No. 11

February 2000

"hCa Youth network in Bosnia in Herzegovina is an informal group of
non-partial organizations, groups and individuals which are satisfying needs of youth people in entities involving them actively in building of democratic values and strengthening of civil society".

hCa youth network in B&H mission statement was established at a strategic planning workshop in Kulasi from 11th until 17th July ’99.



Dear friends,

Hereby we are presenting to you the eleventh issue of the monthly
information bulletin of the hCa Youth Network in Bosnia and Herzegovina. We are preparing this bulletin on Bosnian-Serbo-Croatian and English language. You can find here informations about one part of youth organizations and groups, members of this network and their plans for next month.

If you want to be included to our mailing list for next issues or you have any questions or suggestions please do not hesitate to contact us. Also, we are happy to inform you that you will find this bulletin on hCa Youth Network in B&H web page, on following address:

hCa Tuzla,
Turalibegova 5, 75000 Tuzla
tel/fax: 075 250 481,
contact persons: Miralem Tursinovic, Samedin Kurtalic

hCa Banja Luka, Jevrejska 52, 78000 Banja Luka,
tel/fax: 078 358 479,
contact persons: Aleksandra Petric, Sanela Pasic

Enjoy your reading!


hCa Youth Network in B&H implemented following activities during
February 2000:

-Evaluation of activities of the hCa Youth Network in B&H for ’99 has
been finished. All organizations and individuals that are interested to see this evaluation report can contact hCa youth coordinators in Banja Luka and Tuzla.

Beside this, we collected a great number of questionnaires for establishing database of our network. Member of Coordination board from Serb Sarajevo, Dimitrije Dragovic (UNO S. Sarajevo) started to work on creating this data base that will serve for informing all interested organizations and strengthening contacts between all youth network members. This activity should be finished during next month.

- Next issue of the TNT youth magazine has been prepared and will be
printed at the beginning of March 2000. For all informations about
sending articles for next issues, you can contact

Editor in Chief of the TNT magazine, Zlatko Vasic from Bijeljina by e-mail

-hCa Youth Network web page is set up on following address

For all information's you can contact webmaster, Denis Mihic from Mostar by e-mail

- From 25th to 26th February 2000 in Bugojno we organized a meeting of the Coordination board of the hCa Youth Network in B&H. We used this meeting to plan joint activities for next two months and discuss some questions important for our future joint work. Informations and
conclusions from this meeting have been sent to all youth network

-Thanks to support from Olof Palme International Center from Sweden we get 6 computers with modems that are given for use to 6 youth
organizations from the hCa Youth Network. We sincerely hope that this
will improve our joint work and communications between youth groups in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

-We continued our cooperation with Danish Youth Council (DUF) from
Copenhagen. As a part of this cooperation, 12 youth people from B&H will go on study visit to Denmark.

-B&H Youth Union from Sweden has been visited Banja Luka and Tuzla and we discussed possibilities for future cooperation and conditions return of youth people refugees from B&H, currently living in Sweden. Our guests from Sweden had opportunity to meet with several youth network members.

During March 2000, we are planing to organize workshop for fundraising and writing project proposals for members of youth organizations and groups from the network. We will organize distribution of the TNT youth magazine and continue with establishing contacts and cooperation with all interested individuals and organizations that can help us to organize our activities.

-hCa International Youth Network will organize international youth
seminar in Algajola/Corsica. This seminar will be held from 29th March
until 5th April 2000 will be dedicated to intercultural dialogue and
solidarity amongst youth people, process of citizenship, democracy, and tolerance. Five youngsters from B&H will participate at this seminar.


Address: Petra Kocica no. 16, 76100 Brcko
Tel/fax: 054/225 516

During February 2000, our Club was host to regular annual Assembly of JUJITSU UNION OF RS. Several members from our organization become delegates in various sections and that will certainly improve our work from the field of practicing jujitsu. We establish cooperation with master of REAL AIKIDO (the most efficient self-defense skill). We
organized several training's with master of REAL AIKIDO 2nd day black belt, Jovicic Miroljub. He is the only master that is practicing this
skill in Bosnia and Herzegovina. Over150 members and visitors attended this training's which tell us how this practice is popular in the world thanks to movies of Stiven Segal (he is also practicing this skill).

We are using this opportunity to invite all interested people to contact as if they want some detailed informations or to attend demonstrations and seminars.

At the end of February 2000, 52 members of our Club passed exams for higher levels for JU JITSU.


Address: Hrvatske mladezi, 88000 Mostar
Tel/fax: 088(0) 318 738

Hello to everyone,

Hereby we want to inform you that EKO project has been started under
tittle “Children of nature” under coordination of Youth center “With a
Heart” from Mostar.

