The hCa Youth Network in B&H is an informal group of NGO’s and non-political organisations, groups and individuals, whose aim is to fulfill the needs of young people in both entities and who actively involve themselves in the building of a democratic society and the strengthening of a civil society.

hCa Youth Network in B&H Mission,
established at the Strategic Planning workshop
at Kulasi, from 11th. to 17th. July 1999.



Dear friends,

Hereby we present you the fifth issue of the monthly bulletin of the Youth Network of the Helsinki Citizens' Assembly (hCa) B&H. This bulletin is available in English and in Bosnian - Serbo – Croatian.

Inside you will find information on the activities of some of the youth organizations and groups-members of this network and their plans for the future period.

If you would like to be on our mailing list for our future monthly bulletins, or if you have any comments or suggestions, please let us know.

Enjoy the reading!


The hCa Youth Network in B&H is a network of young people that started in 1997. It was established by two Helsinki Citizens’ Assembly (hCa) offices, in Tuzla and Banja Luka.

What motivated us to start this initiative was the lack of contact and co-operation between local youth groups in B&H.

The main goals of this network are:

strengthening and linking of youth groups from Republika Srpska and Federation of B&H,

work on joint projects and activities and support youth initiatives in Bosnia and Herzegovina in developing their ideas.

Special attention is directed to youngsters in small cities and areas in B&H.

The hCa Youth Network in B&H currently consists of around 70 youth organisations and groups with different orientations (theatre, music, sport, ecology, students, scouts, human right’s protection etc.)

Cities where we have members are:

Mostar, Banja Luka, Tuzla, Prijedor, Zenica, Tesliç, Livno, Mrkonjiç Grad, Gornji Vakuf/Uskoplje, Ribnik, Travnik, Visegrad, Gradiska, Velika Kladusa, Bihaç, Sarajevo, Modrica, Bugojno, Srpsko Sarajevo, Kiseljak, Bijeljina, Banoviçi, Kakanj, Konjic, Laktasi, Rudo, Srbinje (Foca), Srbac and Îivinice.

Among other things, the biggest activities that we organised till now are three Youth Meetings / Festivals of the hCa Youth Network in B&H:

Laktasi, RS from 17th to 19th October ‘97,

Tuzla, FB&H, from 20th to 22nd February ‘98, and

Teslic, RS, from 15th to 18th October ’98.

We also organised a Spring Culture Festival "Bridges of friendship ‘99" in Mostar, from 27th. to 30th. May 1999.

We also issued two numbers of our youth magazine TNT (5.000 copies) that we distributed all around B&H and abroad.

At this moment, we are working at the distribution of the third TNT issue (2.000 copies) in BiH and abroad.

We organised two small regional workshops (Mostar-July ‘98. and Modrica-December ’98.) with around 50 representatives of youth organisations and group-members of our network, mainly from host cities.

From 15th. to 21. May in Laktasi, RS, we organised a workshop on topic: non-violent conflict resolution, with 20 youth activists from all over the B&H.

In July we organised two workshops:

"Gender relations" in Kulasi, RS, from 01. To 03.07.1999, and "Strategic planning workshop" in Kulasi, RS, from 11th. to 17th.07.1999.

Main aim of that workshop was to prepare a three-year plan of the hCa Youth Network in B&H activities.

Some of the previous members of the hCa Youth Network in B&H executive board went out of the Board. That’s why we elected some new members of the executive board at the workshop in Kulasi.

The new structure of the Executive / Co-ordinational board consist of the following members:

Banja Luka region – Aleksandra Petriç, Sanela Pasiç (hCa Banja Luka)

Sarajevo / Serb Sarajevo (with eastern RS) - Vernes Cosiç ("Something more" Sarajevo), Dimitrije Dragoviç (UNO Serb Sarajevo)

Podrinje region (RS) - Aleksandar An_usiç, Aleksandar Krsmanoviç ("Urban Concept" Visegrad)

Middle Bosnia region – Bojan Hrnkas ("Independent Junior" Zenica)

Middle RS region – Lucijano Kaluza (Youth Union Tesliç)

Eastern RS region – Mirna Dabiç ("Future" Modrica), Zlatko Vasiç ("Golden Autumn" Bijeljina)

Mostar and Herzegovina region – Denis Mihiç ("With the hearth" Mostar), Jasna Burza-Dino HodÏiç ("Friends"i Livno)

Bihaç region
– Zerina Jakupoviç ("Sanus" Prijedor)

Tuzla Region – Miralem Tursinoviç, Samedin Kurtaliç (hCa Tuzla), Sasa MandÏukiç ("Segment" Tuzla)

Furthermore we organised a pre-election poster campaign of the hCa Youth Network in B&H (September ’98.) with strong messages for all youngsters in B&H.

T-Shirts for Tolerance

At this moment we are working at the second hCa youth Network in B&H campaign, titled "Tolerance among the youth in B&H".

We printed 1.500 copies of T-shirts, with messages of tolerance, and distribute it to all youth organisations, members of the hCa Youth Network in B&H, individuals, and some of the youth organisations in abroad.

Joint CD

We started a small project of recording demo-tapes from youth music groups – members of the network.

Ten members of the hCa Youth Network will each record one song on a joint CD (1.000 copies).

Main aim of this project is media promotion of young and unknown youth music groups.

After promotional concerts in B&H cities, we also plan to distribute a certain amount of CD’s to the radio stations in B&H.

