Helsinki Citizens´ Assembly (hCa)

hCa Youth Network in Bosnia and Herzegovina

The Monthly Information Bulletin – July 2000

No. 16
E-mail edition

hCa Youth Network in Bosnia and Herzegovina is informal group of non-partial organizations, group and persons that fulfil the needs of youth people in entities by actively involving them in building of democratic values and strengthening of civil society.

hCa Youth Network in B&H mission established during strategic planning
workshop in Kulasi, 11.-17. July 1999.


Dear friends,
Hereby we are presenting to you the 16th issue of the monthly informational bulletin of the hCa Youth Network in Bosnia and Herzegovina. This bulletin is issue on Bosnia-Serbian-Croatian and English language. Here you will find the informations‘ about monthly activities of one part of youth organizations and groups, members of this network and their plans for a future period.

If you wish to be included in our mailing list for future issues of this monthly informational bulletin or if you have any questions and suggestions, please do not hesitate to contact us. Also, we are using this opportunity to inform you that you can find this bulletin on the web page of the hCa Youth Network in B&H, on following address:

Enjoy the reading!


hCa Youth Network in Bosnia and Herzegovina implemented following activities during July 2000:

A couple members of the hCa Youth Network in B&H participated at the founding session of the “Citizens’ pact for Stability at Balkan”, held in Herceg Novi, Montenegro, from July 7th. To 9th. The main aim of this project is finding possibilities for the common work of the NGO’s from Balkan area, and work at the joint integration projects. More about it you can read at our next bulletin.

During July we work at the preparations for the study trip of the hCa YN in B&H co-ordination board to Denmark (29.07. – 05.08.). At the study trip we were invited by the Danish Youth Council (DUF)- Within it, our board members will have an opportunity to meet youngsters from different Youth organizations in Denmark, and also young people from B&H, who now
living in Denmark, and who are organized within the youth organization “BONUS”. This trip also has a purpose to find an opportunities for the creation future joint activities and projects between DUF and hCa YN in B&H.

The co-ordinators of the Network during July participated at the meetings of the working group (CARE International, SHL Sarajevo,
Something More Sarajevo and hCa ), which working at the preparations and organizing the Youth Fair 2000, which will be held in Sarajevo, in “Vaso Miskin – Crni” factory, from August 24th. To 27th. Within it, we sent the invitations to the youth organizations in B&H, and collect the application forms. Until now, around 80 youth organizations from all over the B&H send an application forms for the participation.

We made a distribution of the TNT youth magazine No. 5, and start preparations for the next, sixth issue.

For July we planned to organized a Strategic-planning workshop, where supposed to participated all coordination board members, and also members of the B&H Youth Centers. Unfortunately, the facilitator of the workshop could not came, and we postponed it.

At July 13th. In Zvornik, at the radio “Zvornik” se organized the third radio talk show, which aim is to promote work of the youth organizations and initiatives in Bosnia and Herzegovina. At the show participates the members of : Youth Club “Sun”, NGO “Vision” and “Youth Association” Zvornik. Within the show, and besides the presentation of the youth network and work of the youth organizations, participants also spoke about the permanent problems of the youth people in Zvornik.

For August we are planning following:

Preparations for the next issue of TNT;

Preparations for the hCa Youth Network in B&H Summer school (September ’00);

The coordination board meeting;

Holding another radio show;

Participation in organizing the Youth Fair 2000 (Sarajevo, “Vaso Miskin-Crni” factory, august 24. – 27.)


Address: Fra Stjepana Matijevica 3, 75 000 Tuzla
Tel/fax: 036 250 504
Contact: Elizabeta Lukacevic, Jasenko Babic, Maja Djukic

Representative of Youth branch “Y” participated on the Conference with title “ The Part of NGO B&H in pre-election and elections activities”, held in Trebinje July ,5th. 2000. 67 members of the NGO B&H Coalition “Election 2000” attended this Conference with one aim: common strategy for leading central public campaign by members Coalition in pre-election and elections process, animation and education vote population and registration and pre-registration.

Bojan Lalic “Glas 99” and Strahinja Curkovic member of PIK B&H were the guests of Conference and also Srdjan Dizdarevic, the president of Helsinki committee for human rights in B&H. Conference accept the Charter of members NGO Coalition in B&H “Election 2000” for free and fair election which is signed by all participants and representatives of organization members of Coalition.

The participants agreed to send an appeal to donors to support project central public campaign Coalition NGO B&H “Election 2000” and also individual project of each organization.

