No. 7

December 1999

The hCa Youth Network in B&H is an informal group of NGO’s and non-political organisations, groups and individuals, whose aim is to fulfill the needs of young people in both entities and who actively involve themselves in the building of a democratic society and the strengthening of a civil society.

hCa Youth Network in B&H Mission,
established at the Strategic Planning workshop
at Kulasi, from 11th. to 17th. July 1999.


Dear friends,
Hereby we present you the 7th monthly bulletin of the Helsinki Citizens’ Assembly (hCa) Youth Network in B&H. This bulletin is available in English and Bosnian-Serbo-Croatian languages.

Here you can find the information about the activities of some of the youth organisations and groups-members of this network and their plans for the future period.

From this issue we will change the content of the bulletin a little.

We added a new part, “Donors”, that could make it possible for you to find some financial resources for some of your projects.

The introduction of this bulletin is shorter, so that there will be more space to describe the members and their activities. If you would like to be on our mailing list in the future, or if you have any comments or suggestions, please let us know.

Enjoy the reading!


During November ’99 hCa Youth network in BiH had implemented the following activities:

- We organised a Co-ordination board meeting of hCa Youth network in BiH in Bijeljina, 12th and 13th of November, where we established network codex’s and co-ordination board codex’s.

At the meeting we also discussed some other questions which are very important for the future hCa Youth Network work to be successful.

- We made the revision of members of hCa Youth network.

- TNT magazine No 3 has been printed and distributed.

- We started preparations of the second youth campaign of hCa Youth
network in BiH. The topic of the campaign is “Corruption”.

This campaign will be realised through: radio jingles which will be played at every radio station in BiH; stickers with the campaign messages which will be distributed all over BiH; and campaign postcards (as a New Year card), which will be send to all relevant Bosnian politicians, International and local organisations, etc. Among the youth organisations that are members of hCa Youth network in BiH, we opened a reward competition for the ideas and graphic design. The competition will be open until 6th of December 1999.

- We started the questionnaires investigation evaluation among the youth organisations – members of the hCa YN in B&H. The aim of this
questionnaire is the creation of a data-base with all necessary information about the youth organisations, members of the network, their activities, needs and capacities, etc.

The information from the database will be used for capacity building and for professional educating of youth organisations who needs further education and strengthening.

- We also started with preparations and distribution of the evaluation
questionnaires. Like every year, we are using the information from that
evaluation for the planning of our future work.

- From 28.11. to 05.12.1999, in Prijedor we organising the third
training/workshop in non-violent conflict resolution, for the youth
leaders in BiH. At the training participate youngsters from Tuzla, Serb
Sarajevo, Zenica, Modrica, Simin Han, Gradiska, Gornji Vakuf / Uskoplje, Visegrad, Bihac, Bijeljina, Lipnica, and Srbac.

Next training we will be organised in January 2000.

- One of the network co-ordinators, Miralem Tursinovic, visited
Zvornik 24.11. and in OSCE reading room had an opportunity to meet and talk with young people from youth organisations from Zvornik and Milici.

At the meeting participated representatives from: Youth club “Sun”
Zvornik, Coalition of students of technological faculty and youth
organisation “Life is beautiful” Milici.

We informed representatives of the youth organisations about the aims and goals of the hCa Youth network, and we also got information about the work of Youth organisations in Zvornik. The meeting was very successful, first of all because that all representatives of youth organisations who were present at that meeting expressed a wish to sign into hCa Youth network BiH.

- Within the frame of the co-operation with other youth organisations
from Balkan area, 8 members of co-ordination board are travelling to
Bar, where the Association for democratic prosperity “Wall” Podgorica, in co-operation with hCa Youth network BiH are organising the youth
conference (06. -12.12.1999). The topic of the conference is “STABILITY PACT AND THE ROLE OF THE CIVIC SECTOR”.

At the conference will be around 60 participants: Montenegro, Serbia, Croatia, Macedonia, Kosovo, Greece, Bulgaria, Denmark, Netherlands, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Hungary, Romania, and other European and Balkan countries.

If you have any questions, or you need more information about hCa Youth network in Bosnia and Herzegovina, please contact any of our members, or hCa youth co-ordinators.