Summer Shools

At this year´s SIDU Summer School, organised by the hCa International Youth Network in Miercurea Ciue, Romania (12th. – 21th. July) participated also two youngsters from B&H.

hCa International youth Network organising a Media workshop in Prague (09th. to 14. August). One of the hCa Youth Network in B&H member will also participate at this workshop.

Within the framework of contacts and co-operation with other NGO’s, Foundations and donators from B&H and abroad, we done following results:

* Sending the invitations for the participation at "The leadership adventure" in August in Laketrails Base Camp, Minnesota, USA to our member organisations

* Distribution informations about the CRS B&H Youth Initiative offering donations for the smaller project proposals (up till 1.000 DM). Within that project, 8 youth organisations – members of the hCa Youth Network in B&H got the financial support for their individual and joint projects.

* One of the executive board member, Sasa MandÏukiç spend one month in Denmark, visiting the DUF – the Danish Youth Council and FAJABEFA – union of the Danish musicians, with the aim to prepare a program for Danish youngsters visit to B&H and to prepare future common projects.


During the next period (October '99), the Network will work at following:

- Printing of number 3 of the Youth Magazine TNT

- Meeting of Executive/Coordination Board

- Starting and making of WEB page of hCa Youth Network in B&H

- Making contacts with all interested individuals and organizations and other regular activities

If you have any questions, please contact some of our members, the people from the co-ordinational board, or the youth co-ordinators or the hCa Youth Network.

Aleksandra Petriç
Helsinki Parlament Gradjana Banja Luka
Jevrejska 52, 78000 Banja Luka
tel/fax: 078 58 479

Miralem Tursinoviç
Helsinki Parlament Gradjana Tuzla
Turalibegova 5, 75000 Tuzla
tel/fax: 075 250 481


by towns in alphabetical order:


Address: Vida Njezica 21, 78000 Banja Luka
Tel: 078 29 115. Fax: 078 218 022

According to its program aims and principles, ADV 2001, works on realization of local initiatives. The priority place in Association has department ADV-Youth that works for improvement of youth in all spheres
of life, and especially for reaffirmation of youth and their involvement in society.

We have visible problems in shortage of working space, as well as lack of understanding of local authorities for needs of youth in general.

Address: Solunska 21, 78000 Banja Luka,
tel/fax: ++387 78 13 014

AAA faced one of the basic problems of all NGO's. Partner organization from France, which logistically supported AAA, closed down its offices.

Since last month, we do not have the offices and now we are trying to find something.

Any useful information is welcome at AAA@BanjaLuka.NET or private number 21 44 46 (Natasa).

In last month we can point very successful participation at Conference "Drugs in the World" in Sarajevo, organized by Swedish organization NBV. The participants at the conference were ambassadors of B&H, Sweden, workers of UN from the narcotic department, Ministries of Health from RS and FB&H, Ministries of education of RS and FB&H, Ministries of Internal Affairs of RS and FB&H, inspectors form narcotics department from 8 Centers of Public Security, representatives of religious communities, rehabilitation centers from Croatia and Yugoslavia, and couple of NGOs which deal with this issues.

The members of our organization participated in a Summer School of hCa Youth Network in B&H which was held in Brcko and they still talking about nice time they had over there.

At the time of writing this report, one of our members is in Sarajevo at the International conference of youth from 18 countries, so the impressions from this conference we will present in next issue.

Some of our attitudes you could hear in the show Pedagogical conversation on Radio RS, where we discussed relations of youth and adults towards topics such as drug addiction and of, course, HIV/AIDS.

This is all for this time. We have great planes, but they can be realized when we solve some basic problems of organization.

Address: Lijevãanska br. 13, 78000 Banja Luka
Tel: ++387 58 56 689, 38 857, 44 839

Our organisation exists from January 1998 and it’s created from the idea that we need to change something which wasn’t changed before.

Our organisation consist of creative – avant-garde – multimedia – etc. young persons who want to prove the sense of their work. That means that we work at the some kind of art.

Until now we made four photo exhibitions (two in Banja Luka and two in Mostar), one exhibition of contemporary art.

We plan to organise another contemporary art exhibition in Banja Luka at the end of August.

We also organised a concert of the DLM at the "Kastel Fest" and work as DJ at a couple of the RAVE happenings.


Address: Cara Lazara 20, 78000 Banja Luka Tel/fax: 078 65 215 e-mail:

At the invitation of selector of the Festival Toni Korti, Mr. Silvije Andrej, Dis-Theatre had performance on the Festival in Padova at September 26 1999.

In the space of Festival, which is placed in old castle in the center of the town called Bastion, Dis -Theatre represented itself with a play "Darivanje vatre", directed by Novica Bogdanovic and Scot McEvany (LA USA).

This play is some kind o theatre experiment, with no words and movement, sound, lights, smell, and emotion makes communication with audience.

There are six actors in a play, and music is composed by Zoran Curgic.

The play was very well accepted at audience and theatre critics.

The play "Darivanje vatre" is based on myth about Prometej, and our audience could see it at Festival Kociceva srpska scena 98 (award for music) and International Festival Kastel-fest 98.

Other awards: Theatre festival B4 in May 1999 in Berlin (award for adaptation and style of play).

The play "Darivanje vatre" will be performed at International festival in Sofia from 4th to 10th October 1999 in competition with 8 play from 8 countries.

After Sofia, the play will be preformed on Brams in Belgrade (November 1999) in official competition.

Address: Zgrada Zavoda za zastitu spomenika kulture, Kastel b.b., 78000 Banja Luka,
tel/fax: ++387 58 47 625,

During July ’99 Youth Centre "Kastel" Banja Luka worked at already planned activities.