Address: Sime Solaje 10, Mrkonjic Grad
Tel: 070 211 543
Contact: Zelimir Soldat, president

The youth organization “Center” from Mrkonjic Grad during July 2000 finished the project “Povratimo mladima osmijeh” which is donated by IOCC. This project is collaboration between youth organization “Eskim” and “Creus” from Mrkonjic Grad.

Contents of the project are psychosocial program for country youth and also course of English language. In the same time started for opening center on village on the title “Creus”. With that aim we singed the contract with Premier Urgent. One member of the youth organization “center” from Mrkonjic Grad successfully passed open competition on the title “Human right” in USA organized by Omladinski Komunikativni Centar Banja Luka.

Address: Mladena Stojanovica 15, 78 400 Gradiska
Tel/fax: 051 813 477
Contact: Mutic Nada

During July 2000 members of youth Theatre “Anastasia” from Gradiska were very active in preparing theatrical performances and other activities. One member of theatre attended Summer Institute for youth leadership, hold from 03. to 15. July, in Neum, organized by CARE International.

Besides those activities, we prepared and participated on the International Summer culture Festival “Kastel Fest” which is organized
by government of RS and the city Banja Luka. This festival is traditional and this is the third time that is hold in Banja Luka.

Members of our organization worked at the preparations for participation on the Youth fair (24. – 27. August) in Sarajevo organized by CARE International, hCa, SHL Sarajevo and Nesto Vise Sarajevo. For this fair we preparing performance “Limes” which is performed before (Festival youth Theatres RS, Milici). We still open for new contacts whit youth organization, especially for youth theatres.

Address: Muhameda Hevaji Uskufi 7 (Studentski dom 1) 75 000 Tuzla
Tel/fax: 066 168 076, 035 283 558
Contact: Ramiz Salkic

In July the members of association are free and because of that reason there was not official activities. With regular activities we started on July 20.

Address: Podgorje 42, 75 290 Banovici
Tel/fax: 035 891 118, 066 101 578
Contact: Admir Softic

Our activities during July:

*Worked on distribution of project proposal For Youth center in MZ Podgorje and make contact whit possible donors.

* We get a positive answer by OSCE about seminar whit MZ’s representatives in our municipality. We also visited the location of the Youth Center MZ Podgorje project.

* We continued with the English language courses.

* In the co-operation with OSCE, we prepared a second Financing and budget-preparing seminar for our members. The seminar will be held at the beginning of august.

Address: Turalibegova 5, 75 000 Tuzla
Tel/fax: 035 251 279, 252 127

Contact: Emina Babovic, Amela Erovic, Anisa Serak (033 461 729)

During July, Urban Culture mainly works at the contacting possible donors for the project “Graffiti Fest 2000”. If someone have an information’s about the donors who supporting those activities, please contact us.

We are also actively start with the preparations for the “Civic campaign for elections 2000” project, which we implementing together with hCa Tuzla and hCa Banja Luka. In august we planning to continue with or projects, and also to participate at the Youth Fair 2000 in Sarajevo.

(ex. Association of the Croatian youth)
Address: Strepci 121, 76 214 Gornji Zovik
Tel/fax: 049 204 775, 205 142, 226 838, 749 018
Contact: Anto Pranjkic, Mirko Zecevic, Marica Markovic

The most important activity of our association during the past period was organizing the association assembly, where we elected a new presidency and change our name. Until now, our association was titled “Association of the Croatian youngsters”, and in future period we will hold name: “The Brcko Youth Association – BUM”. Our new president is Marica Markovic. New presidency consists five members (Filip Jaric, Sara Klaric, Marica Markovic, Robert Markovic and Ivo Pranjic), and our supervisory board consists three members (Anto Pranjkic, Mirko Zecevic-Tadic and Mladen Dajdzic).

Regarding the changing our name, the association issued a new promotion materials, which we distributed to all Brcko District citizens.

Our association also got two rooms for our office in our Youth Center.

In July we have visited by our friends from the Great Britain and USA, which donated us valuable computer equipment and digital camera. Our members already working at that equipment and the promotion materials (booklet and other) we already prepared on it.

We using this opportunity to thank to Landmine Survivors Network, who gave us equipment, and also hCa Youth Network in B&H (Samedin), who was mediator.

In July our member Anto Pranjkic participated at the workshop “Future of the youth in B&H”, organized by Council of Europe – Youth Directorate.

We got an invitation from the Center for civic cooperation for Odzak to visit them. Unfortunately, we were not in possibility to accept those invitations, but we will due it very soon.

