Wealth without work

Pleasure without conscience

Knowlegde without character

Commerce without morality

Science without humanity

Worship without sacrifice

Politics without principles



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LINK - Network for Global Fellowship

a bi-monthly cross section one woman peace newsletter in Norway from 1982-2000..From January 2000 on Internet only.

Editor: Tulle Elster, Bentseroedveien 95, 3234 Sandefjord, NORWAY. Phone/fax: +47 334 73875

You´re always welcome to contribute with articles and information on my pages, as well as comments and positive critisism to make the web-site better.




UPCOMING EVENTS - in Norway, Scandinavia - international

ADRESSES AND LINKS to Norwegian peace and peace related organizations



June 3rd 2002: Release Afghan refugees in Pakistan

29 November 2001: Robert Fisk: "We are the War Criminals Now"

Sept. 2001: Tamim Ansary: Afghanistan


A diary from 1905 by Edith Durham: "The Burden of the Balkans", London 1905. 331 pages.


"Peace is Possible" - 31 new, short, and readable stories of successful peacemaking published by: The International Peace Bureau.


Aug. 1 2001: The Grozny-Moscow Peace March

1999-2000: The situation in Chechnya seen through various appeals

Marten van Harten, hCa in Georgia: On the Ear in Chechnya


Sept. 2002: Kofi Annan on women´s participation in conflict resolution

2 nov: Mubarak Awad and Abdul Aziz Said: Eight Steps to Israeli Palestinian Peace


April 20, 2002: Don Hazen, AlterNet: US Anti-war Protests Overwhelm Expectations


July 21 2000: One day to net the debt - 3 steps to change the world


"Time to abolish War"

The Hague conference 1999: Ten Fundamental Principles for a Just World Order

Hague Appeal for Peace: The Global Campaign for Peace Education

May 2000: The Hague Appeal for Peace One Year Anniversary

12-15 Oct. 2000: World Conference in Paris


The hCa Youth Network in Bosnia-Hercegovina: Monthly Bulletin

Report on the International Mission of the hCa to Belgrade 21 - 25 June, 1999


Aug. 2000: Urgent appeal from Serbia

Dr. Gennady Grushevoy, Belarus: Winner of the 1999 Rafto prize

June 1 2000: Serious fear for Mrs. Aung San Suu Kyi


November 3rd 2003: John Dear: The Soldiers At My Front Door

March 17 2003: Mother Earth: No money for war: Consumers Around the Globe Boycott US

Feb 1 2003: US / World Citizen Call to Action: Boycott US

Jan. 15, 2003: John le Carré: The United States of America has gone mad

Sept. 2002: Neil Mackay and Felicity Arbuthnot: How did Iraq get its weapons?

Jan. 2001: Felicity Arbuthnot: Depleted Uranium - The health of the Iraqi people

March 1998: Kendal Nezan: US Domination Put to the Test

February 27, 1992: Francis Boyle: International War Crimes: The Search for Justice:

"Today, the battle begins for the hearts and minds of the American People between the
Warmongers and the Peacemakers. We ask all of you to join us in this legal campaign and moral crusade to restore to the United States of America a democratic government with a commitment to the Rule of Law and the Constitution both at home and abroad."


"...For our community is not, and must never become, a political one; this is the only permanent source whence it can draw new strength and the only ground on which its existence can be justified..."

Albert Einstein in "Mein Weltbild", Amsterdam, 1934


Feb 6 2004: Mordechai Vanunu - eternal vengeance from humiliated Israeli intelligence?

Invitation to The International Human Rights March in Israel and Palestina – spring 2003

November 24 2003: The Geneva Accord summary

May 12 2002: Gila Svirsky: Tipping Point?

May 1st 2002: dr. Sami Aldeeb: Puppet Palestinian State or annexation?

May 1 2002: Who is Ariel Sharon? - an interview from 1982

April 28 2002: Mail from Israel: Sharon - and the 1/4 cup full

April 5 2002: Israel´s peace movement asks for protests again Sharon

April 3 2002: White Night Anti-War Vigil

April 3 2002: Fresh Report from the White Night Anti-War Vigil

April 1 2002: Neve Gordon: Open Letter to the Commander of the Israeli Paratroopers

26 March 2002: Urgent International Letter Campaign: Prevent a Crime

Feb 20th 2002: Imagine...

Feb 2 2002: Officers letter

Jan. 9, 2002: Gershon Baskin: Winds of Change are in the Air

23/10-01: Raise your voices

16. juni 2001: Today in al-Khader

June 13 2001: Norway should support Israeli peace organizations

Feb. 6, 2001: This happened in Tel-Aviv last weekend...

Dec. 2000: The House of Hope

Oct. 18 2002: The Bereaved Families Forum - A Special Dialog Group


Nov. 11 2003: WE ALL MISS THEM - Petition for Kosova Missing Persons Inquiry

Nov. 1 2001: Flora Brovina: Will Serbs Take a Chance on Kosovo?

25 May 2000: Quarterly Report on Human Rights in Kosova

3 March 2000: 1600 Albanians still in Serbian prisons - an appeal

2 March 2000: Lawyers appeal for dr. Flora Brovina

Feb. 3 2000: Report on violations of the human rights in Kosova 1999

9 Dec. 99: Trial in Nis: Words of Flora Brovina

30 June 1999: hCa appeal on behalf of the Kosovar Roma community

May 21 1999: Physicians for Human Rights: Letter to President Clinton

May 14 1999: Voices from Kosova

May 1999: David Hartsough: A Win_Win Path to Peace in Kosovo and Yugoslavia

Kosova 1998: A Christmas Chronology


Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world. Indeed, it´s the only thing that ever has.