Some of our sections reduced their work, mainly because of the summer holidays.

During July we also made analysis of our work, and all the conclusions will be used for planning of upcoming activities.

The general situation at the society changed some of the working conditions within the "Kastel" Centre. We found some new needs, and we also analysed it. This resulted in our new activities and work with the refugees from FRY and repatriated persons.

Our main activity is their resocialization.

Also, this year "Kastel" Centre provided organisers of the "Kastel Fest" with the space, and now they are organising many activities in our Centre.


Address: Grcka 20, 78000 Banja Luka
Tel/fax: ++387 58 213 181

During the last month, our organisation worked at the following activities:

* Within the framework of the education, we organised English and German language courses (beginners, progressive and conversation), and computer courses. Those courses involve around 100 participants.

During July we continued with the implementation of the project "Conflict resolution". We held that with the help of 10 peer educators, and 90 children from elementary schools participated at that.

We also started with training for new peer educators (advanced university students of psychology and pedagogy), who will work at the "NVCR" training and seminars at the secondary schools.

* We continued with the workshops for the children from the collective centre "Kolibri" and children from the Rehabilitation institute "Miroslav Zotoviç".

At all of our activities were involved children and youth – refugees from FRY and children and youth from Banja Luka.

We finished a course for the tone masters at radio "Balkan".

We also issued the new issue of our monthly youth magazine "BOM".

* We organised radio shows and round tables at the topic "The new election law" withgreat participation of youngsters.

At the new issue of "BOM" magazine, we supported the hCa B&H Youth Network campaign "Tolerance among the young people in B&H".

Our two members went at the theatre seminar in Budapest, Hungary, organised by SHL.

Our NVCR trainer participated at the "Peace Oasis" in Jordan.

Radio "Balkan" celebrated a three- year anniversary.

Our member went to International summer camp in Germany, and he will held workshops about the NVCR.

We will also participate at the "Kastel Fest" with the performance and concert.

Address: Branilaca Banoviça 38, 75290 Banoviçi
Tel/Fax: ++387 75 874 114

During September, "Pinkland" Banovici worked on the following activities:

- Realization of the project "With sound and rhyme together", where participants were music and dancing groups from: Bosanska Krupa, Prijedor, Tuzla and Zavidovi?i, September 10th 1999.

- We participated in football and table tennis mach, organized in TTC "Telex" Tuzla, September 25th 1999.

- Dancing group "No Limit" works on preparation for recording of video for TV OBN.

- Dancing group "No Limit" was the guest on the mach in Tuzla and also participated in the realization of project "with sound and rhyme together".

- Journalist group followed all extra activities and finished fifth issue of Wall newspapers.

- Drama group prepared play "Svjedok sudara" (The Witness of the Crash)

- Music group "Lose vrijeme" (prepared two songs for publishing of CD - joint project of music groups from F B&H and RS.

- The participation of animators, volunteers and young people on seminars organized by hCa Youth Network on Modrac Lake and Brcko.

- The visit of SFOR soldiers and mini donation in music equipment and school material.

- Cooperation with "Save the Children" (UK) and possible realization of the project for work with children in refugee camps.

- The concert of our music group on the celebration of the Municipality Day.

- Visit of social workers from Sweden.

- Visit of project manager and the director of "Save the Children".

- We arranged production of furniture for refugee camps in surrounding area.

In October we plan following activities:

- Preparation for November Days of Culture which will last for 13 days in November.

- Recording of video for TV OBN

- Football matches in our center and in Bosanska Krupa

- Publishing of sixth issue of Wall newspapers

- Starting of work with children in refugee camps and surrounding area in the following groups: painting, journalism, tailoring and sewing, sport, dancing and music.


Adress: Podgorje 42, 75290 Banoviçi
Tel: ++387 75 876 356, 875 379
Fax: ++387 75 874 114 ("Pinkland" Banoviçi)

During July, among the regular activities within the hCa Youth Network in B&H (presentation of the T-shirt campaign "Tolerance among the youth in B&H), which we made together with the rock group "Lose Vrijeme" Banoviçi and Youth Centre "Pinkland" Banoviçi, and because of the summer holidays, we have no other bigger activities.

For next month weplan to organize a meeting with similar organizations from Middle Bosnia.

That meeting will have a wide spectrum of activities, like sport and workshops at the topics: "Networking of the organisations", "Writing project proposals", etc.


Address: Bihackih branilaca bb, 77000 Bihac
Tel/fax: 077 332 546

During September we have worked on following:

- We organized big rock concert "BIHAC URLICE IV" (Bihac is screaming part 4), called "Bedrock"

- Youth workshop, guests NEPITANI from whole B&H

- Preparation of new issue of NEPITANI, Nepitani chose DC "Nove nade" as the place where next issue of popular magazine will be prepared

- Exhibition of paintings of young painters in Center, under the name "I mladost je vrijedna paznje" (you have to pay attention to youth)

- Traveling to seminars in B&H and Europe

- Concerts of rock groups from Bihac throughout Canton

- Support to youth of Bosanska Krupa in organizing of manifestation in the town: arrival and concert of BEBEK with guests from Canton and support in organization of guitar competition.

- We started the project "Youth Network of USK", which will provide better information flow, common projects, support in work of centers, cooperation of clubs and associations

- We prepare the poster of Youth Network of USK, Nove nade - nove snage (New hopes - new forces)

- We organized youth seminar about work of NGOs

- Assistant of DC "Nove nade", Hana Jusic won third place at Festival of pop music Bihac 99.

- We organized course of foreign languages, and we prepare computer course.