Our member Mirko Zecevic – Tadic, together with other hCa YN coordination board members at the end of July went to the study trip in Denmark.

Address: Kapetana Leke Damjanovica br. 22, 76100 Brcko Distrikt
Tel/Fax: 049/226 941
Contact: Gordana Varcakovic

In co-operation with NGO Proni from Rahic, in July FIREFLY organized a camp for youngsters, ages 18 – 25. 40 young people spend 7 days at the camp “Pan vir” on the river Neretva. By their opinions, that place was the only place in B&H where the water is potable. The co-ordinators of the camp, organized the theatre, dancing and other artistic workshops, in order to make more interesting this camp. We also organized a one-day excursion to Mostar.

Firefly actively participating at the Youth Parliament of the Brcko District. At the last assembly our member, Gordana Varcakovic was elected for the disciplinary commission of the Parliament.

The preparations of the issuing “Anonimus” magazine are almost over. All articles are done, and we starting to making page layout. We expect issuing “Anonimus” No. 16 at the beginning of august. This issue is mostly dedicated to our festival, organized in June, and camp at the Neretva river.

During July we established a co-operation with the organization “Center for civic co-operation” Odzak. This organization organized one-day excursion at the Bosna river, and aim was to create monthly co-ordination of the NGO’s, and exchanging information’s and ideas for the possible future joint work. Within it, our three co-ordinators
visited Odzak, where they meat young people from other youth organizations. We are looking forward for the future co-operation.

Address: 79240 Kozarska Dubica, Davidov trg br. 1
Tel & Fax: 052 (059) 410120;411048
Contact: Savic Branko, Cibic Radenko, Tonkovic Nebojsa, Piralica Suzana

In spite of the tropical heat, youth center in Kozarska Dubica had it’s space opened for all youth people who wanted to work at something useful and learned something. Our action “All at the bicycles” we cannot implemented from some reasons: it was only few people interested for it, and also we couldn’t find the donors.

For our second project “Youth reading room” we still have no answers from the “Soros media center”, where we applied for it. Maybe this is an opportunity to ask them to send us the informations about it.

One of our members went to Norway to participate at the peace school.

Our project “Journalist workshop” is still under the construction. We hope to finish it until the end of July, and send it to donors.

The action of the cleaning city is began. We make photos of the garbage places, destroyed buildings and other ugly places at the city and surroundings. Right now we preparing the photo – exhibition, where we will invite all local representatives and media representatives, in order to show them a present situation. We have planning with it to make awareness and animate our local government and citizens to take action for the cleaning the city, and to do that in future.

Besides these activities, our center working at the organizing the computer and English language schools.

Address: Jovana Cvijica br. 12, 76300 Bijeljina
Tel: 055/403 116
Fax: 055/402 975
Contact: Teodora Blagojevic, Igor Solakovic

During July we were mostly active with the negotiations with Bijeljina municipality representatives, which promised us to solve the problem of our working space, and also offered us some concrete solutions.

We prepared a project “Establishing the student’s council at the secondary schools”. The OSCE field office in Bijeljina already promised us some support for it.

Address: Svetog Save br. 24, 76300 Bijeljina
Tel: 055/403 116
Fax: 055/402 975
Contact: Igor Solakovic-president

During July we were actively involved at the solving some elementary problems of our students, and also had some activities, important for our organization and faculty. The examination questions was finished at June 15th., and now is the season of the vacations. Most of our students now actively working at the preparations for the coming September – October examinations.

Our two representatives participated at the Summer University for the Youth leadership at the civic society, held in Neum, from 3rd. to 15th. July 2000. Summer University was organized by CARE international, and on it participates the representatives of the youth organizations and groups from B&H, Croatia, FRY, etc.

Our students, members of the city chorus “Srbadija” participated at the Chorus Olympiad in Linz (Austria), where they won second place.

As the member of the hCa Youth Network in B&H, our organization signed a contract about the development of the youth centers in B&H. At the future period within that contract, we will work at the development of the co-operation among the youth organizations in Bijeljina area., in order to develop and connect them, and also animate them to work at the join projects.

We also actively worked at the planning activities for the next school year, and at the preparations of the strategic plan. We will continue with it in August also.

Our office working at the Teachers faculty Bijeljina, and it’s open during the summer.

