramiz Kelmendi,

writer Shkelzen Maliqi,

publicist Astrit Salihu,

philosopher Kim Mehmeti,

writer Mufail Limani.