No. 10

January 2000

The hCa Youth Network in B&H is an informal group of NGO’s and non-political organisations, groups and individuals, whose aim is to fulfill the needs of young people in both entities and who actively involve themselves in the building of a democratic society and the strengthening of a civil society.

hCa Youth Network in B&H Mission,
established at the Strategic Planning workshop
at Kulasi, from 11th. to 17th. July 1999.


Dear friends,
This is 10th number of monthly informative bulletin of hCa Youth Network in BiH. The bulletin is published in Bosnian-Serb-Croat and English language. There are the informations about monthly activities of the part of the youth organizations and groups, members of this Network and their plans for the future period. If you wish to be at our mailing list for the next monthly bulletins or if you have any questions or suggestions, please feel free to contact us.

Enjoy the reading!


hCa Youth Network in BiH during January 2000 implemented following

- As we informed you in last numbers of monthly bulletins at this moment we implement the hCa Youth Network in BiH Campaign – “Corruption”.

We prepared and broadcasted radio jingles on the radio stations throughout Bosnia and Herzegovina. In the framework of the campaign we printed postcards with messages against corruption and it have been sent to all political parties in Bosnia and Herzegovina, international and local organizations and institutions.

During January 2000 we printed also 5.000 copies of labels with same messages, and we distributed them through the organizations – members of the Network – throughout Bosnia and Herzegovina.

- We collected questionnaires from a huge number of the organizations
and groups, members of the Network and we started to create database
about the youth organizations, their previous and future activities,
needs and capacities.

At the meantime we distributed the evaluation questionnaires to the members of the Network. The aim of the questionnaire is to perceive the actual state in the Network, joint success and mistakes and possibilities of concrete planning of the future steps.

38 organizations, members of the Network, have sent us 143
filled out questionnaires. According to those questionnaires, the
coordinators of the Network have made detailed analyze of the work and suggestions for planning of the year activities.

- Editor in chief of TNT magazine, Mr. Zlatko Vasic, has started the
preparations for the 4th number of TNT. The magazine should be printed in second party of February.

24th – 30th January 2000 we have held the training in Bugojno about
non-violent communication and conflict resolution for youth leaders.

The aim of the training is development of different skills: non-violent communication, conflict resolution, communication, negotiations and leading skills.

Benjamin Delahmetovic and Sanela Pasic (team of trainers) together with youngsters from whole BiH have worked on different topics: non-violent communication, cooperation, differences of the national identities, conflict management, non-violence and power, gender relations and negotiations.

We hope that those six days in Bugojno gave to all of us new energy,
inspiration and contacts for successful work in our environments.

- Network coordinators worked on reporting of donors about the Network’s project implementation in last period, and they also worked on work planning for this year.

- We have held two working meetings with SHL, Nesto Vise (Something
More) from Sarajevo and CARE International (one in Sarajevo on 17th
January and the other in Tuzla on 1st February). The aim of the meetings was preparations for organizing of youth fair, which should be held in Sarajevo, 24th – 28th August 2000.

- We prepared the WEB page of hCa Youth Network in BiH. We use this
opportunity to invite all of our members which have some of the
materials from previous activities of the Network (photos etc.) to send
it to Denis Mihic in Mostar (

- In the framework of cooperation with Danish youth organizations DUF
and FAJABEFA, we prepared the trip of BH young musicians on the tour in Denmark (project WIRED). The tour lasts from 3rd – 14th February 2000, and there will participate: rock group “16. September” from Tuzla and group “Revolt” from Banja Luka.

Our members will be honored to open Festival Copenhagen Living. After that Festival music groups will continue the tour in the clubs in Denmark.

Plans for February:

- publishing of 4th number of youth magazine TNT

- Network Coordination Board meeting

- Opening of WEB page of hCa Youth Network in BiH

We use this opportunity to remind our members that hCa Youth Network and its coordinators will support all of their joint or individual projects.

We will support you through project proposals, holding of short local
workshops about project proposals, lobbying at donors for projects, as
well as all other ways of coordination and using of technical capacities
of the Network.

If you have any questions, or you need more information about hCa Youth Network in Bosnia and Herzegovina, please feel free to contact some of our members or hCa Youth coordinators.