Address: Dzafer Mahala 4, 75 000 Tuzla
Tel/Fax: 035 235 487
Contact: Mujic Samir, Bobaric Mirsad, Mujic Safeta, Muratovic Senada

During July our folklore group mostly work at the preparing and rehearsing the choreographs. We have performance at the July 20th. In “Zetra” hall in Sarajvo, together with the famous “Gypsy Kings”, at the humanitarian concert, which income was aimed for building the Roma settlement Gorica in Sarajevo. At the concert we performed our two choreographs: “Bosnia” and “Slavonia”. By the reactions of the audience, they were enthusiastic with our performing. We wish success to all of the hCa YN in B&H members.

Address: Podgoricka br. 61, 78000 Banja Luka
Tel: 051/756 045, 465 564
Contact: Savo Popovic, Sasa Cvijic

The members of our association participated at the beginning of July at the Serbian Numismatic Association fair, which was held in Beograd, hotel “Slavia”. At the fair participated also the members of the numismatic associations from Banja Luka, Mrkonjic Grad, and Prnjavor. The representatives of Srbac association were not showed up.

The demonstrations, which happened in Beograd at that period, caused that the fair was not visited enough. Also, some of the invited associations from abroad were not came because of the same reason. We notified that most of the members of the numismatic associations from Beograd are elderly persons, and that’s why our members were not fit into the fair at the best way. However, we made a contacts with some of the associations in FRY.

We have planes to go to the numismatic Fair in Wiena (Austria) in august, and we already started the preparations for it. Our main problem is lack of the financial resources, and because of it, only two our representatives will travel to Vienna. If we somehow
succeed to find finances, we plan to send our representatives also at the numismatic fairs in Italy and Germany in autumn this year.

Address: VII Bataljona 25,Gradacac
Tel/Fax: 035 817 682
Contact: Vesna Pestalic, Nasir Nalic

During July our center continued with our regular activities, such as: “English workshop for children”, “The creative workshops for youth” (together with CGSA Odzak). We also finished seminar “Co-operation and communication”, organized together with “PRONI Institute of Social Education”, and where also participated our friends, members of the youth center “Future” Modrica.

At June 29th. We participated at the IPTF action “Community police”, where we worked at the cleaning the tower “Zmaj od Bosne”, the symbol of our city. After that action, our “Gradina” looks better, and it is the satisfaction to drink coffee on its ramparts.

At July 4th. We had pleasure to hosted group of young people from Northern Ireland (Belfast), which visited B&H within the program of mutual reconciliation. It was very interesting to saw those youngsters how they discussed about the differences between Catholics and Protestants.

We hosted them, and also took them at the swimming at the “Hazna” lake, and at the “Zmaj od Bosne” tower, where we informed them about the history of this area.

Five our members participated at the camp in Zavidovici, organized by “Independent Junior” Zenica and “Future” Zavidovici, where they spend nice time.

One of our members participated at the seminar “Future of the youth work” in Mostar, and couple of our members participated at the Non violent conflict resolution workshop, organized by “Vukovar Institute for peace” and “Future” Modrica.

Hereby we invite all of the hCa YN members for the co-operation, and also which the nice summer holidays to all of you.

Address: Rudnik mrkog uglja DJurdjevik, pogon Visca
phone: 035 767 164
Fax: 035 772 679
Contact: Jasmin Rahimic

During July we organized a computer training for our members. The leader of training was Adnan Softic, electrotechninc engineer. All participants successfully finished training, and also showed interest for such kind of the education.

Besides it, we started initiative for the English language education. Within it initiative, we made contact with one our
colleague from North Carolina, USA, who want to help us. Within it, he will give financial support for one our member, who will study English in USA.

Besides those activities, we also work at the popularization of our association.

Address: Majke Jugovica br. 16, 78000 Banja Luka
Tel/fax: 051/467 746
Contact: lija Trninic-co-ordinator ZDS-YC "KASTEL"

During July our center worked at the regular activities, and also implemented some projects for the youth, ages 12 – 18. Within it, we
educated them in computer skills, English language and some creative workshops. 5 bands visited the music club in our youth center. Every day in our center young people spend nice and funny time. We also organized an excursion for youth, within the project “free time form children from FRY”. At the excursion participated 40 young people. Within the same project, we organized some cultural events, and also 30 children went to the cinema.

We were hosted 7 young people from Belgrade Center for children rights who are, together with our members, involved at the peer education project for the implementing Children’s’ right convention. Within it, we organized a three-day seminar at that topic.

The project of the summer camp for our members is supported by SHL, and we implemented it at the end of July.