Address: Svetog Save bb, 76300 Bijeljina
Tel: 056 403 116. Fax: 056 402 975

Student Union of Teachers Faculty in Bijeljina was founded as NGO without political and party determination, with an aim to work on educational, cultural, humanitarian, sport and other activities. The
organization was founded at the Student Assembly at 14th November 1997.

At the beginning of our work, the organization worked at the territory of Bijeljina municipality. When the Union became part of Student Union of University in Serb Sarajevo, we wide our work to whole east RS (from
Trebinje to Brcko).

The mission of our organization is raising of awareness of students about their status, on the students themselves as well as wider social community where we exists.

We are trying to get know with wider circle of youth in whole B&H, because our work is based on overcoming of national-ethnical barriers.

We work for promotion of following principles:

promotion of democratic values, human rights and development of civil society, support in realization of student rights in solving of all questions, as well as participation in all future democratic changes of our society, wider sport culture, cooperation with all other youth organizations, NGOs and other organizations with common aims of work.


Address: Strepci 121, 76214 Gornji Zovik
Tel/fax: 076 749 108, 750 351 (Radio)

In last month all activities of our Union were pointed on more concrete connection with hCa Youth Network in B&H, and on proposed plans.

Because of engagement in solving of lack of working space, we could not realize tribune who was planned for this month, and we will try to realize it in October.

Our two representatives (Delfa Josic, Anto Pranjkic)
participated in workshop on Modrac Lake, while Vladimir Nikolic was the participant of the Summer School in Brcko.

City of Brcko is about 15 km away from our Union, so participants of the summer school were our guests for one evening.

During the Summer School in Brcko, we presented
the work of Union and we made promotional material "Who we are, what we are and what we do".

Also, for the next issue of magazine TNT, we prepared short presentation of our organization.

In last month, our organization was present in media very much. Radio Ravne-Brcko broadcasted show, which was dedicated to our Union.

The reports of our work were broadcasted on couple of radio stations. The public tribune "Permanent election law and what youth think about it", was organized on September 27 in Boce by OSCE Democratization Department.

In October we plan to participate in making of magazine "7x". The idea for this magazine was born during the workshop on Modrac Lake, and members of seven organizations whose representatives were present on
that workshop will prepare it.

We plan to have more members of the Union and to prepare couple of small projects.


Address: Dom kulture, 70240 Gornji Vakuf
Tel/fax: 070 265 403, 265 703
e-fax: 001 413 647 3609

KUD "Halil Mrsic" re-started its work on September 10th 1999, after the summer pause.

Also, we are preparing for travel to Sweden and France, which should be in second half of October.

On that occasion, the member of KUD will visit and have concerts in following cities: Gislaved, Norkoping, Norceping (Sweden), Strasbourg, Paris, Tourns, Reims, Gion (France).

We got the invitations from several organizations:

Association B-H from Sweden, Association "SOS BiH",
Association B-H, Mission of B&H in Council of Europe (France).

After this trip, the chief of folk orchestra Refik Bumbul will stay for 30 days in Tournus, where he will be part of France reggae group "Ras Amadeus Bongo & Routs Band" and they will record some songs.

During the summer period, we made experimental page of KUD, which you can see at:



Address: Ilidza bb, 70240 Gornji Vakuf
Tel/fax. 070 265 594

During September we worked on following activities:

- 17th cycle with following sections started: computers, English, German, photo, drama, guitar, keybords, karate, echo mountaineers, art, dancing etc.

395 participant are involved in section, and the cycle ends on 20th September.

- Teenagers that are volunteers in the Youth center made plans for three month for its activities. They wrote project proposal for "Media Center" and they got 1000 DM from SHL for printing of first number of the newspapers.

- One member of volunteer group was on the seminar of hCa Youth Network in Brcko. The knowledge, which he got on this seminar from the field of journalism and Internet, he will transfer to the group.

- We had visits of Andrea Zeravcic, the director of development in UMCOR, and Paul Stubs, in the framework of the project DFID, for strengthening of political and social protection, the representative of
UNV project of building of confidence in B&H.

- Youth Center made project proposals for European Commission and Swedish caritas.

Plans for October:

- There will be workshop on creative writing, held by youth from "Mladi Most" Mostar, and the participants will be members of Youth Center.

- Theatre workshop, lead by Mrs. Aleksandra Stipetic from Leverkusen, city-friend, the participants will be youth from Youth Center and teachers from primary schools.

- We will start with the realization of the project "Drugs and Violence", will be led by trainers from CMS from Zagreb.

- Two girls - members of OCGV will participate on the seminar organized by "Mladi Most" from Mostar.


Address: Omladinski centar, IlidÏa bb, 70240 Gornji Vakuf
Tel/fax: ++387 70 265 403


Address: 309 Brdske brigade 4, 72240 Kakanj
Tel/fax: ++387 72 750 213, 750 384

During July ’99, besides organising computer and aerobic courses, CMOK implemented the following activities:

* We started with activity of offering Internet accesses in Centre. Internet works from 19:00 to 22:00 and user of our service pay only for telephone costs.

* We finishing video studio, which will be useful for our, and also for other youth centres in B&H.

* We started to work in photo – laboratory, and we already work at developing our own photographs

During August ’99 we will start with the manifestation (Festival) which will take place from August 5th. to 8th.