Aleksandra Petric
Helsinski Parlament Gradjana (hCa) Banja Luka
Jevrejska 52, 78000 Banja Luka
Tel/fax: 078 358 479

Miralem Tursinovic
Helsinski Parlament Gradjana (hCa) Tuzla
Turalibegova 5, 75000 Tuzla
Tel/fax: 075 250 481


Address: Petra Kocica 16, 76100 Brcko
Phone/fax: 054/225 516

In January 2000 Martial Arts Club “Brcko” focused most of its activities
to its members who should have exams for belts in Jiu Jitsu which should
be in second half of the year. Besides usual training, we established
contacts with several international organizations for Jiu Jitsu that
have been interested for our work and activities. Also, we established
contacts for staring of similar clubs in some parts of Brcko district
that used to be in Federation of BiH.

We established contact with organization for physical culture in Gradacac (Federation BiH) that are also interested to establish Martial Arts Club.

We would like to invite all organizations that have interested members for martial arts, especially for Jiu Jitsu to contact us. We can organize seminars for trainers and competitors. At this moment we work on Annual Assembly of Jiu Jitsu Association in RS which will be held at the beginning of February in Brcko District.

Address: Generala Draze Mihajlovica 10, 74100 Brcko
Phone/fax: 054/228-524

Youth center “Vermont” is non-government, unprofitable citizens’
association that help and contribute to improvement of youth situation
on social, economical, humanitarian, cultural, sport and other fields,
based on democratic and non-party principles.

The main problem of our center is lack of financial and material means, which are needed in the work with youth. Also, the space where we work with elementary school pupils are not finished yet.

We would like that hCa Youth Network works on strengthening and connecting of youth organizations through Bosnia and Herzegovina.

address: Strepci 121, 76214 Gornji Zovik
Phone/fax: 076(0) 749 108, 750 351 373 310, 373 330

In January we organized English language course in cooperation with
Prony Institute in Maoca. The English language course will last for six
months, and 16 members of our organization are attending.

In this month we realized three shows of Youth program.

The Association participates in all youth activities in Brcko District. We received recognition from German organization that expressed the wish for fratization with us.

In February we plan to issue another Bulleting of the Association, and
to establish more contacts with youth organizations in BiH and donors.

In this month we also plan to make a movie about the Association which
will be used as promotional material for a donors.

We will continue with realization of Youth program and learning of English language.

address: Podgorje 42, 75290 Banovici
Phone: 075(0) 876 356, 875 379, 891 118
Fax: 075(0) 875 393

During January we worked on Statute, plan and program of the work of the Association, and we chosen the date for the Assembly (January 30th).

Also, we had very important meeting with OSCE, and we are very grateful to you. On that meeting, couples of things have been agreed:

* Public tribune “Water quality in Banovici”
* Rock concert
* Computers school
* Matches – volleyball, basket and football

Those activities have been planned for February.

address: Branilaca Banovica 37, 75290 Banovici
Phone/fax: 075(0) 874 114 (Zemlja Djece Tuzla 075(0) 282 643)

During January, Youth Center Pinkland worked on following activities:

* Continues work of all sections

* Preparations for rock concert which should be in our center in

* We started dancing school for pre-school children, fitness for
citizens and computer courses for self-financing

* We re-started table-tennis school which is very successfully led by
volunteer Adem Arnautovic

* Preparations for table-tennis mach

* For a two months in settlements Grab Potok and Jezevac in mini centers a lot of youngsters are gathering every day through different sections: dance, PC section, journalist section, art and sport sections.

Over 150 youngsters are involved in mentioned activities.

For next month we plan:

* Rock concert
* Table-tennis mach
* Disco for children up to 10-year-old once a week

address: Bihackih branilaca bb, 77000 Bihac
Phone/fax: 077(0) 332 546

In Democratic Center New Hopes Bihac in January we have done:

* meeting of the Association of young musicians Rage Plant

* meeting of Municipal Board of BSP

* Conference of professors at University of Bihac

* Computer course “Informatics + Internet” from the beginning of month,
but we have only 2 computers so the courses are performed every day in
four groups, and the number of interested is very day higher. The
teacher is volunteer, the student of 4thhyear of Economical school,
Salahudin Malkic

* We were present at the editorial meeting of “magazine for everything
and other NEPITANI” (design of 17th number)

* We distributed magazine NEPITANI in Una-Sana Canton

* Democratic center organized the art exhibition of young artist from
Bihac – Nermin Kusupovic Nino, who is still the student of Secondary Art
School in Bihac. He also prepares another exhibition. On this exhibition
we will prepare, as on the previous one, small party with poetry, music

* We are making the members cards of Democratic Center because of huge number of users.