The center will host one international volunteer. He will during three weeks organized some activities for our members.
Members of our center participated at several TV shows, with the topic “Children and their rights”.

Address: Branilaca Banovica 37, 75 290 Banovici
Tel/fax: 035 874 114
Contact: Eniz Gabeljic (035 875 645)

Although the beginning of last month was very hot and hard, the activities in our center are implemented regularly. We organized a small football tournament, between YC “Pinkland”, and CZM “Jez” and “Leptir”;

We work at the decorating our center;

One of the most interested event, organized in our center, was a premiere of the movie: “We wont better tomorrow”, made by the members of “Jez” and “Leptir” youth centers. At the premiere participated the members of the “Save the children BiH” main board, project managers from Sarajevo and Tuzla, and many other Banovici citizens;

We organized a summer camp for our 15 members; Four students from Oxford University came to help and work in our center
and also “Jez” and “Leptir” centers;

Representatives of TDI visited us; The group of our members went to the camp at the Krivaja river, together with youngsters from other Youth centers;

We working at the preparations for the Youth Fair Sarajevo 2000;

Our planes for the next month are following:

Hosting another group of students from Oxford University;
Organizing a picnics for our members;
Participation at the Youth Fair 2000 Sarajevo

Address: Mehmedalije Tarabara 5, 72 000 Zenica
Tel/fax: 032 201 754
Contact: Adilovic Edin, Muhamed Skopljak

During the past month we finalized our project “Student camp 2000”. The camp was organized at the Boracko lake, from July 31st. to August 5th. At the camp we invited all clubs from B&H: Zenica, Sarajevo, Tuzla, Konjic, Vitez, Kalesija and Bihac.

At July 18th. We held a meeting of our Organization board. Among the other things, at the meeting we finalized details about the “Student camp 2000”. The main initiators and project leaders of it are CBS Zenica.

At July 15th. At the BM radio Zenica we introduce that project. At the 30 minutes radio show participated: Sanjin Kordic and Muhamed Skopljak. Those project was supported by the Machine faculty Zenica and Students’ Center Zenica. Those two institutions were the main patrons of the camp, together with the main board of the BZK “Preporod”


Address: Livanjska 48, 70101 Jajce
Tel/fax: 030 658 822, 658 096

Contact: Samir Agic

During July our center besides its regular educative, creative and recreative activities, started also some new. The main event of this
period was opening the youth club. The complete arranging of the club made our youngsters, with the help of center. The activities, which this club offers, are all of the things, which are interested for young people. The members of the club will elected their board, which will take care about the program of the club. The club’s work offering the possibilities to the youngsters to get the independence and responsibility in their creative work. Besides other entertainment activities, members of the club also working at the preparing and equipping the weightlifting room.

We also worked at the preparations for the work camp. At the end of month the group of German volunteers came to our center, with the aim to work with our team at the entertainment and education of the children and youth within the programs in our center and at the field. This is the big project, which include many sports’ events and tournaments, amusement through the games and excursions. We using this opportunity to invite all interested organizations and associations from B&H to join us in this, and to create better co-operation.

Address: Ulica Kralja Petra I oslobodioca br.17
Tel/fax : 052/234 846
E-mail :

Contact: Jelena Maksimovic, Zarina Jakupovic

During July we were at the holidays, but we also worked at the final preparations for the presentation of our project: “Reading room – building confidence between the neighbors. The final presentation of this project will take place at the middle of August in Sarajevo, where we will also see is there still a donors who did not forgot Prijedor!

Address: Zdravka Celara br. 6, 78420 Srbac
Tel: 051/840 592 (Dario)
Fax: 051/840 345
Contact: Lazic Dario, Dragosavljevic Aleksandra

During July our representatives participated at the Summer University for the youth leadership within the civil society, held in Neum, from 3rd. to 15th. July. Those activity was organized by CARE International, and on it participated around 60 representatives of the youth organizations from B&H, Croatia and FRY. During the seminar we had an opportunity to exchange our experiences and also to meet many youth activists from the region.

Besides this, the contents of the educative workshops, organized during the seminar, will help us a lot in order to improve our future work.

During this month we also work at the strategic planning for the organization development in 2000/2001. By the results of the
questionnaire, which we held at the region, we realized that youth in Srbac missed many activities. Many of the institutions that worked before at the youth issues, now became a property of some individuals.

At the future period we will work at the following goals: raising the level of the youth education in Srbac and wider region and improvement of the position of the youth within the society and their better communications. We will implement those goals through: organizing an educative workshops, organizing English language and computer courses.