During that Festival will be held following activities:

* Theatre performance "Pseudo", by the Youth Theatre Travnik;

* Rock concert with two groups from Italy ("Last Kadish" and Punkina"), "Gluho doba against def age" Zenica and one group from our centre;

* Techno party with DJ "Ismo" from Sarajevo and one DJ from Zenica;

* Basket tournament;

* Graffiti (together with one graffiti makers group from Italy we will make a graffiti 45 x 2 meters)

* Open air performance with the "BezbriÏni Rupert" group from Travnika.

Address: Davidov trg 1, 79240 Kozarska Dubica
Tel/fax: ++387 52 40 120
contact: Saviç Branko, Piralica Suzana

Citizen’s Association "Korak" and Youth Centre Kozarska Dubica up till now implemented a lot of activities, in connection with the new election law in B&H.

In co-operation with the OSCE office in Prijedor and CCI Banja Luka we organised round tables in our Centre.

The Youth Centre started to work at the beginning of May ’99. The centre’s main activity is providing and distribution of informations about school, universities, employment, health care, recreation, sport, social issues and travelling.

Up till now we have around 120 members, ages 15 – 25, and we have planned to involve them more.

We also have plans to continue at the collecting and distribution the informations, and also to start a project of opening fine art, film and journalism workshops.

During August we will organise a concert in our city. We also have planned to star with project of democratisation of youth within the society.

Address: Kara_or_eva 48, 78250 LaktaSi
Tel/fax: ++387 58 218 936, 218 937

Besides the other regular activities, Democratic youth Centre Laktasi during July organised following activities:

* In co-operation with the Ministry of youth and sport in RS and Ministry of sport and youth in FRY we organising participation of the young people from RS at the various youth summer schools. That activity started at the beginning of July and will continue until the end of August ’99. Topics at those summer schools are various, like: technical courses, ecology school, journalism, etc..

* Together with the Youth Foundation Sweden, from 18th. To 25th. July ’99. our 20 members participated at the European Summer Camp in Budapest (Hungary)


Address: Tuzlanskog Patriotskog Odreda 168, 75213 Gornja Lipnica
Tel/fax: 075 281 359, 806 231

During September "Lipa" Lipnica worked on implementation of following activities:

Action of cleaning and widening of a road on relation Grebnica - school Lipnica, started on 5th and finished on 19th September 1999.

Youth from Sweden and Lipnica have done their job with great pleasure and nice gathering.

At the beginning of action, we had short lecture about mines for working brigade. The lecturers were experts from Swedish battalion.

Two young people visited Sweden for 7 days in the framework of project - exchange of experience of youth organizations.

Plans for October:

On 2nd and 3rd October will be held conference "with youth in the future" on the topics of democracy and ecology.

During the second half of October we will be the hosts for representatives of "Church" form Sweden.


Address: Obrtnicka bb, 80101 Livno
Tel/fax: 080 202 166

This month was crucial for our organization. We held the round table "Generation gap" which was very successful. We hope that we will have another one with same participants, so we can see the results.

The donor of the round table was Care International.

We started the process of registration of our organization, so we have the re-organization, and
now we have several smaller groups responsible for different issues.

We are everyday visitors at the Mayor, because we want to have municipal space for work.

We still didn't find the donor for expense, including
rent, but one of them promised that they give the money for reconstruction of destroyed space.

Unfortunately, the municipal authorities are not very cooperative, so we still do not have the answer.

In October we hope that we will find the donor for the furniture and office material which is very needed. We hope that you might help us.

The process of registration should be finished at the end of October.


Address: Milosa Crnjanskog b.b., Modrica,
tel/fax: ++387 58 880 200
e-mail: gocav@eunet.yu

Citizens Association "Buducnost" from Modrica is the partner organization to the International Law Group and together with them we participated in making of National report of NGOs about Women Human
Rights in B&H.

In that occasion, on 27th September 1999 in Banja Luka, we held the press conference where this report was presented.

We also participated in the work of Summer School "Media and Presentation of Youth Organizations", which was held from 19th to 26th September in Brcko.

We have several projects, which are still in function and in which realization youth is also involved. Those projects are free legal assistance, SOS phone, free courses of English language.

In October 1999 we will start realization of the project "We build future together". The realization of this project should start in August 1999, and it is consisted of three two-day long workshops for women, youth and joint workshop.


Address: Mile Budaka 55a, 88000 Mostar Tel/fax: 088 316 680 e-mail:

During September, the members of "Mladi Most" Mostar were on vacation.

For October we plan to organize "Amon Raa Party" where the participants will be DJs from Mostar and other cities.


Address: Hrvatske mladezi, 88000 Mostar
Tel/fax: 088 318 738, 318 737

In September, center made several workshops on topics "How to write project proposal", and in October we plan to organize football liege "Srcem '99" where all youth from Mostar can participate. We planned
valuable awards.

Address: Peçani B2/5, Prijedor,
Tel: ++387 59 212 828,
Fax: ++387 59 211 840

During July ’99. SANUS Prijedor implemented following activities:

From July 09th. To 11th. we participated at the LEAP Seminar. It was a working meeting about methodology of making plans of activities at the field of protection of environmental at the local level. At this seminar we invited also a representative of the local government who is in charge for this issue;

From July 01st. To 3rd. two of our members participated at the workshop "Gender relations" in Kulasi;

With the support of "Handicap International" and "Action against AIDS" Banja Luka, during July we organised 5 workshops in the Prijedor secondary schools. Topic of those workshops was "Prevention of AIDS". We are proud of our peer educators, who done a good job;

"ECO school", which was held at the Kozara mountain, gathered a big number of youth from SANUS, who can transmit their ecological knowledge to their parents and friends. This project we organised with support from REC;

Our exhibition space functioning well. We can say that we found another way to attract our citizens;

Members of our organisation participated at the "Eco summer" in Prijedor, as the "ecology graffiti makers";

We use the opportunity to congratulate our member Zerina Jakupoviç, who became a member of the Executive / Coordinational board of the hCa Youth Network in B&H, at the workshop in Kulasi.