Address: Novice Cerovi?a 28, 78000 Banja Luka
Phone/fax: 051/341 845

During the last period, members of youth group of the organization
“Associated Women” from Banja Luka actively participated on several
seminars and workshops.

One of them is workshop on non-violent
communication and conflict resolution for youth leaders, organized by
hCa Youth Network in BiH, which was held in Bugojno in the last week of
January 2000.

Based that, we participated in promotion and realization of campaign “Against corruption in BiH”. The members of our group
distributed postcards to the local institutions and organizations and we
pasted labels with messages on the places where youth gathers.

The members of our group actively participate in education of women in
politics through the project that is implemented in cooperation with
local OSCE office. The members of our group helped the realization of
public tribune for women titled “Obstacles and Preferences for Equality
in Third Millennium”, which was held on January 31st 2000 in Banja Luka.

The introductory of this public tribune was Ms. Nada Golubovic, the
president of our Association. The tribune was very well visited,
especially by young women and women form local political parties. We
have very interested discussion about the position of women within
political parties, the role of the women in creation of new law
regulations about the family violence (on the next National Assembly of
RS new Criminal Statute should be accepted, and the members of our group help the other members of the Association to actively contribute to pass the law which will protect woman in family).

Address: Krajiskih brigada 1, 78000 Banja Luka
Phone: 051/308 857, 319 679

Youth Association “Alterra” from Banja Luka at the beginning of February
(February 5th 2000) is organizing party in Electrotechnical Student Club
(KSET). In the program will participate Bukvar and DJ Goran K. The album promotion will be organized, as well as exclusive selling of CDs. We invite all those who are interested to come to KSET. The entrance is
4,00 KM.

Those that helped this event to happened: Revolt Banja Luka,
Bad@dex, Association of independent creators GETO, rock UNO, café KNEZ, radio BIG, Care International…

Address: P.O.BOX 126, 76000 Bijeljina
Phone/fax: 076/472 851

The Youth group of Helsinki Board for Human Rights in RS from Bijeljina
in the last period finished series of public tribunes and lectures for
youngsters in Bijeljina, which is supported by Olof Palme International
center from Sweden. Danijela Stanojlovic coordinated the project.

The articles about this event were published in Semberia newspapers.

Our group is consisted of 60 students and high-school pupils (among them 15 is very active). We have all support from Helsinki Board for Human Rights, which offered us their office, equipment and Internet.

address: Ilidza bb, 70240 Gornji Vakuf
Phone/fax: 070(0) 265 594

* During January we were focused on creative and recreate activities, we
had enrollment of children into activities for the next cycles that will
start next month.

* We had a visit of American volunteers, our old friends, who have spend
the holidays with us

* The project “Third Step” is approved, series of workshops for children
and youth aimed to strengthen them.

* We had two-day seminar with the stuff of the Center. The topic was
evaluation of the organization’s work. Seminar was very successful

* Two persons from management team have been present on seminar in
Zenica, titled “Work under hard political circumstances”.

* One activity leader participated on MIRamiDA

* Couple of international organizations representatives have visited our
center and made interview with the stuff

* Another young American volunteer is spending a month with us and he
contribute to the Center’s activities

Plans for next month:

* Presentation of the Center’s activities will be held and diplomas will
be given

* Photo exhibition of the Center, since it was founded until today

* Starting of new three-month cycles

* Starting of “Third Step” project

Address: Postanski fax br.16, 79240 Kozarska Dubica
Phone/fax: 052/410 120

Youth center Kozarska Dubica that works within Citizens Association
“Korak” (Step) in last few months had a heating problem, so we could not
participate in the activities of the hCa Youth Network in BiH.

These days we are trying to do something and we hope that we could be active again. Until now we worked on different projects, mostly data bases about education, health, economical development, enterprises and transition, development of democracy and human rights, improvement of life quality.