Hereby we inviting all organizations from B&H and wider who are interested do co-operate with us, to contact us.

Address: Fakultetska 1, 72000 Zenica
Tel/fax: 032 418 685
Contact: Kristijan Gerbicz

During July, Independent Junior worked at following activities:
We participated at the youth camp (July 6th. – 9th.) in Zavidovici, organized by Futura;
We participated at the seminar “Coalition 2000”, in Trebinje;
We participated at the Council of Europe workshops I and III;
We working at the next issue of the youth magazine PS;

From July 15th. our members going at the collective vacations.

Contact: Denis Mihic

Hereby we want to inform you that we opened a new organization in Herzegovina region. The organization is titled “Association of citizens for the education in informative science “Info” Mostar. The organization will mainly work at the information science programs, through the organizing various kinds of the seminars.

Right now we working at the
preparations for the “Summer Information camp – Neum 2001”, which will be of great importance for B&H.

Until the implementing of it, we will work at the education in all B&H regions, and also raise the co-operation with all of the similar
organizations, which want to co-operate. One of our member is also the member of the hCa YN in B&H co-ordination board.


Address: Kulina Bana 20, 72000 Zenica
Tel/fax: 032 32 222, 410 122

Like every year before, the Skauts’ Union of the Zenica municipality organizing the summer camp at the Boracko lake. With those manifestation we are occupied until the middle of August.

Address: Muhameda Hevajia Uskufija 1, 75000 TUZLA
tel: 035 252 065
contact: Isabegovic Edinalda, Mihic Vesna (283 344), Jasmin (210 099)

Dear friends,

First we want to inform you about the changing of our contact informations:

Our new address is:
H.M.USKUFIJA 1 (studentski dom broj 1)
New telephone number: 252-065

During July our association finished the project of observing the refugees and mentally handicapped children at the Tuzla kanton area. The project is completely implemented by our students, and supported by WUS Sarajevo.

Right now we are working at the making database of that research, and that is the first phase of our project. The second phase
will be collection the informations about the children with the impediment development in the regular elementary schools at Tuzla kanton area.

With special thanks to hCa, and by their recommendations, our association made a contact with the organization LSN. Three
representatives from England and USA visited us at July 7th. and donated us following working equipment:
- computer and printer
- telephone
- scanner and
- digital photo camera

With the representatives of LNS Tuzla we agreed that our students will work at the field with persons who are victims of the landmines and their families. That project will be started at the beginning of the next school year.

address: Ilidza bb, 70240 Gornji Vakuf
phone/fax: 030 265 594
Contact: Gvozdenovic Mirjana, Jasminka Drino – Kirlic

During July our organization works at the various creative and recreative activities, as following:
During 15 days in our center resided the group of American volunteers from North Carolina, who working at the daily art activities with children;

We organized a 15-days fine arts workshop, where was involved 30 talented children. An exhibition in Children’s’ museum in USA will be setup, as the result of this workshop;

At July 9th. our children, together with workers in center and volunteers organized a picnic to Vranica mountain;

We worked at the final preparation for the summer holidays of 120 children in Zivogosce, Croatia. We organized a meeting with the leaders in Tuzla. This year at the Zivogosce summer camp going 120 children from Gornji Vakuf / Uskoplje, Banja Luka and Tuzla. The children are focussed by the Center for the social work; One of our projects if approved by UMCOR;

20 youngsters from both city communities went to summer camp in Kladanj, together with youngsters from Livno, Banja Luka and Sarajevo;

The members of the drama section working at the new performance. Members of the creative dance section preparing a new choreography, with some dancing and acting elements. What is the important to underline is that all of those activities are leaded by two young volunteers, who showing a lot of the creativity and talent with their work with children.

Our planes for the next month are:
Two children from our center will participate at the seminar: “What kids know about tolerance?” in Veliki Drvenik, Croatia;
We will organized a workshop for the young girls, and trainers will be from the “Mladi Most” Mostar and our center. The workshop will be organized at Vranica mountain. Within it will be organized: surviving workshop, which is a new activity for us.

During august three groups of our children will be at the Adriatic coast;

We will work at the preparing next educational programs.

Address: Dom Kulture “Nikola Kokosar”, ul. Gavrila Principa b.b., 70270
Tel/fax: 070/73 060
Kontakt: Rade Tesic, Borislav Malinovic

In July our association change the address. Our office is now at the Culture house “Nikola Kokosar”. During July we spend a lot of time for the finding a new space and arranging it.