Address: Merhemiça trg bb, Ciglane, 71000 Sarajevo
Tel/Fax: ++387 71 666 240, 209 988
During the last month, a youth clubs network "Something More" works at the following:

Organising a public tribune about the co-operation of universities from B&H Federation and Republika Srpska. At those tribune participated students from: Zenica, Mostar, Bihaç, Banja Luka and Tuzla

At the beginning of July we send 35 teenagers from: Youth Centre Sarajevo, "With the heart" Mostar, Youth Centre "Flamingo" Bosanska Krupa, Youth Centre Velika Kladusa, "Firefly youth project" Brcko, Youth House Zenica and Music Centre "Pavarotti" Mostar to Barcelona, Spain;

During July we also worked at the selection of the candidates for the participation at the "Leadership Adventure" in Minnesota, USA, from august 16th. To September 4th.


Address: Hamdije âemerliça 25, 71000 Sarajevo
Tel/fax: ++387 71 524 353

Members of the "Zene Zenama" subproject, the Young Witches, spend July preparing bulletins, together with the members who work in newspapers. Topics of those bulletins are: Prostitution and trading with women, Violence and abusement of the women and Youth in B&H.

Those bulletins are aimed to the members who are interested about those issues, and to everyone else. During August ’99 most of our members will be at the Summer holidays, but we will also use that time to prepare ideas about the concrete future activities.

We will start to work again at the beginning of September.

Address: Grliça br. 32, Vojkoviçi, Srpsko Sarajevo
Tel: ++387 51 674 424, 674 032
Fax: ++387 51 672 305

UNO Srpsko Sarajevo during August has planned to start with the implementation of project "Chess school". In this project we will involve youngsters from both B&H entities.

At the end of the chess school, we will organise a chess tournament. The CSR Sarajevo supports this project.

During August we will also work at the equipping our office. Our representative participated at the Strategic planning Workshop in Kulasi, near Prnjavor, organised by the hCa Youth Network in B&H.

At the beginning of July we participated at the strategic planning work of the Srpsko Sarajevo regional youth forum, where we made a plan for the next year.

UNO also participated at the summer campaign "Tolerance among the youth in B&H", where we distributed T-shirts to our members, and to other youth organisations in our region.

We were also actively involved in preparation of the youth conference, supported by OSCE, where we will invite participants from all over the B&H.


Address: Savska bb, 78420 Srbac
Tel: 078 841 337
Fax: 078 840 873

NGO "Youth Association of Srbac" is young organization. We registered in April 1999, and we become form common association, which exists since

YAS has about 20 members from 18 to 30 years old. We are also registered in ICVA and we are members of hCa Youth Network in B&H.

In September we got the working space from the Municipality, and now we are working on its reconstruction.

In July 1999 we were guests in "Action Camp" at Youth NGO from USA. In March and May 1999 we participated on seminars organized by Phare.

From 19th to 26th September we were participants of Summer School in Brcko, organized by hCa Youth Network in B&H.

We plan to have educational seminar for our members on computer skills, foreign languages, citizen advising,
preparations for supervision of elections in 2000.

In our organization there is a lot of will and wish for work and we expect help from local and international organizations.

Our main aim is opening of youth center in Srbac and involving of youth in society.


Address: Turalibegova 5, 75000 Tuzla
Tel/fax: ++387 75 251 279, 250 702

During September 1999, Urbana kultura contacted the participants of Festival in wall painting /graffiti/ for collecting of information's for the leaflet of the Festival, which will be used as a report from the last Festival as well as the promotion material for the next one.

During October we will continue with collecting of needed informations and we will make the proposal of leaflet, contact possible donors for the expenses needed for printing.

Address: Ismeta Mujezinoviça 13, 75000 Tuzla
tel/fax: ++387 75 235 487, 240 851

In September we worked on preparation plan of one member which will participate on seminar in Bulgaria.

Also, we worked on cooperation of Roma youth from Poljice, settlement Svatovac as well as on meetings of
Roma youth from Sapna, Zivinice and Banovici.

We showed them the instructions for organizing of youth in new Roma organizations.

In October we will mainly work on organization and registration of Association of Roma Youth.

Also, on finishing of project for founding of first Roma folklore ensemble at the level of Tuzla Canton.

Address: Bulevar Armije 4 (Kula G), 75000 Tuzla
Tel/fax: ++387 75 250 697, 216 396

During July ’99, Draft Theatre Tuzla finished a project of school of acting for children "Draftiçi". That school includes the education of children within the theatre and their skilled education and preparing for their first exhibition in September.

Within those school we have 17 participants, ages 9 to 15.

During August we will be at the summer holiday, and we will start to work again at the beginning of September.

Address: DÏafer Mahala 5, 75000 Tuzla
tel/fax: ++387 75 235 487

In the last reporting period folklore group Sa E Roma was very active. Each week we have three rehearsals.

For 30 days we prepared choreography "Bosna", and we are preparing new one - "Slavonia", which we plan to finish at the end of October.

All this work we want to award by the presentation of everything we learned.

Until now, we have not participated in any cultural manifestation, where the folklore group of Roma nationality will be presented.

We greet all the members of hCa Youth Network and we wish them all the best in future work.