Aleksandra Petric

Helsinki Citizens Assembly (hCa) Banja Luka
Jevrejska 52, 78000 Banja Luka
Tel/fax: 078 358 479

Miralem Tursinovic
Helsinki Citizens Assembly (hCa) Tuzla
Turalibegova 5, 75000 Tuzla
tel/fax: 075 250 481


Youth Centre Gornji Vakuf
address: Ilidza bb, 70240 Gornji Vakuf
Phone / fax: 070 265 594
e - mail:

During November, besides regular activities of the 12 sections of
educational, creative and recreate character, and everyday activities at
the Club, were also some other happenings:

- The group of young volunteers are organising in Y.C. “The Halloween
night”. More than hundred kids spent an unforgettable night with masks, dance and competitions

- Members of the women group “Youth Bridge” from Mostar were having two days workshop of creative writing for children and youth.

- We successfully finishing a yearly project “Teachers in separate
community” (series of workshops with the topic of new way for solving of conflicts, non-violent communications, introducing innovation methods in teaching)

- Approved a yearly project “Third step” (workshops of strengthening of
children’s and youth)

- Presentation of youth magazine “YC Tribune”, written and edited by the members of Media Centre.

- We made constructive meetings with a lot of local and international

- Our members participated in a roundtable in Sarajevo with the subject “Future of NGO sectors in BiH”, and also participated in a seminar in Travnik where we were talking about law and regulations of humanitarian organisations and association of citizens.

- Two of our members participated at the training for support of youth
leaders in Prijedor, organised by hCa network B&H.

- We organised a football tournament between soldiers of SFOR and
youngsters from Y.C.

- Two of our young girls participated at the weekend seminar “Game,
doll, thinking” where they learned elements of classical puppet theatre
and puppet techniques, organised by “Young bridge” Mostar.

Plans for the next month:

- Finishing three-month cycles, testing and presenting of what had been learned, giving diplomas.

- Preparations for the New Year celebration (children and youngsters are decorating the Centre)

- The professional evaluator from Belgrade will come in our Centre and
work at the evaluation.

- Organising a “farewell party” for UMCOR volunteers who spend us 16
months with us.

- Activities in project “Youngsters and dependence” - roundtables,
workshops etc.

Association “ Youngsters of Third Millennium”
Address: Stjepana Radica 2 (Hotel Rudar), 72000 Zenica
Phone: 072 (0) 419 103 (loc. 110)
Fax: 072 (0) 413 285
E - mail:

In association M3M, besides difficulties that is normal for lot of new
organisations these days, we have optimistically work atmosphere.

For example 27.11. (Saturday) we had a roundtable in Maglaj titled
“Importance of inter-entity co-operation in bettering the process of
democratisation”. Besides us the participants were youth NGO and
independent young intellectuals from Maglaj, Teslic, Doboj, Zepce and

The aim of this meeting was to clarify the problems of inter-entity co-operation, and by starting initiatives together to find strategies for solutions.

After investigation of problem and needs of youngsters that are by our
opinion in a very bad, even alarming situation when it comes to
co-operation and communication between young people in mentioned
municipalities, we decided to organise meetings with the participants
from those area.

We believe that we will realise at least a big part of our desirable aims.

The donor of this activity is Know How Fund.

Organised by OSCE (offices in Doboj and Zenica) together with OST
Teslic, Oz Petrovo, Youth centre Doboj-East and Local Democracy Embassy Zavidovici we will visit each other in order to raise some joint

Within the frames of our basic activities, contributing of inter-entity co-operation, and generally because of our high opinion about all activities of hCa youth network, we are very interested for active participating and contributing in all projects of network.

In one part of the letter about our activities I had mentioned a lot of
problems which we are, as the young organisation, facing. The main
problem is the elementary conditions, actually the equipment that we
need for our work (computer, printer and copy - machine). Computer and printer we have only started to use from 15.11 this year, and copying we have to pay for from the beginning until today.

The reason for our bad material situation is non-solidarity from other local NGO, because we were formed in a bad period of the year and that we didn’t succeed to collect necessary equipment. Because we had started from “clear zero” and that we don’t have anyone behind us, we are satisfied with our results. But in a period when we have more activities, lacking of the mentioned equipment is a big handicap, and that influence a little bit on the moral as well.

