"...For our community is not, and must never become, a political one; this is the only permanent source whence it can draw new strength and the only ground on which its existence can be justified."

Albert Einstein i "Mein Weltbild", Amsterdam, 1934

Bat Shalom: - a feminist peace organization that is the
Israeli half of the Jerusalem Link, which is a partnership between Israeli and Palestinian feminist peace activists. (The Palestinian partner is the Jerusalem Center for Women.) Working with more than 100 grassroots women's peace projects around the world, representing hundreds of thousands of women working for peace.

Coalition of Women for a Just Peace:

Fellesutvalget for Palestina, Palestinagruppene og Palestinakomiteen:

Jewish Peace Fellowship:

Peace Now, Israel:

Israeli Defense Minister, Binyamin Ben-Eliezer
Ministry of Defense
37 Kaplan st.
Tel-Aviv 61909, Israel
Fax: ++972-3-696 2757 / ++972-3-691 6940 / ++972-3-691 7915

Israeli Foreign Minister, Shimon Peres
Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon
fax:(+972-2) 566-4838 or 651-3955 or 651-2631

Mr. Terje Rod Larsen
Personal Representative of the Secretary General

to the United Nations in Palestine
Fax: + 972 8 282 0966



Oktober 2004: Israelske militærnektere: Jørgen Johansen intervjuer Sergeiy Sandler fra New Profile

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1. mai 2002: dr. Sami Aldeeb: Palestinsk marionett-stat eller annektering?

May 1st 2002: dr. Sami Aldeeb: Puppet Palestinian State or annexation?

1. mai 2002: Hvem er Ariel Sharon? - et intervju fra 1982

May 1st 2002: Who is Ariel Sharon? Interview by Amos Oz in 1982

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April 28 2002: Mail from Israel: Sharon - and the 1/4 cup full

16. april 2002: Invitasjon til fredsmarsj i Israel/Palestina okt. 2002

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5 April 2002: Israel´s peace movement asks for protests again Sharon

April 3 2002: White Night Anti-War Vigil

April 3 2002: Fresh Report from White Night Anti-War Vigil

April 1 2002: Neve Gordon: Open Letter to the Commander of the Israeli Paratroopers

April 2002: Harald Bjørke: Fredens vei

26 March 2002: Urgent International Letter Campaign: Prevent a Crime

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29. jan. 2002: Norges Midtøsten-politikk - en redegjøelse fra UD

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Dec. 2000: House of Hope: Do we truly want peace?

2 nov 2000: Eight Steps to Israeli Palestinian Peace

Oct. 18 2000: The Bereaved Families Forum



1. The interests of a third party require the emergence of a conflict.
2. The third party uses the unoffical elites of the sides to further conflict.
3. The "image of the enemy" is created.
3.1 The mass media is involved in the hysteria.
3.2 Provocations are orchestrated.
4.1 A conflict emerges.
4.2 The threat of war looms.
5. A transfer of armaments to the sides in the conflict is effected.
6. War begins.

1. It is acknowledged that the interests of the peoples involved in ethnic disputes are in conflict.
2. The idea of the admissibility and expediency of dialogue with the other side in the conflict is inculcated into the public consciousness.
2.1 The mass media is involved in the process of dialogue.
2.2 Training courses, seminar, symposia and simple meetings and get- togethers are organized.
3. The image of the enemy is eliminated.
4. Peace is achieved by influencing
5. Preventive measures are undertaken to stave off conflict.

(from Peace Service Project)

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