Two our members participated at the summer university for the youth leadership, organized in Neum, from 3rd. to 15th. July, by CARE International. We also participated at the seminar “Relations between the NGO and governmental sector”, in

At the regional level, we established a contacts with the youth organization “Center” from Mrkonjic Grad. Our contacts with the youth organization “Circle” Ribnik, are very difficult, mostly because they have a problems with the electrical power and telephone line. With the president of “Center” Mrkonjic Grad, Zelimir Soldat, we agreed to organize a meeting in their space, and to make joint contacts with “Circle” from Ribnik.

At the next period we are planning to make new contacts with other youth organizations from the region, who are not the members of the hCa YN in B&H, and to offer them a co-operation.

Tel/fax: 032 846 032, 845 330
Gsm: 066 153 272 (Besic)
Contact: Besic Maja, Subasic Mirela

At the day of the anniversary CA “Together” (July 2nd. 2000), the Forum of the NGO’s in Vares are established. The Forum are established as the result of the need to join all of the health society structures which coming from the citizens, no matter of their national, politic or any other affiliations.

The Forum consists: CA “Solidarity”, CA “Together”, The Association of the Croatian Bosnia friendship, The Consulate of the first children’s’ embassy, Skauts’ unit, Serb Citizens Council – Citizens movement for the equality and Youth Association.

The Forum members’ opinion is that with their joint work they can reach more at the: development of the joint living in Vares and in B&H, building the modern parliamentary democratic system, protection of the human rights, development of the economy, returning refugees and displaced persons, advancement of the reconciliation and dialogue, and improvement of the co-operation with other NGO’s in B&H and abroad.

At the initiative from large number of displaced persons who wants to come back in their homes, we send an appeal for help at the returning process to Vares to the High Commissariat for the refugees. Also, we using this opportunity to send our appeal for the threefold returning process to Vares.

address: Fra Andjela Kaica (c/o Cubela), 80101 Livn
contact: Marko Persen, Denis Jandric

Dear friends,
Our organization changed its address. Now we are at: Fra Andjela Kaica (c/o Cubela). We did not got the telephone number, but as soon as we get it, we will inform you.

Address: T.S.C. ul. Karakaja bb, 75400 Zvornik
Tel/fax: 056 588 957 (loc 24)
056 587 813
contact: Vojin Jovanovic, Zoran Vukovic

During July the Youth Club “Sun” work at the following:
We organized a radio show with the promotion of the youth organizations, and within the framework of the hCa YN in B&H project. The show was held at radio Zvornik at July 13th. At the show participated representatives of the youth organizations: “Sun” Zvornik, NGO “Vision” Zvornik, and Youth Union Zvornik;

We still organizing the computer course;
We working at the final preparations for the opening a cinema;
We organized a two-day seminar about the influence of the war to children. At the seminar participated also participants from Canada. The result of this seminar is that two of our members, who participated at that workshop, going to Canada, where they stay 15 days. More about it we will inform you next time.

address: 309 Brdske brigade 4, 72240 Kakanj
tel/fax: 032 750 213, 550 213, 550 213
contact: Adrijana Sarac, Amra Omerbegovic, D*evdet Huskic

Our main activity during the past period was the preparations for the manifestation “Kakanj 2000 – X000”. Idea about the organizing such kind of the manifestation was developed from the wishes of the youngsters for gathering, organizing the joint activities and spending a good time together. Last year we started at the preparations for this, together with the Youth Center Bergamo, and from 5th. to 9th. August last year we organized first manifestation. It is important to say that those were the first cultural manifestation organized in Kakanj, and prepared completely by the young people. The result of this was very good, and
since that time, we are supported by all media in our municipality and also Visoko and Zenica.

This year, from July 27th. to 30th. we organizing the same manifestation, but with better program and organization. With our last
year experience, we tried this year to avoid all of the lack in organization, and to give more efforts for better organization. This
manifestation consist: an photo, video, graffiti and musical exhibitions of the young people from B&H, rock concerts, sport, street performances, techno party, and “Sprite streetball” tournament. The manifestation is completely covered by the special media reports at the local radio and TV stations.

We looking to preserve this manifestation as the traditional events in our city. That significant event could make better promotion for our organization and our members. Because we dedicated ourselves for the organizing this, we really have no time for some other

Address: Bulevar Armije 4 (kula G), 75000 Tuzla
Tel: 035 250 697, 284 105
Fax: 035 250 481
contact: Dragan Tesic, Emir Sejranic, Lejla Huseinovic

During the last month DRAFT continue with the preparations of the theatre performance of our youngest members “Draftici”, “Dugonja, Trbonja and Vidonja”. Even they got to the highest technical level of the preparation, we faced a big financial problems, and we were forced to postponed the premiere of this show, planned for July.