Address: Solunskih junaka S-3, 75 446 Mili?i
Phone: 056/740 742
Fax: 056/740 062

Youth organization “The life is nice” Milici in the last period worked
out the project of the organization. The members of the organization are
consisted of different university students who have been working on two
projects for which we are waiting to be approved.

The first one is related to educational lectures (AIDS, alcoholism and drug addiction, Internet, culture…), and the second one is related to CD-ROM reading-room.

We would like to ask all interested organizations to help us to find the donors for those projects.

At this moment we are realizing the project “Amateur theatre troop” and two psychodrama projects.

address: Tuzlanskog Partizanskog odreda 168, 75213 Lipnica
Phone/fax: 075(0) 806 231, 281 359
contact persons: Faruk Deli? (806 504),
Dadanovi? Selmir (806 604), Krdzali? Miralem (

After the holidays, the Youth club “Lipa” is summarizing the last year
results. We perceived the mistakes, but we also find the solution to
improve the work of organization.

Project “COLOURS 2000” will start in the last week of January. We will continue to clean the snow around the public institutions, as well as near the houses of elderly people.sak om den russiske reportaren

The exchange project with Club Kult is at the finishing phase. It was
decided that two persons from Youth Club visit them in May or June, and
that we will host two volunteers from Club Kult to work in Youth Club

Address: Svetog Save 16, 73240 Visegrad
Phone/fax: (usl.) 073/683 122, 683 866
e-mail: unisusha@demon.emi.yu

Finally we succeeded to solve the e-mail problems (we hope). For such
longs time this address was limited, so most of your mail with
attachment files we have not received.

The office of the Foundation Nova Bosna (New Bosnia) is not working any more in Visegrad, so you can send us the messages directly to this address.

We received the invitation from Annette Bull from CARE BL for European Youth Council – seminars.

In the last period we did not have any special activities, except the
concert of local bend “VIRUS” in the Secondary School “Ivo Andric” on
25th December 1999.

We established very good cooperation with group of people and couple of bands from Sokolac who are working on the organization of concerts in Sokolac (GOBLINI, together with 6 local bands from Serb Sarajevo, Sokolac, Visegrad, Milici and VAN GOGH with other three bands from Sokolac). The CD was recorded on the first above-mentioned concert.

Address: Ul.Savska 1, 78420 Srbac
Phone: 051/841 337
Fax: 051/840 873

Youth Association of Srbac during this month has received the donation
for equipping of the office from CARE International from Banja Luka.

We participated at regional seminar organized by CARE International in

At this moment we are preparing the realization of the project Fine Arts & Ecological Colony on Bardaca, which will be realized in couple of next months titled “Arts in Ecology – Ecology in Arts”.

Fine Arts & Ecological Colony is traditional event that has been held in last 20 years in Bardaca, natural reservation near Srbac. Aimed to interest you as much as possible we will present you the basic
activities about our initiative. Fine Arts & Ecological Colony is open
group of artists who create, by their work, new views on life in the
world we are living in.

Until this year, in the work of this Colony participated 171 artists and
about 50 scientist, journalists and cameramen. At 16 realized colonies,
it was painted about 1000 of artistic works.

Our aim is to provide material means for this year event and we would
like to ask all organizations in Bosnia and Herzegovina or abroad to
contact us if they are interested to help us to organize this event.

Address: Svetosavska b.b. (Vatrogasno drustvo), 70270 Sipovo
Phone/fax: 070/73 060

Youth Association “Sun” Sipovo in last period received donation from
CARE International Banja Luka for equipping of the office. We have phone line and e-mail address, but there are possibilities that the phone
number will be changed in the future period (we will inform you).

We are planning to work on the project of foresting of location in Sipovo
Municipality and many other interesting things.

address: Fakultetska 1, 72000 Zenica
Phone/fax: 072(0) 418 685

* On 21st January we held 4th meeting of AR Group in Sarajevo, organized by IBHI, where we agreed final objectives which needs to be done for report. The participants are informed about additional authors which will write the report, the final version of questioner

* On 21st January we attended the round table titled “Media and
Politics”, organized by SGV and Konrad Adenauer Stiftung

In the last week of January we plan more activities which will be
presented in February report.