What is the EKO project? This is ecological project and EKO is reminding us on its meaning. This project is gathering youth people from 11 to 20 years old and has a goal to develop an ecological
awareness of youth people.

Plan and program are also a base for round tables and workshops on this subject. Art workshop is currently working and youth people by their artwork are presenting their enwiroment by drawings, acvarels, and similar work.

We are inviting all interested people to join us in this project. At the end of each month, we will organize competitions. For this month, competition is currently active.

Competition’s rules are following: all interested people can send their
work to: CENTAR ZA MLADEZ "SRCEM" Hrvatske mladezi br. 1. 88000 Mostar, Bosna i Hercegovina.

All people who wants to send their work can do that on following way: each work will not have name of author but code and envelope with name and last name, place (city).

Youth people will also decide about the most successful works since they are target group in this project. The best works will get awards….. First place 300 KM, second place 200 KM and third place 100 KM.

Art exhibition could be organized in other cities which depends from interests of all of you and we hope that you will contact us.

Contact telephone is ++ 387 (0) 88 318 738


Project coordinators are Denis Mihic & Anamarija Knezevic.

Address: Ilidza bb, 70240 Gornji Vakuf
Tel/fax: 070(0) 265 594

700 children's and youth people are now active in education and creative and recreate work (computers, English, German, music, drama, art, photo section, ecological and hitchhiking section, table tennis, and karate). We have a balance between Bosniaks and Croats children. This is organized in three months cycles.

Our club is organizing informal gatherings for 100 children's every day with various activities. Young volunteers are taking over groups of children in drama section, beginners groups of English language and computers and two new volunteers are participating in establishing biblioteque. This is all under supervision of teachers.

We organized teatre workshops in cooperation with “Youth Bridge” Mostar. We are preparing joint exhibition together with Center for education and entertainment from Jajce. This children’s exhibition (computer’s drawings) have a working tittle “My future trough my dreams” and will be organized in Gornji Vakuf/Uskoplje and Jajce. Guest will be baroque group “Lagamba 3” from Germany.

Teen-group (15 young volunteers) have been planned their activities for next six months. Media center is preparing next issue of youth magazine “OC Tribune”. Theatre group is preparing performance “White colorful world” for the Spring Festival that will be held in Bugojno. Beginning of the project “Third step” as continuation of the project “Second step” – stimulation of interaction and understandings between Bosniaks and Bosnian Croats, displaced people, returnees, children with problems and children from suburbs.This will be done with using of series of innovative activities imagined as the third step in direction of reconciliation.

We finished with preparations for opening of Internet club in Youth Center. Activists from Youth Center have been participated at seminar in Zenica – strenghtening of social protection policy for Zenica and Gornji Vakuf municipalities. This seminar was organized by DFID and British Embassy.

We also participated in project “Network 10”, organized by Human Rights Office in Tuzla and Forum of NGOs. We started with developing of joint project which will consist from work with young womens from two „divided municipalities“ Gornji Vakuf – Mostar in cooperation with “Youth Bridge” from Mostar.

Address: Fakultetska br. 1, 72000 Zenica
Tel/fax: 072(0) 418 685

Activities that we organized during January 2000:

As the result of our cooperation with International Law Group on the
issue of „Education in Bosnia and Herzegovina“, we scheduled our meeting with USAID. During their revision process for the last year, they visited our organization as their assosciate.

As a part of activities of Proni Institute, our organization has been
visited by Karolina (Program manager) to discuss with us the practical
part of education.

Activities that we organized during February 2000:

We organized meeting with SHL in PAX CHRISTI office. Subject of our
meeting was organizing seminar (fair) and presentations of youth
organizations. We used this meeting to present them our material for the youth magazine P.S. project. (continuation of this issue, it’s first
number since we already printed experimental issue trough our previous project). This project has been aproved and SHL will support us for the next three issues.

This youth magazine will be distributed in Croatia, Serbia and Montenegro. All youth people that are interested to publish their article in our magazine are free to contact us by our contact address.

Our members have been participated at various preparation meetings for debate club, organized by KSZF. Our three members will participate in debate competition.

We have been participated at meeting of Circle ’99 on the subject of
“Education”. Guest at this round table was Prof. Benedek from WUS
(Austrian University Service).

We are preparing our activities for upcoming municipal elections, during pre-election campaign as well as election day.

Continuation of study (third part) in Proni Institute. Our representative has been participated at Coordination Board meeting in Bugojno. Our organization get a help from APS (Austrian Peace Service) trough sending their two volunteer to us. First volunteer has been started to work in September last year and second in middle of January

Since Austrian Peace Service has a lack of presence in Bosnia and
Herzegovina, they asked us to inform them if some of the youth
organization are interested to have new volunteers from Austria in their organizations as well.