That is why we are asking all youth organisations, and other domestic
and international NGO, if they have any possibility, in could in any way
help us to solve this problem.

Rock group” Bad time” Banovici
address: 119 MBB 16, 75290 Banovici
phone: 075 (0) 874 114
e - mail:

During the November 1999 the group had worked on following activities:

Performance for a celebrating manifestation of 50 anniversary of
cultural amateurism in Banovici

Participating on a concert “Tuzla solo artists” 16.11.1999

Finished recording of single “In dream”

For December we are planing concert with dancing group “No limit”

Address: Strepci 121, 76214 Gornji Zovik
Phone / fax: 076 750 351, 749 108

Most of our activities in November were concentrated on finding the
space for work. We have been facing that problem since forming of our
association, but finally we solved it. Office of Association is in
Gornji Zovik, in primary school “Zovik”.

In the past month we have done three Youth program radio shows on the radio station Ravne - Brcko.

We now have the contact with the organisation “Proni”, who are active in area of Brcko district, and we arranged a course of English language for members of our association. The course will run in two cycles. The first one will start in the first part of December and there will participate
15 members. The same number of members will participate in second cycles of the English language course.

In Brcko is formed Youth Parliament, where the members of our
association take active part (Edita Memovic and Anto Pranjkic).

We have participated in a show dedicated to youngsters in this area, it
was transmitted by Brcko television.

Address: Bihackih branilaca bb, 77000 Bihac
phone / fax: 077 (0) 332 546

In the past period Democratic Centre “New Hope” from Bihac has organised a lot of activities for citizens USK. We were guests, but also hostess of a seminar, meetings, conferences, roundtables and a lot of other activities.

In the period from 24.10 - 24.11.1999 the Centre had the following

Organised a lot of press conferences (OSCE, SFOR, BSP, SDP, LBO, etc),

Seminars: “The role of clergy in children raising” - seminar for young

“Education theatre” Mostar

“The role of manager” - seminar for NGO

“Women can do that, women in politic” - seminar for women

“Youngsters and sex tolerance” - seminar for youngsters

Showed document movie “The lights in the tunnel”

New stories and continuing of co-operation in project “Humanity and
healthy society”

Printing of posters “Democratic network of USK”

Participating in a seminar in Prijedor (27.11. - 03.12.1999) organised
by hCa Youth network in BiH.

Courses: “English culture and civilisation”

“English as a world language”

“English language history”

Organised training of local CARE personal from BiH, Croatia, Macedonia,

Organised meetings of managers of Democratic Centres New Hope, BiH, Sarajevo,

In Vogosca we organised the first meeting for making of reports about
human developing in BiH especially focused on youth.

Participating on a meeting in Banja Luka, newspaper redaction,

Distribution of working materials, newspapers, brochures,

Giving information to citizens (returnees, refugees), privatisation, law
advises, legislature, returning etc.

Reading rooms open place for informing of public with newspapers from BiH and the world.

Support to young artist, music groups and individuals in recording of
first independent projects.

Guest of Democratic Centre was also Alen Islamovic, ex vocal singer of
Wild Strawberries and White Button.

We hope that the Centre activities can organise and help to all citizens
mostly the youngsters.

For all this activities we are thankful to Semir and Hana, who are enaging themselves for a happier future of youngsters of BiH.

address: Cultural Home, 70240 Gornji Vakuf
phone: 070 (0) 265 403
fax: 070 (0) 265 703
e - mail:

Invited by the association “B - H” from Linc (Austria), association of
citizens “B-H” from Gislaveda (Sweden), association “SOS B-H” from
Tumus, association “Help for the victims from Srebrenica and Podrinje”
from Paris and Mission of BiH in Europe Council from Strassburg
(France), our Cultural - Artistically association had visited and
performed series of concerts in cities of Austria, Sweden and France, in period from 18th of October to 3th of November 1999.

First concert in this turn was in Linc (Austria).

In Sweden we had 5 concerts: in Gislaved 2 concerts, in school for pupils and our people from Bosnia, Jonkopingu, Norkopingu i Kalmar.

In France we had concerts in Lons, Gijon, Turnus, Rems and Paris. For us in Gornji Vakuf the most important was a visit and a concert in the Europe Council in Strasbourg. At this concert were chefs from parliament delegations who had the regular meeting that day.