Activities planned for February:

* Two-day excursion on Lisac mountain
* Third cycle of lectures in Proni
* Usual activities of the organization

Address: Branka Radi?a 12, 75000 Tuzla
Phone: 075(0) 238 180, 238 612, 239 119

At the end of December band “16th September” worked on preparation of
concert for the New Year Eve, as well as preparations for the tour in
At the New Year Eve we had really good live concert in the center of the town, where was present around 10.000 citizens. According to the reaction of the audience the concert was successful.

During January we continued with preparations for the tour in Denmark (3rd – 14th February 2000). We are honored to open Festival Copenhagen Living and officially start the realization of the exchange project with Danish bands (WIRED).

After the Festival that will last three days, we will continue the tour
in local clubs in Denmark.

We want to point out that, together with us in Denmark will go band
Revolt from Banja Luka.

After the tour we will work on recording of new material and on the distribution. Also, we will work on organization of the tour of Danish bands that will come to BiH in March.

If you are interested for cooperation, you can contact us in hCa Tuzla or e-mail:

More information about our group you can find at:

In last edition of the bulletin there were mistakes about contact
persons, so here are again:

Sasa Mandzukic 075/ 238 180, 238 612
Mirsad Gulamovic 075/ 230 119

address: Crkvice 50, 72000 Zenica

During this month, the members of our association worked on the project
for “GFW” and we sent the invitation for cooperation to some
organizations, members of hCa Youth Network that has program familiar to ours.

Our members applied for the workshop in Bugojno, but, unfortunately,
they have not passed. At his moment we do not have an office, so we
applied to the Faculty of Metallurgy and Materials to give us the

address: Ismeta Mujezinovi?a, 75000 Tuzla
Phone/fax: 075(0) 212 077

We were supposed to organize Roma event, which should be held, according to our tradition, on 13th - 14th January, but we did not get the means.

Youth Roma activists club of the Tuzla Municipality will organize this
very important event for Roma tradition on 28th January 2000.

Besides this, we are working on two projects for Roma youth titled:

* Seminar of Roma youth from the territory of Bosnia and Herzegovina

* Meeting of Roma cultural institutions from Tuzla Canton

address: Dzafer Mahala 4, 75000 Tuzla
Phone/fax: 075(0) 235 487

The cultural group participated in the program of the New Year Eve.
After the holidays we started with preparations of new choreography.

On 19th January we participated on the meeting of Roma youth from Tuzla Canton. On the meeting we discussed the problems of Roma youth on Tuzla Canton. On the meeting, the following conclusions have been made:

* Roma youth hardly find a job

* The youth has to find the modus with other associations to educate as
much children as possible. Sa E Roma Association has the best results.

* The youth should ask for the status of national minority

* The youth asked that all conclusions should be sent to all relevant
people to inform them about one

address: Oslobodilacka bb, Simin Han, 75000 Tuzla
Phone/fax: 075(0) 250 069, 251 396

* The course of English and German language is performed in the Center. Each course will last for 9 months, and after its is finished, the
students will get certificate verified by Ministry of Education, Science
and Sport of Tuzla Canton.

* In January IPAK started the preparation of the journalism school for
youth-volunteers. The project “Small school of Democracy” will provide
basic ideas of democratic society.

* We prepare our representative for the workshop organized by Center for Education and Advising of Women “CESI”, which will be held in Zagreb, next weekend.

* Besides the journalism school, we are working on establishment of
photo-laboratory (in the cycle of our courses, we will organize photo
course which will result with equipped room for development of films).

* Center is open every day, except Mondays.

address: Ratka Vokica 2, 75000 Tuzla
Phone/fax: 075(0) 251 579

Drama studio “PAT” during January started new project “SAMOVNIK 1”. The premiere will be in March 2000. Also we are working on re-establishment of play “GRAD” which should be played during February.

At the same month we plan to have second showing of poetry performance “SAMOVNIK”.

Members of Drama studio are in Bugojno, participating at the seminar about non-violent communication (24th –31st January 2000), organized by hCa Youth Network.

Folklore ensemble prepares new choreographs and prepares
new concerts. Also, very successfully is implemented project school of
folklore for children.

We will re-activate strip studio “COMIC ROLL”, so we can issue new numbers of the one. We are discussing the possibilities to start small puppet theatre, which has long and successful tradition in the framework of Youth House.