You can contact us by above mentioned address. As soon as you contact us, we could make some arrangements for visiting of our volunteers to your organization and discuss our future cooperation.

Address: Mladena Stojanovica br. 2, 78000 Banja Luka
Tel: 078(0) 214 205 Bijelic Viktor

NGO “Young researchers” Banja Luka is founded on 27th May 1999, in Banja Luka and registered as citizens’ association at Municipality Court in Banja Luka and since than is actively involved in various activities.

We have 32 members in total but 15 are very active and making decisions that are important for work in our organization.

Our headquarter is at Mathematical Faculty in Banja Luka. Program activities are:

- Strengthening, gathering and organizing youth people for
science-researchers’ work.

- Our contribution for implementing various social interests from the
fields of science and education trough organized work with talented
students and pupils;

- Organizing publishing activity for our needs;

- Presenting of science works from youth people to local and
international public;

- Contribution to rebuilding of educational system;

- Cooperation with interested educational, science, cultural and
economical institutions, and organizations in B&H and abroad;

- Developing ecological awareness by researching its rules;

- Protection of natural and cultural values and improving of life

Program activities are implementing through researcher projects in
schools, seminars, camps, projects, expeditions, and other activities.
Participants in researchers programs can be any person those express
interests for it and fulfill certain conditions.

During 1999, “Young Researchers” in Banja Luka implemented several researchers programs in the fields of geomorphology and hydrology in Novi Sad, where we participated in researching river and some other actions organized by other organizations. One of these joint activities was expedition “Srnetica ’99” organized by speleological association “Ponir” from Banja Luka.

Two young researchers has been participated at eclipse of the sun
on 11th August ’99 in Subotica. One representative of “Young
Researchers” Banja Luka participated at Balkan ecology seminar “Ecocide” in Belgrade, that was held with a subject “Consequences of NATO air strikes in FRY”. Our member has been participated at seminar “Empowering of NGO's, fundraising, marketing and media" and "Building coalitions inside of NGO Forum" organized by "IOCC".

These seminars are great experience for us and all members of our organization are informed about their program. At 1st December 1999, “Young researchers” Banja Luka became the member organization of NGO Forum in Banja Luka and have a important place in this institution, concerning youth questions. We established very good cooperation with other NGO's in B&H and abroad. We also establish good cooperation with “Young researchers of Serbia”
because they have similar activities like we have. The most intensive
cooperation has been established with Speological Associations "Ponir".

We will provide technical and scientific support to Esperanto
Association “La Mondo”, during implementation of project “Interculturo”. This project will be implemented until 2001 and will be sponsored by UNESCO. We have one successfully organized project with Austrian organization WUS and we established very good cooperation, which will be continued in a future period. All these contacts proved our active work for 9 month. In a future period we will continue cooperation, contribute stronger cooperation in NGO sector in Eastern Europe, and further.

"Young researchers” Banja Luka have been participated at 1st NGO fair in Banja Luka from 1st until 3rd February 2000 and we used this opportunity to introduce our organization to wide public. A lot’s of youngsters expressed their interests for joining our work and we got 12 new members age 16 to 25. This is the best recognition of existing this kind of organization, where youth people can give their contribution to environmental-scientific work and environmental protection.

We want to use this opportunity to thank to Austrian organization WUS, which supported us with computer Pentium II trough project S.L.I. (No. 99/20).

You can join to “Young Researchers” Banja Luka if you have a lot’s of
enthusiasm, loves for scientific work and nature. You can do that
personally each Tuesday from 7:00 to 8:00 PM in our office at
Mathematical Faculty.

The address is:

Mladena Stojanovica no. 2, Banja Luka. You can use contact telephone 051/ 312-735. President of our organization is Dakic Miodrag. You can get all information about our association trough contact telephone 051/214-205. Contact person is Bjelic Viktor.

Address: Majke Jugovica br.16, 78000 Banja Luka
Tel/fax: 051(0) 467 746
Contact: Trninic Ilija

During February 2000, “HELLO NEIGHBOUR”, Youth Center KASTEL started with some new and refresh some old activities. Some of our new activities are following: strip section that is gathering talented youth people from this field, video projection of youth movies, fishing as internal part of ecological section and chess tournament.

We started again with dance group and conversation on English. We finished preparations for basketball tournament for teams from youth centers in Banja Luka, Prijedor, Tuzla, Banovici and Bosanska Krupa.

We started with children's workshop, where they can learn English language trough playing.