So the whole turn took 17 days, we had 12 concerts, and travelled 7838 km.

We continued the co-operation with association that we have had until now, and we got in contact with several new association in Sweden and France.

The most important result of this turn is of course that we have got money for a cinema, which Gornji Vakuf really needs. Momentary in town there is not any cinema that could be use for public meetings.

For December we don’t have any planed activities because there is no heating in the rooms where we are practising.

address: Crkvice 50, Studentski Centar
phone: 072 (0) 38 122
fax: 072 (0) 38 013

The Union of students in Zenica´s faculties momentary is working on a
project of starting a youth student radio stations.

If you know some people who can help, let us know. We have a working place and some equipment. That would be only radio for youth but also open for all organisations to editing some of their radio shows. Young bands would have an opportunity to promote themselves trough this radio.

address: Fakultetska 1, 72000 Zenica
phone / fax: 072 (0) 418 685
e - mail:

In past period “Independent Junior” worked at following activities:

starting of education in Proni Institute for social education from 31.10
to 04.11.1999.

We were on a working meeting “Problems of education system in BiH”,
organised 10.11.1999 in Law Centre in Sarajevo. The organiser was an International Law group.

27.11.1999 we were participating in a roundtable organised by M3M on the subject “Importance of entity co-operation in bettering the process of democracy”.

Plans for December:

Participating in workshop “Strengthening of capacities”, organising by

address: Pecani B2 79, 79101 Prijedor
phone: 079 (059) 232 828, 233 939
fax: 079 (059) 233 939
e -mail:,yu

First and most important we should notice that all phone numbers in
Prijedor municipality has been changed.

“Sanus” now have a new phone number 052 (059) 232 828 and new fax number 052 (059) 233 939

From activities in “Sanus” we can give next:

The visit by a Swedish organisation NBV, with whom we since last summer had co-operated very well with in the project “Drugs in the world”.

We were participants in a radio show “bridge” in Feniks radio (anyway
for those who don’t know, show “Bridge” is one that are connecting three radio stations, one from Tuzla, one from Livno and one from Prijedor).

The subject of the show was “ Where is Bosnia going after Dayton”.

One of the members of “Sanus” was participating in a seminar organised by IBHI in Prijedor on the subject “Social questions and human rights”

We are present at a meeting with IMTD in Mostar.

We are still struggling with limited space, but that is still not
stopping us to continue our active working.

We are preparing for realisation of two new projects. And finally you can see “Sanus” at the Internet.

Our address is:

address: Majke Jugovica 16, 78000 Banja Luka
phone/ fax: 078 (058) 467 746
e - mail:,

After longer time Youth Centre KASTEL is sending report for bulletin in
hope that in future will often do that as well. Last few months we
weren’t able to send the reports because of objective difficulties,
changing of location in a first place, adaptation of rooms for regular
activities etc.

What happened in Youth centre in the past time, besides the regular activities that were planed for 1999, was the following:

preparing of newspapers for youth, contact with group of young people
from different youth organisations from Denmark and USA, who were the guests in our organisation.

Organising of tournament in football for members of our centre, organising of picnic and going to a swimingpool and cinemas,

organising of workshops about implementation of Declaration
of children rights with children from primary schools supported by
UNICEF whose delegation we were hostess, work in micro ecological
project financed by SHL org. whose participants are children who are
making houses for birds, distribute of hygiene packages that we have got from “Save the children” org. for children from Yugoslavia.

We are preparing mini tournament in basketball for youth centres that are supported by org. “Terre des Hommes”.

One of key aims for next year is to continue the implementing of Declaration of children rights.

Next year the budget of youth centre is lower so we will have to find new donors who would be interested to support youth org. with the same or similar orientation like is youth centre KASTEL.

We would like to say that we are confirming our membership in hCa Youth network.



Goran Ranilovic is in Sweden to visit Peace Questu, where he is
more than two months working as volunteer as part of exchange program of organisations from BiH and Sweden.

For needs of this information bulletin, we are sending some of his impressions during his visit in Sweden:

I am the member of association of citizens “Step” from Kozarska Dubica, who are mostly working on PC education, languages schools etc. My first contact in Sweden was with people working with conflict management, human rights, questions about UN etc.