We also continued with the preparations for the Theatre festival in Tuzla, within the manifestation “Summer in Tuzla”, which will be held at the end of august. Hereby we sending an appeal to all donors, to help our theatre, which are during those days in very difficult financial situation.


Contact: Denis Mihic

Tel/fax: 032 846 032, 845 330
Gsm: 066 153 272 (Besic)
Contact: Besic Maja, Subasic Mirela


Information from “Youth bridge” Mostar

Dear friends,
Mladi Most is searching for a new Volunteer who will work together with me on the MM Photo project and help me in the coordination of this project. From August we are starting a new program, which aims to build a network for NGO-photo projects in ex-Yugoslavia. Also during this program we will have continuously workshops with members from the Mladi Most photo project. This person should to be a professional Photographer have skills to teach young people, incl. strong communication skills
experiences in youth work and NGO management.

All informations about the general "Mladi Most" project, the photo project, and the job description you can get at the:

Mladi Most Mostar
ul. Lacina 69a
88 000 Mostar
Bosna i Hercegovina
Tel/fax: ++387-36-552 185

thanks a lot in advance

Information from “Nesto Vise” Sarajevo

Dear friends,
Would you, please, pass this message to the youth organizations in B&H an other countries in region. The explanation you can find also at the:

Thank you,
"Nesto vise"- Youth organizations network

Dear friends,

Contact Forum Sarajevo 2000 (CFS) will be organized by umbrella of the 70 national youth organizations in Norway, called: “Norwegian Youth Council”, together with the youth network “Something More” in B&H. The activity will take place in Sarajevo, from September 21st. to 24th. this year.

CFS has aim to gather around 60 Youth NGO representatives from: Albania, B&H, Croatia, Macedonia and FRY, including Kosovo, and 10 participants from the Norwegian youth organizations. During CFS it will be spoken about the possibilities of the fundraising, possible future co-operation and joint projects.

Send your applications NOW – the deadline is August 15th.

The main aim of CFS is giving an opportunity to the young people from the south east Europe to meet each other and to find a possibilities of the common co-operation, and also to meet their friends from Norway, and to work together at the possible ideas of the future partnership and the co-operation.

The participants of the CFS should come to Sarajevo in Tuesday, September 21st. All of the accommodation costs will be covered by organizer. Also, all travel costs will be reimbursed.

You can find an application form at the: under the title “Contact Forum Sarajevo”.

The dead line for your applications is August 15th. Please, send your application forms via e-mail, or at the fax number: ++47 2331 0601. All applications, which come after the dead line will not be, take into the consideration.

All applicants will be informed about their participation at the CFS until the August 20th. All participants who will be accepted will
receive later the program.

Warm regards,
Finn Yrjar Denstad
International Officer, The Norwegian Youth Council (LNU)

Information about the summer school in Baku, Azerbaijan:

Dear friends,
We are pleased to inform you, that the Helsinki Citizens' Assembly is holding Summer School for inter-Cultural Dialogue and Understanding (SIDU) in Baku, Azerbaijan September 27- October 8, 2000. If you are interested in this event, please contact one of the hCa NGO’s in B&H, or directly the hCa Azerbaijan National Committee at:
and we will send you an applications and other informationsInformations about the hCa Youth Network in B&H web page

Dear friends,
Because of the difficulties, which we have at the server, where is the web page of the hCa Youth Network in B&H ( and the page, is not upgraded. The web page webmaster, Denis Mihi? will try to solve that problem ASAP, and until then we kindly asking you for your patience.

Dear friends,
If you are interested to publish in the hCa Youth Network in B&H monthly informational bulletin following informations’: your invitations for joint activities and cooperation, informations’ about activities, competition for working places, appeals for help and support, public statements and all other non-commercial announcements, please contact us on above addresses.

The monthly informational bulletin of the hCa youth Network in Bosnia and Herzegovina is edited by:

Aleksandra Petric,
Sanela Pasic,
Miralem Tursinovic,
Samedin Kurtalic.

hCa Tuzla,
Turalibegova 5, 75000 Tuzla
Tel/fax: 035 250 481,

hCa Banja Luka
Jevrejska 52, 78000 Banja Luka,
Tel/fax: 051 358 479

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