Beside this, we prepared materials for issuing internal youth magazine “Voice of Kastel”. In cooperation with “Little Prince” and “Save the Children", we started with art competition for the children from 1st to 4th grade in primary schools, with general subject of free expressions.

We established contacts with youth organizations from Italy and Norway and we discussed our future cooperation on joint project.

This year is difficult trial for us is because we did not solved our
problems with office space. We are now in one rented space, which we
cannot afford from our budget. We are using this bulletin to invite all
interested people to support us in solving this problem.

Address: 126, 76300 Bijeljina
Tel/fax: 076(0) 472 851

At 16th February 2000, in Youth House in Bijeljina the freshman’s night has been organized for the students of first year at Faculty for Export and Trade. Student's Union from Faculty organized this event for Export and Trade and Faculty of Economy in Bijeljina. This is a new
organization and they started to work during last year.

Organizing this freshman’s night was the first assignment for this organization and it was successfully organized, despite limited financial sources. A great number of students where present at this event (around 180 freshman's and some of their elder colleagues).

First part of night, students showed their talents out of economy trough music, acting, fashion, and other. Thanks to Dean, Prof. Dragutin Mirovic, and his great wish to help students, we organized student’s competition, where 15 students got textbooks from school library.

During the night, Miss and Mister Freshman’s have been selected. Second part of night was free and student organized great party until early morning hours. This event proved that Student’s Union leaders have great enthusiasm and support from their colleagues and professors and that student’s population can give a lot to their hometown. A student gained a lot's of attention from public with organizing this event. Unfortunately, it is not enough for the
further work of Student’s Union only advocating from their professors
and students itself.

Bijeljina is the town that does not have university tradition and there
is a lack of people who are willing to support students and to help them to influence on other young people to change their way of thinking and do not accept disturbed system of social values. We hope that future work of this Association will help not only students but to this town as well, to understand that B&H will not have social and cultural development without educated young experts.

Jasmina Ivosevic, a member of Helsinki Committee, has prepared this
report from Freshman's Night in Bijeljina for Human Rights-Youth Group in Republika Srpska. She is also the President of Student’s Association of Faculty for Export and Trade in Bijeljina.

Address: Bihackih branilaca bb, 77000 Bihac
Tel/fax: 077(0) 332 546

During February 2000, Democracy Center “New Hopes” Bihac organized regular activities in order to create the bulletin of our organization. This bulletin is consisting from presentation of our Center and it’s previous work since early beginnings, as well as basic information’s about democracy etc. We are now collecting books as a part of action “Give one book-read more”. In this action citizens can give books to our library and become members of our Center in the same time.

There is an artistic exhibition in our Center where we are presenting 4 young artists, students of Secondary Art School in Bihac. They created the group under name 4-L 2000. We organized promotion of the 16th issue youth magazine Nepitani as multi-artistic night. We organized a meeting of German Association SHL with all youth organizations from Unsko-Sanski Canton in our Center. This meeting was organized with aim to introduce their new project and present plans for the future to youth organizations from this area.

Because of the big interests for the membership in our Center, we are
constantly making membership cards.

Address: Obrtnicka bb, 80101 Livno
Tel/fax: 080(0) 202 166

During February 2000, we did not have some special activities beside our transfer to new offices. On 25th February 2000, our members entered new office. The President of our organization Jasna Burza wrote and send an application for the project "Round tables for youth people in Canton 10".

This project is consisting from 5 round tables that will be organized during next 6 months for youth people from the area of Canton
10\HercegBosnia-district office. This project will be organized with a
goal to connect youngsters from this region and their joint work in a

During March 2000, we are planning to search some new equipment
and in the middle of this month, we will officially open our office.

Address: Ulica 329 Bosanske brigade br. 4, 72240 Kakanj
Tel/fax: 072(0) 750 213

At the beginning of February 2000, we had an active conversation with
our sponsors so some of our activities have been postponed. Because of waiting for responses from which is depending our survival, we were not in situation to start with any new, already planned projects. Active
groups in our Center were radio group, which is broadcasting regularly
Youth C.M.O.K. Program at JP Kakanj and photo section, which established cooperation with Center “Rainbow” from Sarajevo, which also have a photo section. This cooperation is training's for our members organized with professional lecturer, leader of photo section from Center “Rainbow”.

It is possible that we will organize joint project at the end of this
training. That could be a photo exhibition, which will be organized in
our town. Other groups from our Center are preparing for realization of
the projects that are planned for this year. That will be the basic
training for Internet and English language course and other projects.

These are some of the projects that we are planning to organize in next months. Center is open for meetings of our members every day from 9:00 AM till 22:00 PM and activity groups are organizing regular meeting once a week, while other members are spending their time watching movies, playing video games or doing some other things on computers and other equipment in our Center.

