10. desember 2000:

Stadig flere barn til barnehjemmet Petrovskoje i Ukraina

- en e-mail rapport


From: Antratsit Specialized School 5
To: Betty Nicolaisen
Sent: Sunday, December 10, 2000 1:28 PM
Subject: Petrovskoye Project

Dear Betty,

I'm sorry I haven't written to you earlier. During summer I was busy with repairs, sending children to the rest camp, visiting families, offices and getting everything necessary for the new school year. I was also doing my best to prepare for the start of the new heating season, buying coal, etc. Now everything if functioning and is taking its normal course.

There are 215 students in our school now 30 of them are orphans. New children continue coming. I think that soon we shall have 230.

We have managed to organize children's efficient meals. The state gives four hrivnas per child a day. Besides, we have bought vegetables on the money you gave us. The receipts on the vegetables and other items that we bought for the new children are enclosed in this letter. There’s a new stamp on them. We have changed the statutes and the stamp lately. All of our children are well. We are expecting a big humanitarian parcel from Austria via Julia Kipko.We have also bought some new winter clothes for our children. I hope you liked how our renewed dormitories look.

But we have one problem with it: new kids arrive, we add more beds and there aren't extra bed-covers. If you allow to take some money and make some extra coverlets we shall do it. We don't need money for food so far. We have enough of everything at present.

What we really need are towels, sheets and plates and cups... If you agree that I spend part of the money on it we'll appreciate it.

Our children often ask about you. They ask when you will come. They remember you, keep asking about you and send you their best wishes.

We had some visitors from Denmark some time ago - missionaries. They brought some presents, played with the children. We had a small holiday. All our teachers and I personally thank you for your kindness and care about sick children and for the great assistance which you give us. I'll send you pictures of the children in my next letter.

Everything is OK in my family. The kids are growing, they are well. Alyosha plays with the toy-car and remembers grandmother Betty.

Please send my best regards to Trine, Marianna, Hilde and all of our friends.

Thank you for everything

Yours Vladimir.

Dear Betty,

In the above-mentioned receipts there is confirmation that Vladimir has bought and given to the school
onions 1000 hr., potatoes 2500 hr., carrots 1000 hr., cabbage 500 hr.
beet-roots 1000 hr.

total 6000 hr.=1050 $

He also bought mattresses 25 X 67 hr.=1675 hr.=300 $

Best regards from Irina.



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