Address: Rudarska 32, 75000 Tuzla
tel/fax: ++387 75 235 707, 282 408
e-mail: omladina

In the last period Youth organization of the Red Cross Tuzla worked on following activities:

- From 16th to 19th September was the Conference of youth of Red Cross, where were present representatives of all 10 cantons of Federation of B&H.

The Conference had 30 representatives, and 10 was selected for working presidency of the conference.

The conference was opened by Dr. Sardzida Rasidagic, and on the conference were present the guests from
Republic of Srpska and Yugoslavia.

Youth of Red Cross of Tuzla municipality participated in preparation and in realization of the conference. The conference was finished successfully, and in preparation is inter-entity conference of Youth of Red Cross.

Concerning other activities, the group gathers each Saturday at 11 a.m.

Also, we had a week against tuberculosis, where the Youth of the Red Cross had important role. This week represents traditional activity of Red Cross.

The Youth of Red Cross prepares for the youth fair "Mosaic", where we will have our stand. We prepare for the day against AIDS, and for the inter-entity conference.

Address: P.O. box 411, 75000 Tuzla
Tel/fax: ++387 75 282 408, 242 550

During September 1999, we had more activities because of the start of the school year. The members spend most of the time in the space of club, on the presidency meeting it was decided to open a small library from the field of radio techniques, electronic of radio-amateur discipline.

The member of Presidency, Ilija Adamovic, will provide the issues of magazine "Radioamateri" from the 15-20 years. The mentioned activity was part of the plan of
radio club and the aim was raising of level of technical knowledge of its members.

The conference of the Association of the radio amateurs of TK was held on 25th September 1999 in Teocak, where we also participated.

Address: Tuzlanskog odreda 80, Simin Han, 75000 Tuzla
Tel/fax: ++387 75 250 069

During July ’99 Youth Centre "IPAK" worked at the following activities:

Preparation and holding a rock concert at July 12th. 1999. Concert was held in our Centre, with the co-operation of "FK Hale" Jajce.

At the concert participated two rock groups: "Von Trotha" Germany and "Druga smjena" Jajce;

Our musical and folklore dancing sections rehearsed new songs, and choreographs: "Bosna", "Vranje" and "Sarajevske gradske igre":

Our newspaper section work at the preparations of the second issue "Nase Vrijeme" youth magazine;

Within our Centre we also organise a discotheque for the youth from Simin Han;

We organised a football tournament, where our football team won third place

We work at the preparations of the joint Seminar, together with CAN Sarajevo;

We organised a small computer course for beginners.

Plans for August:

Organising an excursion to "Muska voda" near Kladanj. At this excursion will participate all folklore dance section active members, our members of orchestra, and "Kapi" and "Ipak" teams (in total 50 participants);

We are planning to organise small production – educational carpenter course at our machines;

We will also participated at the organising Summer Work camp in Mosbach, Germany. Camp will take place from August 17th. To September 5th. During that period our Centre will be closed.

Address: NPA (Norwegian People’s Aid) Rudarska 65, 75000 Tuzla
Tel: ++387 75 239 076 (Edin Sraboviç)

After the annually conference, which was held in Hungary at the beginning of July, we decided to register Postpesimists in a B&H Federation.

We succeeded with the following clubs: Tuzla, Olovo, Sarajevo and Mostar. We also elected a new president of Postpesimists from Tuzla, and his name is Ademir Mesanoviç.

Concerning our plans for August, right now we working at the preparation a project of the presentation of the Postpesimists organisation to our Macedonian colleagues. That meeting will be held at the Ohrid Lake coast, with 15 participants, and will take three days.

We hope that we will succeed with that project, as we succeeded with other projects up till now.


Address: Ratka Vokica 2, 75000 Tuzla
Tel/fax: 075 251 579

In the framework of drama studio "Pat", which works in Youth House Tuzla during September we have done the following:

- Work on play "Grad" (City), because of the possibility for a tour.

- We participated on very interesting seminar in Sarajevo called "Nevidljivi teatar" (Invisible theatre), organized by German organization - SHL. On that occasion, there were two street performances at Bascarsija.

For October we plan two new projects:

- Folklore ensemble of Youth House during September had training's at the filed of experimental folklore, i.e. folklore with a lots of new modern elements.

In October ensemble plans the realization of multimedia project, made by Branislav L. Luka and members of the group "Alarm".

Address: Svetog Save 16, 73240 Vi‰egrad
Contact fax: ++387 53 683 122 (Democratic Centre Visegrad)
E-mail: unisusha@demon.emi.yu (subject: for Sasja),

During July ’99, "Urban Concept" Visegrad organized a rock concert, titled: "United Rock Forces - Visegrad ‘99", at the Sport Center "Usçe". At the concert participated 8 following rock groups: "Arija" Rudo, "Virus" Visegrad, "Olovni balon" Sokolac, "Vazektomija" Visegrad, "Plafon" Visegrad and "Histerija" Sokolac. The master of this concert was Zoran Joviciç, cameramen Aleksandar Andjusiç and Novak Kneziç.

The following medias covered the concert: Serb Radio, SRNA and Extra Magazine.

At July 15th. SRT (Serb Radio Television) during the morning program broadcast the interview with the group"Histerija" Sokolac, who won at the Concert, and showed videotape from the concert.

The follow up from those concert was invitation from "Youth Union Tesliç" for the participation of our rock groups at the rock-night in a discotheque "DÏungla" in Tesliç, in August ’99.

We also have planned to organize video-photo performances, and photo exhibition of the Zarko Kuljanin – Zak, where we also present a recording from the concert.

After that, we have planned to edit and distribute videotape from the concert.