Address: Grlica 32, Vojkovici, Srpsko Sarajevo
Fax (service):071(0) 672 305
Tel: 071(0) 674 424 (Dimitrije Dragovic), 674 032 (Veljko Micic)

During February 2000, we continued with realization of our project which consist from producing mushrooms and soon we are expecting first results.

We have been participated at seminar organized by CARE
International in Bijeljina. We started with computer classes and first
25 students are signed for first part of course. In addition, we started
with English language course with 23 students.

We worked on preparing our office and opening of youth club in Grlica.

In March 2000, we are planning to implement new healthy food project, producing eggs. In addition, we are planning to finish preparations for the project “LINK” which will create computers network of systems servers among hCa Youth Network members.

Address: Bana Lazarevica br. 14, 78000 Banja Luka
Tel/fax: 078(0) 340 666

During spring of 1998, a group of students decided to take an initiative
and found the organization that will work on collecting donations for
children. They were urged by frequent public appeals for help for sick
children. We are existing since 22nd June 1998, when we are registered under name "The Humanitarian Association Little Prince".

Our mission is:

collecting donations for children under 12 years old that are ill and
parents and community is not able to help them. Beside this, we are
working on increasing of social consciousness about these cases and
activities on implementing Declaration about children's protection and
development according to international conventions.

We are accomplishing our goals trough organizing various activities, such as: organizing humanitarian concerts and charitable parties, selling postcards with motive from the book "Little Prince", getting fond from private and public enterprises trough donations, cooperation with international and local organizations that are helping to us to implement our goals, cooperation with primary and secondary schools and faculties, influence on public opinion trough media, round tables, marketing and other activities, education of our members trough various seminars.

Since now, we collected and distribute financial aid for several
individual cases, organized charity parties and humanitarian concert "
Children are singing to children" in Army House in Banja Luka. We
participated in organizing puppet theater "And we are the children of
the 21st century", with premiere in People's Theatre of Republika

We are currently working on project "And we are the children of
the 21st century", in cooperation with AZZ "Krcko" and RC "Dr Miroslav
Zotovic". Under patronage of IOCC, we are organizing one project with a subject of 13 article of Children's Right Convention "right on free
expressions", in cooperation with NGO's "Hello neighbor", and "Save the children".

If you are interested for our work in any direction, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Address: Bulevar Kralja Tvrtka 11A, 72000 Zenica
Fax: 072/418-768
Tel: 072/33-322 lok. 59-13

We succeeded to establish the contract with Employment Bureau in Zenica and we started with computer's course for 60 students. In period January-February, we started with new course cycle that will be
organized in 3 months period.

During February 2000, in organization of youth parliament "Our children" Zenica we discussed draft of Law about public security and Peace and draft of Law about social protection of refugees. We send our remarks to Expert's Service in Zenica Doboj Canton Assembly. We are expecting their answer.

Youth press continued with regular informational programs at RTV Zenica, twice a week about questions that are interesting for youth people. We finished with distribution of diplomas for students that successfully finished training for tone-masters in "Musical Studio" Our Children Zenica. This training was organized during 6 months.

At 24th February 2000, we organized regular Annual Assembly of the C.A. "Our Children" Zenica. From 24th until 27th February 2000, we participated at IRC workshop.

Report from hCa Tuzla Musical Initiative from tour Denmark

As a part of WIRED project that consist from exchanging of musical
groups between Denmark and Bosnia and Herzegovina, "16 September" from Tuzla, "Revolt" from Banja Luka and DJ BOX from Sarajevo had tour in Denmark. Following people have been participated in organizing this tour: Jan Samuelsen on behalf Fajabefa, Sasa Mandzukic on behalf "hCa Tuzla Musical Initiative" and Petar Topalovic from "Geto" Banja Luka. This tour started in Copenhagen where we been first 5 days. There we participated at new festival, named "Copenhagen Living", where we have been disappointed with organization. We did not expect that we
would have to help them to organize this festival. That is the point of
WIRED project, to learn from each other how we are different and same.

After Copenhagen, we are going to Roskilde, where we had opportunity to visit museum and to see sound exhibition. That was an interesting connection between modern techniques and computers with special designed devices, constructed to conjure different sounds on different ways.

During the same day, we had an opportunity to visit rooms where their
musicians are practicing and we admired to their conditions of work and equipment that they are possessing. Finally, around 10:00 PM we are playing with their local band and DJ BOX is closing the night with his performance.

One thing that positively surprised us is hospitality in local club and the way they treated with groups that are playing in the club, food, drink, etc… Of course, night is finishing very late and we are going to sleep to the office of young socialists that offered us place without charge. In the morning, we are late for first train to next city Odense, but in next 20 minutes, we are catching next one.