General Peace Quest is a peace organisation who are working with many different committees, like Balcan committee, Committee for Middle East, for White Russia, Zambia, Estonia, and of course UN committee etc.

For this last two months I had been working in Balkan and UN committee.

We had several workshops about situation of today in areas of ex Yugoslavia, and especially BiH. I visited approximately 10 high schools and one University in Upsala where we organised a roundtables about the before mentioned subjects.

About the organising of Swedish youth org, all of them are in the network LSU

- National Youth Council of Sweden, who are co-operating with the
Swedish Institute. The general aim of Swedish Institute is to financial
support NGO, this is done together with other donor organisations in
Sweden (like Sida, Olof Palme IC, etc). My impression is that they are
talking too much but not working so much.

address: Kordunska 14, 78000 Banja Luka
e - mail:,

We didn’t write last time because most of us weren’t here. Most of the
members were in Slovenia (Rogaska Slatina) were we had a camp of
Postpesimists, with the subject “Media presentation of Postepesimists”.

Katarina Ceranic participated in the Millenium Young People’s Congress in Hawaii from 20.10 to 02.11.1999. She represented BiH and her organisation as well. At the last press conference in Los Angeles she had an opportunity to have a speech on behalf of young people from Europe.

About our projects we just finished the recording of the movie that we had started two months ago. The working name of the movie is “Priblizavanje” (getting closer together), the reason for the title is
that it was done with youth from Tuzla and Mostar.

That movie is about our opinion of human rights and life here. But the problem now is that we don’t have enough money to finish it (we need 5000 DM for montage).

Our new phone numbers are 078 357 534 (Katarina Ceranic) and 078 356 689 (Ljilja Tunjic).

address: 4. Avgusta bb, Grlica 32, 71214 Vojkovici, S.Sarajevo
phone: 071 674 424 (Dimitrije), 071 674 302 (Veljko)
e - mail:

Association of Independent Youth “UNO” Serb Sarajevo momentary is
working on a project of healthy food “Cultivation of Mushrooms” which is approved by UNHCR.

Also we have an idea to start a Internet centre for youth of S.Sarajevo, which should free of charge for the users. This project is still in the starting process.

The representatives of UNO were in Vlasenica on CARE´s fundraising training organised for youth organisations from eastern part of RS. This training will continue in Visegrad and Bijeljina (in December 1999 and February 2000).

Also in December we would like to continue very successful co operation with OSCE and UNHCR and to organise one more conference about uniting of youth organisations in BiH.

In December we are planning to move into one part of our new rooms and probably we will start with preparing of opening of a new office in S.Sarajevo. For adaptation of this space and buying of necessary equipment we need help approximately 8000 DM. Those rooms will probably, in a future, be use for youth radio station “UNO XL”, which is one of our projects.

address: Svetog Save 57, Teslic
phone: 074 731 232 (Dusko Stojanovic)
fax: 074 731 812
e - mail:

Teslic Youth Union has in this past period worked on establishing of
contacts with other youth organisations in BiH and in some other
countries as well.

We had working meeting with organisation “Youth of Third Millenium” from Zenica where we were talking about joint future projects.

The bad thing for our organisation now is that our president is now in the army and in this next year he will not be with us.

Besides mentioned activities we were participated in making human developing report organised by IBHI. One of the ideas that we had to open a youth community in Teslic, finally seems to be realised. The community is registered and we hope that a lot of young people in Teslic will get involved in this project.

Besides that we are helping young sport activists and high school pupils in realising of some of their ideas in this town. Teslic is still one small and closed town and it is very difficult for young people to stay motivated and to believe that they can steel change something in better. In situation when we all living by very low social standard, youth in Teslic usually spending their free time without any aims. We have a lot of unemployed people in town. But we will not give up of our activities and we will try very hard to engage youth and make more activities with which they can spend their free time.

address: Bulevar Armije 4 (kula G), 75000 Tuzla
phone: 075 (0) 250 697, 216 396
e - mail:

In the last month Draft theatre are working with “Draftici”, with
children from 7 -15 year old. About 20 of them had started the Draft
school of acting, where they had learned basics drama, and now they are working on their own project named “Dugonja, Trbonja i Vidonja”.
The responsible for this is: Emir Sejranic, Dragan Tesic i Mario Vranjes, and project co-ordinator Miralem Tursinovic.

