23 Oct 2001:

Raise Your Voices


Dear Friends,

The situation is currently unbearable in the Occupied Territories. The undersigned Israeli peace organizations implore you to send the letter below, or a similar one, to Colin Powell and others, to end the nightmare of violence in the territories.

If you can, please print out and fax the letter, or telephone in your protest. If you can't, please use e-mail. Contact information is given below.

Coalition of Women for a Just Peace (which includes Bat Shalom, MachsomWatch, NELED, New Profile, Noga, TANDI, WILPF, Women and Mothers for Peace, Women Engendering Peace, and Women in Black)

Bat Shalom, Gush Shalom, The Israeli Committee Against House Demolitions, Alternative Information Center.

Gila Svirsky gsvirsky@netvision.net.il

Dear Sir,

Using the assassination of the Israeli Minister of Tourism Rehavam Zeevi as an excuse, the government of Prime Minister Ariel Sharon has embarked on a wanton military attack of Palestinian towns, which may continue for days if not months. Prime Minister Sharon has historically been committed to reckless supremacist and oppressive policies.

This most recent attack represents a policy of wreaking damage on the Palestinian population, and perpetuating their 34 year occupation, a policy which is considered good for Israel by the policy-makers in power; and disrupting chances for negotiations, which are considered bad.

The reoccupation of West Bank cities endangers the future of both nations, and the stability of the region.

We urgently request your intervention.




Contact People:

Secretary of State Colin Powell, email: secretary@state.gov Fax: (202) 261-8577

President George W. Bush, e-mail: president@whitehouse.gov Fax: (202) 456-2461

European Union President Mr. Romano Prodi, e-mail: romano.prodi@cec.eu.int

Mr. Terje Rod Larsen Personal Representative of the Secretary General to the UN in Palestine, e-mail: unsco@palnet.com Tel: + 972 8 282 2914 Fax: + 972 8 282 0966

United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights, e-mail: webadmin.hchr@unog.ch or Fax: +(41-22) 917-9016

Israeli Foreign Minister, Shimon Peres, e-mail: sar@mofa.gov.il Fax: +972-2-5303704

Israeli Defense Minister, Benyamin Ben Eliezer, e-mail: sar@mod.gov.il Fax: +972-3-6916940, 6976990

Prime Minister Ariel Sharon, fax: (+972-2) 566-4838 or 651-3955 or 651-2631