This relation from Roskilde to Odense is important because in one part we traveled trough underwater tunnel. Finally, we are coming to Odense. We are immediately leaving our things in local musical organizations and going to look their working conditions which are even better from the previous that we saw. After that, we are going to explore musical equipment stores in the city. Finally, before the evening, we are starting with sound check sound-check, and we are preparing for performance with local band. There, we are meeting some Bosnian people and they are very interested for our music as well as all informations about youth people and possibilities for returning of refugees to Bosnia and Herzegovina, and conditions in our state.

After rehearsal, we are going to have dinner and after that, we are starting with concert. 16 September is playing first, Unholy from Odense is second, and evening is finishing with musical group Revolt from Banja Luka. DJ was resting there. Concert was solid, with good number of people who came to listen us. There we find out that we appeared in local newspapers.

After finishing this concert, we are helping to unpack equipment and we are leaving to our night lodging. That was a new youth hostel with
electronic doors that are opening on card, with great beds and
bathrooms. Some where settled in private houses and some people where hosted by Bosnian people living in Denmark. Again, we are in one of the disco clubs, where we are staying until late morning hours. Couple of hours sleeping and again we are in train for next city Helsingor.

There we learned something about negative side of tour. Local organization that took over responsibility for organizing our concert have totally inresponssible people that did not showed up at all, so our hosts from Copenhagen managed somehow to fix that. Concert was also held with one local hard core band with not so many publics. Again, we meet a couple of Bosnians and ex-Yugoslavs. We have to take care for food and our equipment. We had several hours to look around the city and to see Hamlet castle from distance. One worse thing that we faced after concert and that was sleeping in rehearsal room or floor and tables in kitchen.

However, we are repeating again, everything was new for us and that
should give to us inspiration how we should not work. Next day, we are
going back to Copenhagen and we are placed with people that will come to Bosnia and Herzegovina in returning visit. We are immediately going to place where we will play that NIGHT. That is typical punk dump (building) with typical punk staff as you can see on TV.

Personally, we do not know if there is narcomany here and how much, we did not saw that (that could be also our prejudices about this kind of places), but we were supprised how youth people here are good organized. They are taking care all together about this place and you can see all around an excellent graffites, they have rehearsals rooms, every two weeks they are printing agenda for happenings in concert hall, in the basement they have good organized system in kitchen etc. We have had a little misunderstanding with local hosts about equipment but during 3 hours, we solved those problems. People are coming to this place in late night hours, so our performance started around 11:00 PM.

That night, we played without local groups and this place gave to us the best atmosphere during whole tour. This concert was recorded on audiotape thanks to best tone master that we had during whole tour. Some of us are staying here with DJ BOX, some are leaving to private party in Copenhagen, and some people are going to sleep because they where very tired.

Next day, 16 September and DJ BOX are playing for Bosnian people that are living now in Copenhagen. We organized this performance in Cultural Artistic Association of Bosnian people in Copenhagen and around 300 people came to see us. We were a little bit disappointed with public that expected prewar music from us.

One funny situation was happened when one of the visitors asked DJ if he have some other music. When he said that he do not have it, he offered his CD to be played on gramophone. Organization was similar like we used to have in Bosnia and Herzegovina, with a lt’s of improvisation with equipment. But still, positive thing was that there were people who were interested for our music as something new that we brought into their lives. This was the opportunity for establishing some broken links with families.

After finishing this performance, some local girls took us to see some parties in Copenhagen. After all, this is one wonderful experience. Next day, we are packing our bags and going back to our homes and freedom.

Address: Oslobodilacka bb, Simin Han, 75000 Tuzla
Tel/fax: 075(0) 250 069, 251 396

We are still organizing English and German language classes in
reconstructed space for seminars and courses. Youngsters from our Center worked on cleaning our enviroment, one smaller project together with municipality house Simin Han.

Our Center will soon found scout group, which already existed before in Simin Han. We already established some links with scouts from Germany. We organized one musical festival, which gathered a lot’s of youngsters and some youth people get valuable presents. Our members are preparing to participate on seminar about gender relations that will be organized by CESI from Zagreb. Center is still open for all youth people every day, except Monday.