In the same time assembly Draft Theatre is preparing a new project named “Leti pukovnice, leti” (Hristo Bojcev). For this project we had an audition, after that the director Dragan Tesic chose 8 actors who will work on this project. First training will be in the start of December.

address: Jalijski put bb, 72000 Zenica
phone / fax: 072 (0) 24 122
e -mail:

In November we continue to work, by the program for 1999. We have done the registration for fifth and last working cycles in this year. In
projects “Young knowledge”, “Non-violent solving of conflicts”, “Youth
Internet Centre” and “Mobil school in Kakanj municipality”, in this
cycles were working around 790 users from 5 to 20 years. All this
projects are in the finishing phase and we are trying to find the
resources for the continuing realisation in 2000.

After regular sections work and several handdolls shows in Youth Home we didn’t organise any special extra lesson in November. But we would like to say that the Video section participated in a film festival of
children and youth ZE- DO Canton, organised by Nacia techinc of BiH, and the film done by our section was on a first place.

In project “Independent earning of money” an art workshop is making New Year cards, and graphic design section is preparing printing new issue of “Lastavica” for MCCK. We are using this opportunity (if we can make a commercials this way!) to offer to interested youth organisations beautiful cards for next holidays.

Those who are interested can contact us on e - mail address:

address: Tuzlanskog Partizanskog odreda 168, 75213 Lipnica,
phone / fax: 075 (0) 806 231, 281 359

The representatives of the church “Hjaretpunkten” from Sweden had
visited our Youth club and spend two days here. First day we organised a meeting and we exchanged experience and established a good future co-operation.

Project with “green action” from Zagreb also named as “Colours of 2000”, is now in preparing phase and searching for donors.

The 28.11 our two representatives went to Prijedor for a workshop about Non-violent communication, organised by hCa Youth network in BiH.

In second half of November, exactly 28th ODL had organised a meeting
about “Establishing and protecting of human rights in BiH” in Banovici.

Plans for December:

AGENDA 21 - Lipnica (program for developing and protection of
surroundings) is the first local agenda in BiH, which will be in Lipnica.
In this month would Youth club together with ODL start to collect
material for agenda 21 - Lipnica.

In plans for December is also a rock concert.

The end of December is like last year, also this year planned for Santa
Claus who will go trough Lipnica town and give some small presents to
the children who would be on the street.

address: Dom izvidaca, 75214 Ljubace
phone / fax: 075 (0) 808 010

Scouts troup “Rainbow” Ljubace organised 7.11.1999 detachment scout multi competition “Ljubace 99”. Multicompetition was organised in area of MZ Ljubace and Husino, and there were around 50 scouts and mountains trekkers.

Groups of scouts had competitions in the following

Orientation sprinting (5 km ) Cvorologija

Competition in making tents

Photo competition


Orientation competition

Sending of scout messages

Cultural - entertaining program

Those who were best got diplomas and awards, and all had lunch.

address: Rudarska 32, 75000 Tuzla
Dzindic Mahala 21, 75000 Tuzla
phone / fax: 075 (0) 251 603
e - mail:

In co-operation with the Cantonal organisation of red cross and the
public institution Medical faculty Tuzla, 18.11.1999 was organised a
seminar in Hotel “Bristol” about “how to say YES - prevention, and NO -
AIDS risk”. The participants were educated as instructors to widening
the knowledge and how to protect against AIDS. On this seminar were
participants mostly from Tuzla Canton municipalities in the age from 15
to 19.

The members of Youth organisation RC also were participated in computer education. All members of this organisation now know the basic in computers. This project is organised by federal co-ordinator of youth of Red Cross.

With all this activities December was very successful month.

address: Postanski fah 411, 75000 Tuzla
phone / fax: 075 (0) 327 777

Like we already said in our last report that in areas around Tuzla was
organised autumn ARG Cup organised by Radio Club “Tuzla” where our radio club took active part in the organising.

21th of December, the miners Day is in front of us, exactly today when we are writing this report (29.11.1999) there will be a meeting of President and there it will be decided about the organisation of the mentioned competition.