Many students are attending courses of informatics and English language. The idea of Internet café is finalized, so we plan to make the project.

address: Selo Biberovi?i bb, 75411 Sapna
Phone/fax: 075(0) 597 123

During January 2000 ROU Kate Acha worked on:

* We asked for support for elementary school pupils. Unfortunately, the
Ministry of Education, Sport and Culture of Tuzla canton have not kept
the promise

* We worked on the project of “Night School” but we collected only basic
information, because we do not have the experience in writing of project
proposals. We use this opportunity to invite all those that would like
to help us.

* We wont to point the work in last year, we are young association which
is still not registered (the reason is financial means).

* We plan to work on: culture, sport, music, human rights protection,
and education of Roma youth.

Now we have the infrastructure (the road, water supply, and power) in
Sapna that was donation of USAID. Very important role in all of this had
Roma Association.

We use the opportunity to greet all those who have been at the workshop
in Bugojno (24th – 30th January 2000).

address: Turalibegova 5, 75000 Tuzla
Phone/fax: 075(0) 251 279

Urban culture started new project – publishing of weekly/monthly agenda
of cultural events in Tuzla which will be distributed in coffee shops,
cultural institutions, schools, faculties…

In February we plan an action for St. Valentine’s Day – 14th February,
we will give condoms to the youth of Tuzla.

Also, we use this opportunity to inform you about two music events.
5th February 2000 (Saturday) in Tuzla Club “Palma” will be huge techno
party on two floors, organized by Different Style. On Techno floor, the
guest will be DJ Luka from Zagreb (minimal techno progressive), and on
House Floor guest from Sarajevo (drum&bass).

More information about this you can get from DJ Red – Different Style (

18th February 2000 (Friday)- very important techno party in Tuzla. Two
floors: techno floor: Chris Liebing – Cocoon, Sven Vaeth; Black Acid –
Downtown rec. Tuzla; DJ Red - Different Style Tuzla; House floor: Ferra
– Electronic Erotica Label Sarajevo; Bojan – Global International
Belgrade; Ace – Tuzla/Freiburg. Club “Space” Tuzla, entrance: 15 KM.

Address: Bulevar Kralja Tvrtka 11A,72 000 Zenica
Fax: 072 418 768
Phone: 072 33 322 lok, 59 – 13
contact person : Ajla Hadzi?

Our organization is founded in October 1991, and we were registered in
March 1992. We are fighting for protection of children’s rights
according to the Convection about right of the child, adopted in 1998 at
the United Nations Assembly. We are non-governmental, non-party and
multi-national organization.

The organization succeeded to become “little school” and place for fun and organized using of free time for thousands of boys and girls from Zenica, as well as refugees.

We plan activities each year, and we realize them through the projects
and actions.

Organization “Our Children” succeeded to gather each month about 300
children and youth. We plan to inform youth with the articles of

Activities of the organization:

* Informing of youth with the articles of Convention

* Achievement of right of children written in Convention

* Work with children and youth (youth parliament, youth press)

* Education (foreign language courses, computer course)

Some of the project which are realized or prepared for realization:

* Protection of mental health of children

* Tina – preparations of teenage girls for working engagement and
responsible parental

* Parliament – “Our Children” Zenica

* I want home – project for refugee children

* Music studio “Our Children” professional and technical support for
ways of working

* Youth press – school of journalism

* Art workshop in cantonal hospital Zenica – children department

* Through music and sport to the heart of everyone

* Support to the youth in “Home and Family” Zenica

* Transit center – children Club

* Tin Tina – education of youth for working engagement

* Publishing (“Svjetlosanka mastovanka”, audio tape “Fairy Tales” and
magazine “Youth Press”)


Address: Generala Draze Mihajlovica br.10, 74100 Brcko
Phone/fax: 054/228 524
Contact person: Damir Radenkovi?

Address: Bulevar Kralja Tvrtka 11A,72 000 Zenica
Fax: 072 418 768
Phone: 072 33 322 loc, 59 – 13
contact person : Ajla Hadzi?

Phone: 090 168 076
Fax: 075 283 558
contact: Ramiz Salki?

Phone: 080 272 050
Fax: 080 272 408


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