Address: Dzafer Mahala 19, 75000 Tuzla
Tel/fax: 075(0) 33 986

During February 2000, Postpesimists from Tuzla implemented following activities:

we started with a humanitarian project that is directed only
to youth people. It is the project will be possible for youth people
from 13 to 14 years old to express their thoughts and feelings trough
works in postpesimistic style. Children will express their feelings on
paper, linen, and stiropor… with help of color, spray and, of course
postpesimists. This spectacle will be organized at the middle of March

In the March 2000, we are planning to start with theater trainings and after that, we will organize one theater performance. If you need some more detailed informations about these projects, you can
contact us by e-mail:

Address: Podgorje 42, 75290 Banovici
Tel: 075(0) 876 356, 875 379, 891 118
Fax: 075(0) 875 393

During February 2000, we implemented following activities: we started
with English language course and we organized public sessions in
cooperation with OSCE “Quality and defects of drinking water in Banovici Municipality”.

Address: Branka Radica 12, 75000 Tuzla
Tel: 075(0) 238 180, 238 612, 239 119

Musical group 16 September from Tuzla has been visited Denmark during February 2000, on musical tour together with Revolt from Banja Luka and DJ. Box from Sarajevo. Musical tour started at 2nd February 2000 leaving from Tuzla to Budapest and further to Copenhagen. We had six concerts.

First concert was at musical festival “Copenhagen Living” organized by
local musical organization Copenhagen Live. That is not a big festival
and in it's work have been participated amateurs, youth bands from
Denmark and of course Bosnians as a guests. Our musical group 16
September had an honor to open this festival. After that, we spend
several days in Copenhagen looking around the city and listening Danish groups at festival.

After Copenhagen, we went to Roskilde, Odense, Helsingor, and again to Copenhagen. In mentioned cities we saw and experienced positive and negative sides of Western life. Somewhere, the performance was good organized but somewhere not. However, looking everything in global that was one wonderful experience and now we know that we can do it better.

In Copenhagen, we had an opportunity to play for Bosnian refugees that are living in Denmark. Some of them were disappointed with our performance because we played our songs, and they people are living from prewar music and prewar stars from Bosnia and Herzegovina. Can you imagine our feeling to be between two sides?

Boys and girls from Sarajevo and Banja Luka also had good performances during our musical tour, so we are discussing our future cooperation in Bosnia and Herzegovina. Tour has been finished at 13th February, when we came back to Tuzla.

16 September is planing to go to studio and record new material as soon as we get some donation. In addition, we will play in Tuzla at 11th March 2000, together with two Danish musical groups. They
will came to Tuzla to return their visit to Bosnia and Herzegovina, as a
part of project WIRED.

Address: Tuzlanskog Partizanskog odreda 168, 75213 Lipnica
Tel/fax: 075(0) 806 231, 281 359

Young guitarists from youth club “Lipa” from Lipnica have some progress and learned a lot's of things. They showed that at concert that was held in Lipnica. Now they are preparing themselves for something better and bigger, as they said to us, but further details are still secrets.

Rest of youth people from our club is busy with the project “Colors
2000” and working full steam. At 26th and 27th February 2000, they
organized working meeting of project “Colors 2000” in Lipnica.

Following organizations have been participated at this meeting: Ecological movement Zenica, Ecological association EKO- Neretva from Jablanica, Ecological organization “Old oak” from Novi Travnik, Democratic Youth Center from Laktasi and Banja Luka, EKO –Green from Tuzla, and representatives of Youth club “Lipa” and Green Action from Zagreb.

Next activities are realization of project "Colors 2000” and usual local
activities of Youth Club “Lipa”.

Address: Bulevar Armije 4 (kula G), 75000 Tuzla
Tel: 075(0) 250 697, 216 396

In February 2000, we continued our work on children's drama school,
known as “DRAFTICI”. This work was reinforced during month with a goal to compensate our rehearsals, which we missed during winter holidays.

Besides children from our children's drama schools, we signed up 6 new members, interested for theater art to Draftici. They are working on theater play: “Dugonja, Trbonja, i Vidonja” and that will be first
premiere performance for our youngest members and an opportunity for them to show everything they learned in our drama school. “Older”
members of Draft Theater had a work with pauses during this month,
because of illness and financial problems that Draft Theater has a long

During conversations and meetings that we had with representatives of local and international organizations that are interested for investing in culture, we have some promises for help in continuation of our work. Performance that we are preparing have a tittle: “Fly, colonel, fly” (Bulgarian writer– Hristo Bojcev). We hope that this performance will have it's premiere during spring.

Address: Strepci 121, 76214 Gornji Zovik
Tel/fax: 076(0) 749 108 (Anto home), 750 351 (radio)

From the bigger activities of our Association during last month, we are
choosing our work on the bulletin of our Association and it's issuing.
In addition, we successfully organized 2 months English language course.

The most successful step in this period we could present renovating our cooperation with Radio Ravne – Brcko and continuation of broadcasting Youth Program at this radio. We establish contacts with youth organization „Mladost“ from Ljubljana and we agreed that they will visit us next month. We started with recording promotional documentary film about our Association during March 2000. Trough our Association, cycle of documentary movies about hCa Youth Network in Bosnia and Herzegovina, from Samedin Kurtalic as the author will be presented at TV Brcko.