Address: Stjepana Radica 2 (Hotel Rudar), 72000 Zenica
Tel: 072 419 103
Fax: 072 413 285

In the last month in the association M3M have been following activities:

- Project team finished projects for CRS and send it on 20th September (16 projects).

Besides micro projects, we finished also some big
projects (six-months and year activities) and some of them are sent to donors.

The leadership of the association made new contacts. Besides others, we had meetings with representatives of Proni Institute for social education from Belfast, and with representatives of OSCE, region Doboj and Zenica which showed a wish for cooperation on project for solving of youth problems in Zepce.

Our representative participated on 7-days long training in organization of the Council of Europe, which was held from 19th to 29th September in Budapest, where also participated representatives from 20 European

Besides certificates of finished course, our representative Kundalic Sinisa brought us many invitations for cooperation with youth organizations from whole Europe. So on the next month, besides usual activities, which are concerned, to material and technical strengthen of the association, we will make contacts with mentioned organizations.

We would like to invite all the organizations, members of the Network and the others to contact us, so we can have cooperation, exchange experiences on a mutual benefit and pleasure.

Contact persons: Mehinagic Neven, Pajkanovic Zoran


Address: Kulina Bana 20, 72000 Zenica
Tel: 072 32 222
Fax: 072 410 122

At the beginning of school year, our work started among the schools and enrolling of new members.

At this moment we work in 6 primary schools and 1 secondary school. Scout's union of Zenica municipality has about 300 members gathered in two reconnaissance detachments.

At the end of September some of our members visited Banja Luka at the consultation with older scouts.


Address: Fakultetska street 1, 72000 Zenica
Tel/fax: ++387 75 418 685

During September "Independent Junior" worked on following activities:

- The donation from SHL was approved, amount 1000 DM for realization of the idea of youth magazine.

- Our members participated on seminars: "18th summer peace school" Teslic (Banja Vrucica) and "Using of media and Internet systems" in Brcko.

- In the next 13 months, starting from 6th September 1999, in our organization is working volunteer from Austrian Peace Service.

Address: Travnicka cesta 1, Fakultet za Metalurgiju i materijale, 72000 Zenica
Tel/fax: ++387 72 26 903

During July Student’s Faculty Club Zenica worked at the following activities

We participated at the student’s Conference in Tuzla, titled "Why youth leaving B&H?"

We organised two student’s fashion shows, one in a discotheque "·EN, and other in a folkotheque "Hari"

We organised a serial of the entertaining events (for students and youth) in a discotheque "·EN"

We work at the education of our volunteers

Our plans for August:

We have planned to participate at the Youth International Festival "Tuzla – Wave ‘99" in Tuzla. We also plan to continue with the organisation of the entertaining youth events in a "·EN" discotheque.

address: Kulina Bana 20, 72000 Zenica
tel/fax: ++387 72 410 122

From the beginning of July, the Scout Troop Zenica was mostly engaged in the organising of the Summer Youth Camp at Boracko lake. Summer Camp was organised in four shifts, each took 11 days.

In each shift around 200 people participated: children and youth from Zenica, scouts, and children of killed soldiers and war invalids from Zenica area.

At the Summer Camp 4th. Shift, planned for August, will participate 40 scouts, and 10 scout instructors. Complete shift will be dedicated to organising a school for scout skills.

Address: Jalijski put 5, 72000 Zenica
Tel/fax: ++387 72 24 122

During July we continued with the implementation of the following projects: "Little College" and "Non-violent Conflict Resolution".

We implemented those projects through our sections: English language, German language, computer section, fine art section, music and drama section, and video section.

During last two months our direct users are 465 children and youth, ages 5 – 20.

In co-operation with the youth network "Something More" Sarajevo, we organised a 19 days summer camp in Katalonia, Spain, where 7 of our members participated. Together with them, in a camp also participated young people from: Mostar, Sarajevo, Brcko, Bihaç and Katalonija.

In the middle of July in a local discotheque we organised joint concert, where "Balkan band" Zenica, "Druga Smjena" Jajce and "Von Troth" Germany played.

Thanks to the "Open Society Fund" Sarajevo, now we have conditions to start a new project, planned long time ago. It is titled: "Youth Internet Centre".

By this moment we are working at the preparation, and for August we plan to register users and start to implement it.

During July we start with project titled "A Mobil computer and English language school" in Kakanj municipality. The project is aimed to the youth, age 12 – 20, and we plan to involve in it more repatriated persons.

Project will be implemented during next 6 months, at three different locations (one city and two village schools), at the areas where is big percentage of the repatriate refugees

In August we expect arrival of the 2 American and 7 German volunteers. We hope that their program will refresh our general activities


Address: Svetog Save bb, 76300 Bijeljina
Tel: 056 403 116
Fax: 056 402 975
Contact person: Solakovic Igor

Address: Vida Njezica 21, 78000 Banja Luka
Tel: 078 29 115
Fax: 078 218 022
Contact person: Denis Aleksandar Erak

Address: Alije Nametka, Ozimice I TO-11/2, 77000 Bihac
Tel/fax: 077 326 071
Contact person: Denis Ziric

Address: Selo Svatovac, z.p. 75303 Poljice
Tel/fax: 075 212 077
Contact person: Tahirovic Samir

Address: Banjalucka 42, 79260 Sanski Most
Tel/fax: 079 81 562
Contact person: Biscevic Nidzara

Address: Selo Biberovici bb, 75411 Sapna
Tel/fax: 075 597 123, 597 101
Contact person: Biberovic Nijaz


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