Proposition of this radio amateur competition where will participate radio station from BiH with prefix T9, and also all citizens all over the world, by announcing it on the address:,

where you can also find the results of the competition. And on our web sites on the same address there is information that could give you a lot of knowledge about our organisation.

adress: Kulina Bana 20, 72000 Zenica
phone: 072 (0) 32 222
fax: 072 (0) 410 122
e - mail:

For Zenica´s scouts November was full of activities:

The widening of our organisation resulted in starting of activities on
registration of scout scuds “Lisac” and “Smet”

Scouts from Tuzla had made one day visit in our town, where the children from Tuzla (6 - 11 years old) together with children from Tuzla had spend some unforgettable days.

20th of November was organised orientation competition on town level
where participated 130 of our members ages from 13 - 20.

Scouts from federal part of BiH had started the first post-war newspaper “Scout” whose first issue is published this month. Redaction of this newspaper is from Zenica where is done the complete DTP checking of materials for the next issue of this newspaper.

Our members are participating in traditional November Meetings, organised from 26 to 28.11.1999 in Banja Luka. This is the first big meeting of scouts from whole BiH after the war.

In this competition had participated 30 teams from Yugoslavia and BiH, and besides scouts from Zenica, from federal part of BiH there also participated scouts from: Mostar, Tuzla, Sarajevo, Hrasnica and Ilidza.

Momentary this Scout movement is present in our town in 8 primary
schools through scout’s teams, and senior scouts are giving their
support to the work of the organisation trough scout clubs “Alarm K2”
and “Veterani”.

address: Branilaca Banovica 38, 75290 Banovici
phone /fax: 075 (0) 874 114, (Zemlja djece 075 (0) 282 643)

In November we had a lot of extra activities besides our regular
activities. Those acitvites were organising and participating in
cultural manifestation of celebrating 50 years of cultural amateurism in
Banovici municipality.

Youth centre Pinkland had participated in:

Opening of cultural manifestation,

Children song-hits

The night of KUD “Litva” Banovici

Folklore dancing festival from 6 towns of BiH

Presentation of Y.C. “Pinkland” that it goes every year, on Youth centre

According to the program of presentation of Y C there was organised a
exhibition of young people work from our centre in a hall of Radnicki
dom and cultural - entertaining program in theatre hall of Radnicki dom.

We have a good critics on our work and presented program and all of it
was taped by Cantonal TV.

Also during November the dancing group of our centre “No limit” participated several times in handball games in our sport hall in Banovici.

We also had a sport competition in small football an table tennis
between our centre and Y.C.”Telex” Tuzla.

For December we are preparing

a big New Year program for all users of our centre and the same will be
organised in a hall of our Centre.

address: Ratka Vokica 2, 75000 Tuzal
phone fax: 075 (0) 251 579

Youth House Tuzla had worked in next activities in past period:

drama studio”PAT” is preparing multimedia project named “Samovnik 1”, whose premiere is expecting around 15th of December.

At the same time is prepared a children show “Zvrcka za lopova”. The premiere will be around 20th of December.

Besides that intensively is working on project “Grad”.

address: Turalibegova 5, 75000 Tuzla
phone / fax: 075 (0) 251 279
e - mail:

Urban culture didn’t have any very important activities in the last
period, except a very important meeting with potential donors from BiH
and abroad, who had showed their interest for co-operation with us.
There are different kinds of co-operation - from concrete material help
to exchanging of experience.

The plan is to involve Urban culture in celebrating of New Year night,
that would be prepared in Tuzla, and it would the first time that it
would take place on a streets of Tuzla town.


Konrad - Adenauer Foundation


Sarajevo Sekerova 32, 71000 Sarajevo
phone: 071 210 718
fax: 071 203 312
e - mail:

Banja Luka Save Kovacevica 15, 78000 Banaja Luka
phone: 058 37 419
fax: 058 48 749
e - mail:

Konrad Adenauer Foundation (Konrad Adenauer Stiftung) is one of five
political foundation in Germany In BiH KAS has existed since 1997.
Besides other activities they are financing projects of democratisation,
joint projects and individual projects of youth organisations, and they
are giving scholar-ship for postgraduates and news reports. All other
needed information you can find on their

WEB site: