16 September 2001

Terror: Stories that help children cope

From "Peaceculture" mail@peaceculture.net


After the tragedy of September 11 many parents, teachers, ministers and psychologists are looking for materials to help children cope with their traumatic experience

At http://www.peaceculture.net/ they can find a number of stories that can help. The stories are from the book "The Strange War" by Martin Auer, published by Beltz & Gelberg in Germany. Author and publishers have agreed to provide these texts on the Internet and to permit downloading free of charge.

Language versions include English, Spanish, French, Russian, German, Danish, Estonian, Chinese, Czech, Italian, Armenian, Croatian, Serbian, Japanese and others.

Martin Auer is a renowned author of childrens' books from Austria. His books have won several Austrian and international awards and have been translated in many languages.

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