During March 2000, we will establish better communication with Club of Martial Arts from Brcko and open martial arts school in Zovik Gornji.

During March 2000, we are planing to organize one football tournament in Brcko.

Address: Klosterska 15, 75000 Tuzla
Tel: 075(0) 251 301
Fax: 075(0) 282 643

First part of 2000 in TTC „Telex“ are reserved for children's
performance "Teletebisi“. This performance is created and implemented by our Center, with the participation from drama, circus, musical, art, video, and other sections, which are working actively in our Center. It has great scenario, original costumes and scene, light and sound effects. Little actors, dancers and circus acrobats left strong
impressions on audience in Tuzla, Gradacac, Gracanica, Kladanj, Lukavac, Banovici, Kalesija and Doboj East. We have intentions to organize a tour out of Tuzla Canton.

The performance has its commercial side and all money is directed to further normal functioning of our Center. This will realize our plans to become self-sustainable project. The participants in this performance, our teenagers are gaining motivation for further active participation in the activities of our Center. Together with these extra activities, we are organizing regular work of our sections: computers, music, and video, English language course and counseling service.

Address: Ratka Vokica 2, 75000 Tuzla
Tel/fax: 075(0) 251 579

During February 2000, Drama studio “PAT" has been performed the
multimedia project under tittle “SAMOVNIK”. We started again with strip magazine COMIC ROLL, and now we are preparing new issue. We are preparing our folklore group for tour in Austria and we took over
obligations for organizing tour of Drama studio “PAT” throughout
Germany, that we are planning for July 2000.

Address: Omladinska 4 (Scout House), 88400 Konjic
Tel/fax: 088(0) 728 156

Center for children and youth people Konjic is actively working also in
2000, with all sections, groups, and activities. The new thing is
starting Youth Club Neretva that is actively working since February 2000 and first members started to coming in November last year. This Club is now gathering around 30 active members, divided in 5 sections but number of sections as well as members will grow daily since this Club got support from Peace Trails Found from USA.

There are following sections organized till now: theatre, journalist's section that have a goal to start Club magazine, computer's club, art-club, and literary section.

Founding and work of this Club is according to merit of two girls,
members of our Center. During August '99, members of our Center Tijana Redzic and Selma Dzumhur traveled at 15 days education to Washington. This event was organized by our Center, Institute for Democracy from Washington, and "Something More" an NGO from Sarajevo.

Training was held with a name "Leadership Adventure" and helped them to built their own organizational skills and management, increasing of their enterprising level and learning democracy. That resulted with founding Youth Club in our Center, as one more section for helping youth people trough our programs. Leaders of this Club founded their own program that started with realization with our help and then they received support from donors.


Address: Bana Lazarevica 14, 78000 Banja Luka
Tel/fax: 078(0) 340 666
Contact persons: Bojan Savic, Sandra Sarenac

Address: Mladena Stojanovica 2, 78000 Banja Luka
Tel: 078(0) 312 735 (home telephone)
Fax: 078(0) 319 142 (service)
Contact: Dakic Miodrag

Address: Zdravka Celara br.6, 78420 Srbac
Tel/fax: 078(0) 840 345
Contact: Lazic Dario, Dragosavljevic Aleksandra

Address: Sime Solaje br. 10, Mrkonjic Grad
Tel: 070/211 543
Contact: Zelimir SoldatSUPPLEMENT:


Canadian Fund for Bosnia and Herzegovina is opened in Canadian Embassy in Bosnia and Herzegovina. It is founded as a part of cooperation of Canadian Government with Bosnia and Herzegovina with main aim to help and strengthen of civil society institutions in whole Bosnia and Herzegovina.

General aim of work is strengthening civil society trough local community development; groups or individuals, as support for all fields of voluntarily work. The project should satisfy one or more mentioned goals of total Canadian Program in Middle and Eastern Europe, with special emphysizing of democratic institutions and transition processes to market economy.

Types of projects or activities that are not suitable for financial support are following: payment studies, travel costs, study trips, and international scholarships, materials or other supplies bought directly in foreign countries or current organizational costs (rent, electricity, heating etc.)

Money limit for receiving donations is 10 000 Canadian dollars or approximately 12 000 DEM.

For guidelines of making project proposals and all further information's you can contact Canadian Fund directly:

Mr. Almir Tanovic
Coordinator of Program for Technical Cooperation
Canadian Embassy, Department for Technical Cooperation
Koturova 8, 71000 Sarajevo
Fax: 071(0) 233 679