Margaret Mead



Decide to network

Use every letter you write

Every conversation you have

Every meeting you attend

To express your fundamental beliefs and dreams

Affirm to others the vision of the world you want

Network through thought

Network through action

Network through love

Network through the spirit

You are the center of a network

You are the center of the world

You are a free, immensely powerful source

of life and goodness

Affirm it. Spread it. Radiate it

Think day and night about it

And you will see a miracle happen:

the greatness of your own life.

In a world of big powers, media, and monopolies

But of four and a half billion individuals

Networking is the new freedom

the new democracy

a new form of happiness.

Robert Muller

Robert Muller, Assistant Secretary General of the United Nations and author of "Most of All", "They Taught Me Happiness" and "The New Genesis", wrote this poem as an endorsement of Networking: The First Report and Directory by Jessica Lipnack and Jeffrey Stamps.

is Not Always Dying

by Susan Giesen

Why are you so afraid?

It´s all this war talk. My sons will all be draft age very soon. I can´t bear the thought of them ...

Of them what? Are you afraid of them being shot?


Are you afraid of them being disabled, losing an arm, a leg, being blinded?

It´s not that. I could live with that and so could they.

It must be death that you fear so much. The thought of losing them.

No, it´s much worse than that.

What could be worse than that?

I´ve seen soldiers come home. It´s the look in their eyes. My sons have never had that look, and I don´t ever want to see it in their eyes.

What look?

Emptiness. Like their souls have been raped, and their spirits smothered. They are walking tombs.

You see too many movies, and read to much.

If I had never seen a movie or read one book, I would still know that this is true. My heart tells me that my children can die for another, but they cannot kill without becoming their own enemy. There are more ways than one to be dead.

From the antalogy Women Against Military Madness and Women Poets of the Twin Cities, 1994 (US $10). WAMM, 310 E. 38th St., Suite 225, Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA.

"How to keep laughing..."

A Strong Woman...

"Rose can teach you..."

When will it appear, the sunrise of that day

when humanity will turn itself to light of Truth,

when the appeal of those who are helping

is finally heard and their words are enacted?

But come what may! I intend to strive

as though the time were already here!

Zarathustra, 600 B.C.

There will be no Peace if there is no Justice
There will be no Justice if there is no Equity
There will be no Equity if there is no Progress
There will be no Progress if there is no Democracy
There will be no Democracy if there is no respect for the Identity and Dignity of the Peoples and Cultures
Rigoberta Menchu (Nobel Peace Prize Winner)







Dec.2000: A Cry for Help from Finland: Stop New Nuclear Power Plan!!!

Aug. 2000: Protest Against Designation of Nuclear as Sustainable Energy


June 2, 2002: Arundhati Roy: Under the nuclear shadow

Arming the Heavens

May 15, 2001: Nuclear Whistleblower Mordechai Vanunu Doctor of Honour

Jan. 2001: DEPLETED URANIUM - A Post-Ware Disaster for Environment and Health


June 2000: Re-thinking NATO´s Nuclear Policy


A Child

Jan. 2001. Materials for Peace Education

The full Congress Report from Lillehammer ´96: Educating for Human Rights - From Vision to Reality

May 2000 Conference in Tromso, Norway: Higher Education for Peace

1999: Hague Appeal for Peace
The Global Campaign for Peace Education



In the aftermath of the terrorist attack on WTC / Pentagon September 11th 2001:


12 POINTS: Alternatives to military action and the cycle of violence, destruction and death

Terrorist Attacks on the US Before September 11 - 2001

Terror: Stories that help children cope


29/11-01: Robert Fisk: We are the Criminals Now

28/10-01: Black women against war. Three prominent Black women speak out against U.S. policies

23/10-01: Raise your voice...

19/10-01: Michael Renner
and Dick Bell:
A New Marshall plan? Advancing Human Security
and Controlling Terrorism

10/10-01: Anissa M. Bonziane: Most Muslims Don´t Want A World Run by bin Laden

2/10-01: Fredrik S. Heffermehl: Heading for a global police state?

21/9-01: Kofi A. Annan: Fighting Terrorism on a Global Front

18/9-01: Letter to president Bush: "Not in Our Son´s Name"

12/9-01: Jonathan Power: American Power has a Prize

11/9-01: Statement from the War Resister´s League

11/9-01: The Terrorism Research Center. Special Statement


Sept. 9, 99: Stop the killings in East Timor


Report from a seminar round in Ukraina Nov-Dec.2000


September 21 2001: Kofi Annan: Fighting Terrorism on a Global Front

May 10 2000: UN-Conference on the Roles of Men and Male Values

May 22 2000: A Global Nonviolent Peace Force, - a proposal


Feb 12, 2002: The Hague versus Milosevic

May 27, 99: The indictment of president Milosevic



May 24 2002: International Women´s Day for Peace and Disarmament

Sept. 2001: RAWA, the Revolutionary Association of the Women of Afghanistan

Sept. 2001: Iran, A Big Prison for Women

March 8: Millenium Peace Prize for Women

March till Oct. 2000: The World March of Women

The Widows of Srebrenica

Solidarity with women in Afghanistan

2000: Five Years after Beijing - Progress and Drawbacks


30th March 2001. Women in Black, Belgrade: Report for the first quarter of 2001

Oct. 2000: Women in Black, Belgrade: Nine Years on the Streets Against War

May 2000: The forging of Schizophrenia; an interview with Zarana Papic

March 2000: OTPOR - Student Resistance Movement in Serbia

March 2000: Women in Black, Belgrade: Wars start in the spring

Oct. 21 99: The Serbian opposition finds a platform

Sept. 8, 99: Human Rights appeal for internally displaced people in Serbia

May 31, 99: Sonja Biserko/Tony Borden: Towards a Post-Milosevic Era

Oct. 14 1995: The Serb Blueprint for Cleansing Kosova






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